Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Don’t you feel the burden of a wallet full of cash and cards? Now, you don’t have to do that any longer if you plan on eating at a food chain, mainly Chipotle! 

However, you can now conveniently make digital payments at Chipotle! But does Chipotle take Apple Pay? 

This article will explore “Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay.” Here we will give all the necessary information on using Apple Pay. 

In addition, I will supply some more information to ensure that your experience with Apple Pay is as smooth as possible. 

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Now scroll the button down, and let’s find out!

Chipotle- A Quick Overview!

does chipotle take apple payChipotle is a prominent fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in Mexican-inspired cuisine and using high-quality ingredients in an open kitchen.

Steve Ells launched the first Chipotle restaurant in Denver, Colorado, in 1993, and the brand has since expanded to over 2,700 locations globally.

Chipotle has established itself as a popular destination for quick and excellent Mexican-inspired cuisine and continues broadening its reach and menu offerings. 

Considering the increasing popularity and adoption of this new technology, many gas stations take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is accepted at most stores and other locations like other payment methods. 

Like payment through Apple Pay, the question arises: Does Chipotle take Apple Pay?

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Many Chipotle customers asked, ” Does Chipotle take Apple Pay” and the answer is that Chipotle is unquestionably accepting Apple Pay payments both in their restaurants and on their official app. 

After announcing its support for Apple Pay on November 6, 2017, the digital wallet is currently accessible in all states, providing quicker pick-up times and a more convenient payment experience for both customers and restaurants. 

Here are a few benefits of using Apple Pay at Chipotle:

  • Quick and Easy: There’s no need to rummage with cash or credit cards; tap and go.
  • Secure: To keep your information safe, Apple Pay employs industry-leading security technologies.
  • Rewards: If you have a rewards credit card, you may still earn points or cash back when you use Apple Pay.
  • Convenient: You can use Apple Pay even if you don’t have your wallet or phone with you if you have your Apple Watch on you.

How to Pay Chipotle Using Apple Pay?

With Apple Pay, you have various options to pay for your order, granting you high flexibility during the purchasing process. 

This includes paying through Face ID, Touch ID, the Apple Watch, and the Chipotle app.

1. Paying via the Face ID Feature

does chipotle take apple payYou can conveniently use the Face ID system to make payments directly at Chipotle.

Just make sure your Apple device has face recognition if you want to use the face ID feature to process payments using the Apple Pay app.

You can follow the given steps to make payments using the Face ID:

  • Double-tap the side button on your Apple smartphone.
  • Face ID is the simplest method to verify your identity. If face ID is not accessible, you can use a passcode instead.
  • Once the verification procedure is complete, hold the NFC card reader next to your Apple smartphone.
  • Finish paying for your Chipotle purchase while keeping your Apple iPhone in place.
  • You will receive an email verification once your Chipotle payment is processed. To confirm, press the “Done” button.

2. Paying via the Touch ID Feature

does chipotle take apple payIf your iPhone supports Touch ID, you can use Touch ID to use Apple Pay at Chipotle.

Touch ID is featured on iPhone X and previous versions. Paying via the touch ID, you can follow the given steps.

  • The touch ID recognition pad on your Apple iPhone may scan your fingerprint to pay for your Chipotle transaction with Apple Pay.
  • To complete the transaction, place the NFC reader before your phone.
  • After your payment is complete, checkmarks and “done” confirmations will show on your device.

3. Paying Using Apple Pay via Apple Watch

does chipotle take apple payYou may now make payments with your Apple Watch instead of your iPhone.

If you want to pay using Apple Pay via Apple Watch then you have to follow the given steps properly.

  • To unlock your Apple Watch, press the side button twice.
  • When you’ve finished paying, keep your watch on the NFC reader.
  • If your payment is successful, your watch or watch band will vibrate or buzz to alert you.

But what during the payment if your Apple Watch is stuck on the iPhone logo? Please read our blog on it.

4. Paying Using Apple Pay via the Chipotle App

does chipotle take apple payApple Pay has extended its functionality beyond in-store purchases at Chipotle to allow online payments.

You can now use Apple Pay to pay for your in-store and online orders at Chipotle. 

You can avoid the hassle of searching for your preferred payment methods in the future by saving them on the Chipotle app.

Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay at Chipotle?

Regarded as the most secure payment option, Apple Pay is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. 

Once your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and other credit/debit cards are linked with Apple Pay. 

You can effortlessly and securely make payments at Chipotle and other places without relying on physical cards. 

The most significant advantage of Apple Pay is its contactless payment function, which eliminates the requirement for physical touch during transactions. 

Furthermore, Apple Pay separates itself from other payment methods by offering a safe and private payment experience with no exchange of personal data or information and quick and easy payment processing.

Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay in Drive-thru Orders?

does chipotle take apple payIt is possible to use Apple Pay as a payment method for your Chipotle drive-thru orders!

Do you want to learn how to utilize Apple Pay to pay for your Chipotle drive-thru orders? 

Continue reading!

  • To pay for your Chipotle drive-thru purchase using Apple Pay, inform the cashier of your chosen mode of payment for your order.
  • After that, place your Apple in front of the NFC card reader. The payment for your Chipotle will be finished once a checkmark and the word “done” appear on the screen.

You will see Done once you have completed the payment. And you will find the answer on does Chipotle take Apple Pay.

Let’s Wrap!

So, here we are done with the complete solution for the mostly asked question, “Does Chipotle take Apple Pay?”. 

Utilize Apple Pay as much as possible, as it is gaining popularity as a preferred payment method. 

If you aim to live a cashless and cardless lifestyle, Apple Pay can be your go-to option for all purchases.


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