How to Download and Install Trollstore on iPhone and iPad

Trollstore is a prominent tool that allows Apple devices to sideload apps permanently. It is integrated with Linus Henze’s Core trust bypass and doesn’t require a jailbreak.

This third-party app is compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. It simply bypasses the app store verification, thus allowing users to sideload any IPA without restriction and use it indefinitely.

With Trollstore, you are free to re-sign the app every seven days. Moreover, it offers simple installation and ease of usage. Here’s how you can initiate the Trollstore download process.

Moving on, the guide also covers this sideloading app’s key features that make it different from other third-party stores, including Scarlet iOS and iOSHaven.

Let’s get started!!

What is Trollstore?

trollstoreSince you ended up on this tutorial, we’ve presumed that you must know the Trollstore beforehand. But in case you are not, don’t worry; we’ll first introduce the app from scratch and move further to the downloading process.

Trollstore is no less than a godsend for those Apple users who love trying new applications and tweaks but limit themselves due to the iOS’s strict app policy. This app lets them download applications not officially available in the App Store.

However, it must be noted that all Trollstore apps are either tweaked or modified; hence, they may expose your iPhone and iPad to cyber threats.

The developers of this third-party app store assure you that you don’t need a jailbreak to download Trollstore. Also, be mindful that the app doesn’t support the option to import files from iCloud.

Instead, you must place the IPA file in the “On Your Device” section in the Files app to get started. It signs apps permanently on jailbroken devices without using your 7-day revoke-free certificate or the 3 apps limit.

This way, you can easily install as many tweaked apps as you want on your iPhone without restrictions like

Moreover, this third-party app store is simple to install and requires little technical knowledge or skills.

But does this hack work? Or is it safe to install Trollstore iOS? If you need help with these questions, this guide should interest you.

Our experts did some digging and compiled everything about this hyped app store. Scroll down and find out the details.

The Key Features of Trollstore

trollstoreIt is a feature-loaded app that allows you to sideload any IPAs for good. The platform enables users to select a system program to replace it with a persistence helper.

The app offers a wide array of features, including

1. Permanently Signed Apps

The best thing about using this third-party app store is that it doesn’t require adding personal information to access the apps. It offers permanently signed apps for the users’ sake of convenience.

2. No Jailbreak

It is a perfect way to enjoy unlimited access without jailbreaking your iOS devices. All you need is the IPA file of the third-party app to get started.

3. Unlimited Packages

The third significant advantage of using this app is that it provides unlimited fun without costing a dime. This platform has complete packages, hacks, and mod applications to use.

Users are free to host and manage as many preferable packages as possible without hassle. The only thing you need is the IPA file of that specific app.

4. Easy Installation

This application requires no jailbreak on iOS 15 devices, making it one of the most convenient third-party stores ever.

It has a simple interface, so users can easily download their favorite mod tweak app without much effort.

Besides, it also allows users to add contributions to the app source codes without any issues.

How to Download and Install Trollstore on iPhone and iPad?

trollstoreAre you finished with the introduction and have decided to install Trollstore on your iOS device?

Before jumping into the process, ensure you know about its compatibility to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Trollstore is compatible with iOS 14 – iOS 15.4.1. Also, you can run this app using beta versions of iOS 15.5 beta 4 and iOS 15.6 beta 1.

Also, the installation process is different for iOS 14 and iOS 15. Below are listed the stepwise instructions for both iOS 14 and 15.

Scroll through them and use the guidelines based on your iOS version.

1. Install TrollStore on iOS 15

No jailbreak is required to download Trollstore on iOS 15 devices. Here’s how to carry out the installation.

  • Open the Safari browser and visit the official site of the Trollstore app.
  • A pop-up message will redirect you to Install on the device’s screen.
  • Tap the Install button and wait for a few seconds until the process completes.
  • Upon installation, an application named GTA Car Tracker will appear on your iPhone or iPad screen. If it is unavailable, please restart your device, which should now be available.
  • Launch the app and see an option labeled “Install Trollstore.”
  • Tap the option and give your device a few seconds to undergo a respring process.
  • The installation of Trollstore is now completed. You are now free to uninstall the GTA Car Tracker app.
  • Open Trollstore from your iOS home screen and tap Install Idid.
  • Remember, if you have deleted the GTA car tracker app, select any other system iOS application to continue. You can skip the step if GTA Car Tracker is your persistent assistant.
  • The task concludes here, and you can now sideload any IPAs on your iPhone or iPad for free.

2. Install Trollstore on iOS 14

Be mindful that jailbreak is necessary to install Trollstore on iOS 14. Once you are done jailbreaking, follow the steps below and continue the installation process.

  • Download the TrollHelper DEB file.
  • You must locate and click the Trollstore Helper Download on display to access the DEB file you downloaded earlier.
  • Install Trollstore on Trollhelper and give your device a few moments so that it will undergo a respring process. You’ll then find Trollstore icons on your home screen.
  • Once you are done installing this app, proceed to install the Idid. And be mindful that you no longer need the Persistent Helper, as your device is already jailbroken.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is Trollstore Works on iOS 16?

Ans. No, the Trollstore app is not compatible with iOS 16. It only works on iOS 14 to iOS 15.4.1.

Q. Is It Safe to Download Trollstore?

Ans. Yes, definitely. It is a professionally verified, secure third-party app store that lets you download modified or tweaked applications on your iPhones and iPads.

Q. Can I Sign IPAs Permanently Using This Platform?

Ans. Yes, you can. Trollstore gives you access to permanently signed apps, so you don’t have to share your personal information on the platform.

Closing Words

That’s all about the Trollstore installation guide for iPhone and iPad. The craze of tweaked apps is booming, and so do the third-party app stores.

If you are searching for a safe and reliable way to get mod applications, turn to Trollstore and sideload your favorite IPAs.

We hope you have successfully installed this third-party app store on your device. It is a one-stop destination to access permanently signed IPAs without spending a penny.

However, be mindful that sideloading is strictly against Apple’s privacy policies; hence, we don’t encourage such activities.

The guide concludes here. If you have any queries about this platform, please share your doubts in the comments below.


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