How to Download Jitstreamer on iOS – Easy Step-by-step Guide

Jitstreamer is a prominent service to activate JIT on your iOS device without requiring a computer. This program mainly runs on a Linux server and needs a working Rust and C dev environment.

Users can run Jitstreamer on iOS, and it will automatically create an initial config file. Moreover, you can also edit them with a text editor.

Don’t worry if you are not tech-oriented, as downloading Jitstreamer iOS is no big deal. Below, we have listed the important information about Jitstreamer and methods to download this service on your iPhone and iPad.

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Let’s get started!!

Jitstreamer on iOS – A Quick Information

jitstreamerJitstreamer is a leading JIT enabler that eliminates the hassle of finding other internet sources than WiFi. It activates the debugger in your device in seconds, thus allowing smooth debugging with no extra fuss.

Jitstreamer on iOS activates JIT across the far reaches of the internet. All it requires is stable WiFi, and it’s done. Furthermore, you don’t have to build the software to ease debugging.

Users can efficiently run Jitstreamer on iOS and edit it with a text editor. Set up your own VPN and get started with minimal setup. To use Jitstreamer iOS, you must be connected to WiFi and the server via a VPN this server accepts.

Jitstreamer is a perfect alternative to traditional VPN services and provides seamless hybrid or multi-site cloud backplanes, remote collaboration, and teams. The Jitstreamer service allows direct end-to-end connectivity to devices associated with IoT.

Process to Download Jitstreamer on iOS

Now that you know about Jitstreamer’s service, it’s time to find step-by-step instructions to download it for your iOS device. Stick to the steps below to avoid a hassle later on.

There are two methods to get this service on your iPhone and iPad. Ahead, we’ve mentioned both of them for the readers’ sake of convenience.

1. Using Jitstreamer Shortcut

jitstreamerYou can get it from the Jitstreamer Shortcut.

Click the link, and a new page will appear on the screen.

Use the shortcut; the service will automatically download on your iPhone or iPad.

2. ZeroTier One App

jitstreamerAdditionally, you can also use the ZeroTier One app. It is available on the Apple App Store, so you can install it without considering it twice.

The app is reliable, and you can install Jitstreamer through the same.

How to Use the Jitstreamer on iOS?

The job still needs to be completed with the download. Users must know how to use Jitstreamer on iOS to make the most of this service. All you have to do is join the VPN from your iOS device to get started.

Tap the “+” icon and enter the network ID and name. Select Join Network and move further. Once you add the network, you can join it via the iOS VPN control panel.

However, remember that iOS can only connect with one VPN per network extension app. Hence, remember this limitation when using the Jitstreamer on iOS.

Is Jitstreamer iOS Safe?

The simple answer is Yes. 

Jitstreamer iOS is safe and secure; you can easily download it from reliable sources. The Shortcut and ZeroTier apps are trustworthy sources for downloading this service; hence, you can count on it and enable JIT using your WiFi.

However, Jitstreamer involves inherent risks, especially if the server becomes compromised. Aside from that, the service is secure, and you can rely on it without having second thoughts.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. What’s the Purpose of Jitstreamer on iOS?

Ans. The sole purpose of this service is to enable JIT and debugging facilities on your iPhone, thus allowing you to work anywhere in the world.

Q. Can I Connect With Multiple Networks Using Jitstreamer on iOS?

Ans. No. Since iOS is limited to one VPN connection at a time, you cannot connect with multiple networks simultaneously.

However you can add different networks, but if you flip one to “On,” all others will be disconnected automatically.

Final Takeaway

So, that’s all about the Jitstreamer on iOS. The service is introduced to offer endpoint functionality on your iPhones and iPads so you can easily connect to the WiFi network without facing other hassles.

Jitstreamer is an advanced technology that makes virtual ethernet networks, thus enabling you to work from anywhere.

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