How to Remove and Delete Game Pigeon on iPhone?

Have you completed all the challenges in Game Pigeon and now want to delete Game Pigeon on iPhone?

Here’s the guide to follow!!

Game Pigeon is a popular gaming app designed for Apple’s iMessage. It has been a fan favorite since it stepped into the iOS universe.

Game Pigeon is one of the best iMessage games where you can play with your friends in real time. With its intriguing gameplay and incredible graphics, the game keeps you hooked.

But what if you lose interest in the game and want to remove Game Pigeon from your iPhone? If so, the following tutorial should teach you stepwise instructions to get rid of the game completely.

Read out to find out how.

The Basics of Game Pigeon

delete game pigeon on iphoneGame Pigeon is an iMessage app that lets you and your friends play games over an iPhone messaging app.

Unlike Gomoku, it is a multi-player gamer that allows up to six family members to play in real-time with Family Sharing enabled.

GamePigeon comes with a bunch of games, say over 25 options, to keep the players occupied. It was developed by Vitalii Zlotskii on September 13, 2016, and was released alongside iOS 10.

The game enables you to access multiple mini-games, including Paintball, Word Hunt, 8 Ball, Reversi, Shuffleboard, Four In A Row, Basketball, Knockout, 20 Questions, and more.

However, it would help if you remembered that since Game Pigeon is an iMessage game, you must ensure to sign in to the iMessage app. You can fix the iMessage signed-out error or similar glitches to play the game seamlessly.

How to Delete Game Pigeon on iPhone?

Have you covered all mini-games included in this app and want to delete Game Pigeon on iPhone? Worry not; the process is as simple as 1-2-3.

Here’s how to delete Game Pigeon for good. 

  • Open the iMessage app. Tap on any name in the list to open an existing conversation or compose a new one.
  • In the visible App drawer, scroll right and tap on the three-dots option to view all apps on your iMessage.
  • Scroll to get to Game Pigeon in the list. Swipe left on Game Pigeon. You will now see the Delete option. Tap Delete.

delete game pigeon on iphoneAlternatively, you can also remove the game using the “Edit” button. In that case, you must toggle the apps off instead of swiping left on them.

How to Hide Game Pigeon on iPhone?

What if you don’t want to remove Game Pigeon on iPhone permanently?

In that case, you prefer hiding the game instead of deleting it permanently. It eliminates the hassle of installation in case you change your mind.

Wondering how? Scroll down and find the stepwise instructions below.

  • Open the iMessage app. Tap on any name in the list to open an existing conversation or compose a new one.
  • In the visible App drawer, scroll right and tap on the three-dots option [More icon] to view all apps on your iMessage.
  • Tap the Edit button on the top.
  • Toggle the button against Game Pigeon to hide it. Tap on Done.

delete game pigeon on iphone

How to Erase the Game Pigeon Data From iCloud?

So, you have decided to delete Game Pigeon on iPhone? Wait no further and follow the steps above to complete the job in seconds.

But once you remove the game from your device, it’s good to erase the game data to free up the space.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Launch Settings and scroll down to iCloud.
  • Go to Storage on the iCloud page.
  • Select Manage Storage and tap Game Pigeon.
  • Click on the Edit button and select Delete All.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How to Reinstall Game Pigeon on iPhone?

Ans. Here’s how to reinstall the Game Pigeon on iPhone.

  • Go to iMessage > App Store. It will take you to the App Store for iMessage.
  • Select the Free section and locate Game Pigeon.
  • Click the Download icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the game.

Q. Can I Update Game Pigeon on My iPhone?

Ans. Sure, you can. Launch iPhone Settings and click on Software Update. Please wait for a couple of seconds, and it’s done.

Q. Is Game Pigeon Only for iPhones?

Ans. Yes. Game Pigeon is exclusively designed for iOS-powered devices, including Mac, iOS, and iPad users.

While you can play it on Android with additional settings, it doesn’t offer the same experience as iOS.

Key Takeaway

The process to delete Game Pigeon on iPhone concludes here.

Our experts have manually carried out the instructions when compiling the guide, so you can rely on this tutorial and follow it in your hour of need.

Removing GamePigeon from iMessage isn’t challenging, and you can easily see the back of the game in a few simple clicks.

Don’t wait. Delete the app now – and remember to share your experience with us in the comments below.


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