How to Fix iOS Update Requested for 16/15? [SOLVED]

Paying attention to those pesky software updates can be the key to fighting off unwanted security patches while ensuring seamless performance. But what if you are stuck on the iOS update requested?

This issue is different from iOS 15.7 update problem and appears due to a faulty WiFi network or any other software glitch.

Unfortunately, if your iPhone or iPad may be stuck on an update request iOS 16/ 15 screen without any progress, you cannot use the device for anything, and the update will never be complete.

But while this error may be annoying, it is temporary and can be resolved with a few workarounds.

If you got this problem and will not able to move that, read this guide and discover several methods to fix iOS 16/15 stuck on the update requested screen.

Here we go.

What Does Update Requested Signify?

ios update requestedBefore we jump into the solutions to resolve this iOS 16/ 15 update issue, it’s good to learn what the message “update requested” actually means.

Let’s start with the basics – when you try installing the update, navigate to Settings, locate Software Update, and your iPhone will check for the update immediately.

When you click the Download button to start updating, the iPhone will display the remaining time, which is what Update Requested.

It means your device requests an update from the server to download the firmware. However, the problem arises when the server doesn’t respond to your request, and your device gets stuck there for so long.

As a result, your iPhone will show you the downloading progress bar and go further than usual.

But thankfully, it is not an issue like jailbreaking iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, and you can resolve it using a few workarounds.

How do you fix iOS Update Requested for 16 and 15 stuck on? Hold your breath, as the error is temporary, and you can quickly fix it using some basic fixes mentioned below.

Why Does Your iPhone Stuck on Update Requested Screen?

There can be various reasons why your iPhone is stuck on the iOS Update Requested screen. A few of them are listed here for our readers’ convenience.

Browse them and see what’s stopping your device from getting updated.

1. Network Error

The error is often network-related, such as an unstable internet connection or unexpectedly blocking access to some internet/server resources.

Since the update requires a strong, continuous internet speed, it might get stuck on the Update Requested screen if your iPhone isn’t connected to a reliable network source.

2. Software Glitch

Sometimes, the error might be software-related, and it always has something to do with compatibility. Your iPhone may be experiencing a technical glitch that restricts the update from completing.

3. Low Storage

Every iPhone update requires a specific space to get loaded. Hence, low storage could also be responsible if the iOS update requested for 16/15  is stuck.

4. Overloaded Traffic

In some situations, overloaded traffic is the primary cause of popping up the error message.

Too many users may be trying to download the update simultaneously, which will cause traffic overload.

Fix iOS 16/15 Stuck on Update Requested on iPhone

update requested on iphoneDespite looking like an impassable issue, the iOS update requested stuck is easy to troubleshoot. What’s best – you don’t need technical knowledge to eliminate the error.

This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the practical solutions to fix the iOS update requested for 16/15 stuck on the issue.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Check your WiFi Connection

ios update requestedSince the primary reason your iPhone is stuck on the Update Requested screen is poor network, ensure you have fast, reliable WiFi. Check your connection and restart the router if necessary. Additionally, ensure you’ve turned off any VPN on your iPhone if enabled.

If none of these tricks help, consider connecting your iPhone to a different WiFi network. It will likely start the new iOS download.

2. Reboot iPhone

ios update requestedMinor software glitches can often lead to trouble and stuck your iPhone on the Update Requested screen.

Your iPhone runs day and night, even without using its screen.

It sometimes causes minor bugs, often hindering the ability to install updates.

Hence, the simplest solution to fix the issue is to reboot your device and start from scratch. Please turn off the device, wait a while, and turn it back on.

Doing so resets many temporary files and settings, thus fixing the error instantly.

3. Reset Network Settings

Faulty network settings are one of the significant reasons why your iPhone is stuck on the Update Requested screen.

These settings define how your iPhone would connect to various networks; hence, they should be appropriate.

Here’s how to reset network settings.

  • Launch the Settings App from the home screen and click General.
  • Navigate to Reset on the following screen and choose the Reset Network Settings option.
  • It may take a couple of seconds to finish the process. Once Done, try updating your phone and see if it helps.

ios update requested

4. Force Quit Settings App

ios update requestedAnother simple solution to fix iOS 16 and 15 Stuck on the Update Requested screen is to force quit the Settings app.

Wondering why?

Sometimes, the background running procedure or minor bug within the app prevents the iPhone from updating, leaving Force Quit the only option.

To force quit the Settings app,

  • Swipe from the bottom of the screen and swipe left or right to search Settings App Card.
  • Finally, swipe up the Settings App, and that’s it.
  • Launch the Settings tab again and try to update your device.

5. Set Date And Time Automatically

ios update requestedIs your iPhone still stuck on the Update Requested screen?

The wrong date or time may prevent your device from updating.

Hence, it’s recommended to automatically set the date and time to see if it helps.

Here’s how.

  • Open Settings > General.
  • Tap Date & Time, and configure it to the Set Automatically option.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How Long Does It Take for iOS Update Requested on 16/15?

Ans. It solely depends on your network connection and storage space. The update may take less than 5 minutes to complete if everything is going well.

Q. How to Check the Storage Space on iPhone?

Ans. To check, go to the Settings app > General > iPhone Storage. Locate the Storage Bar, and see how much space is left on your iPhone. Delete some photos, videos, and files if it’s closer to a threshold point.

Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of the guide on how to fix iOS 16 and 15 stuck on the Update Requested screen.

We hope our article has helped you know why your device may be stuck on the update-requested screen and what you can do to fix the error.

Use the above methods and start using your iPhone again without any problems. These solutions are tried-and-tested and can help you out. But if not, contact Apple Care immediately for further assistance.


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