Can I Get Rapid Streamz on iOS – Check Best Alternatives

Who doesn’t want to stream their favorite TV channels for free? If you wonder if Rapid Streamz on iOS is available, you’ve ended on the proper tutorial.

Mobile live streaming is booming these days, and users eagerly look for apps that may help them watch their favorite movies, TV shows, and live TV channels on their smartphones. Rapid Streamz is one such application gaining popularity these days.

This app is best known for offering extensive entertainment, the newest movies, TV shows, and live TV channels to your smartphone. It is one of the best streaming apps, famous for its outstanding collection of content.

However, like Sigmax, this app is also primarily launched for Android smartphones, and hence, people always wonder if Rapid Streamz on iOS is available.

If this doubt bothers you, this guide might contain all the answers. Find out if you can get this app on your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, we’ve also outlined some of the best alternatives to Rapid Streamz.

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Rapid Streamz – A Quick Introduction

rapid streamzBefore we find out if Rapid Streamz iOS is available, let’s learn about the app from scratch to see if this streaming platform is worth its popularity.

Rapid Streamz is primarily an Android-exclusive app launched to serve entertainment and keep you hooked to your mobile screens.

The app boasts an impressive collection of TV shows, web series, sports content, and 800+ Live TV channels. Its content collection is enough to keep you engaged for hours.

Furthermore, Rapid Streamz is best known for its simple, easy-to-navigate user interface. It offers a quality user experience and requires no prior tech experience. Its high-quality videos help people to get the complete joy of entertainment.

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The Key Features of Rapid Streamz

Below, we have listed a few key features that set Rapid Streamz apart from other live-streaming applications.

Scroll down and find out if Rapid Streamz on iOS is worth looking for.

1. Massive Collection of TV Channels

Rapid Streamz is a one-stop destination to access a wide variety of live channels (over 800+ options) without leaving your couch. Its channel list includes Live Sports, Live news, TV Shows, and other entertainment options.

2. Watch Content Through Various Media Players

This streaming app lets you stream your favorite TV channels and other content through various media players, including VLC, MX Player, X Video Player, and more.

3. High-Quality Content

Rapid Streamz is famed for offering high-quality content, including movies, TV shows, live TV channels, web series, and everything.

You’ll never find disturbance or buffering (as long as you are connected to a stable internet connection) when streaming content on this platform. It offers everything in HD resolution and won’t compromise its quality in any way.

4. Live Chat

Need help when using Rapid Streamz? Don’t worry; the platform’s Live Chat option has always covered you. Report all the issues and bugs to customer service instantly and make the most of this app.

Is Rapid Streamz on iOS Available?

rapid streamzReturn to the query and determine if Rapid Streamz on iOS is available. And the answer is No. This app is solely launched for Android smartphones and is unavailable for iPhones or iPads.

Since developers have yet to release an iOS version, users can not find Rapid Streamz on the Apple App Store or any other third-party platforms.

But keep your calm, as other Rapid Streamz alternatives are available online to offer Live TV channels and similar content.

Scroll down and find the best Rapid Streamz iOS alternatives.

The 5 Best Rapid Streamz Alternatives for iOS

Take your time with the official Rapid Streamz iOS launch, and turn to any of these options to get entertained.

Here, we’ve mapped out the 5 best Rapid Streamz alternatives for iPhones and iPads.

1. Swift Streamz

rapid streamzStream live TV channels on your iPhone with Swift Streamz and keep yourself occupied.

This app is famed for its incredible collection of movies, TV shows, web series, and TV channels and offers an impressive and seamless experience on iPhones and iPads.

It offers content in HD resolution, thus allowing users to enjoy their favorite content without sacrificing on visual experience.

2. YuppTV

rapid streamzThe second best Rapid Streamz alternative is YuppTV.

It is one of the largest online TV platforms, with over 200+ live TV channels, movies, and web series.

The best part is that YuppTV is open on the Apple App Store, and you can easily enjoy your favorite movies and live TV on your iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking your device.

3. Hulu TV

rapid streamzAre you looking for other Rapid Streamz alternatives? Turn to Hulu TV and stop worrying if Rapid Streamz on iOS isn’t available.

With this, you can access multiple live channels and outstanding content collection at your fingertips.

While the app is officially available for iPhones and iPads, streaming TV shows and web series might cost you bucks. The app has everything available, including your favorite live TV sports, news, and events.

4. US TV

rapid streamzThis app is solely launched for iPhones and iPads and is available on the Apple App Store. It boasts 12+ live TV channels and allows streaming 24/4 via WiFi and cellular data.

This app allows you to watch TV as a family on your smartphone, PC, and smart TV, and its installation only takes up a little memory.

5. TV Catchup

rapid streamzDon’t worry if it on iOS isn’t available. Download TV Catchup on your iPhones or iPads, and enjoy free UK TV on your devices.

It promises live streaming of OTA-free channels and boasts many movies, TV shows, and other entertainment choices.

The app is designed as a broadcasting service on the internet and is focused on UK TV channels.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is It Safe to Download Live-streaming Apps From Third-party Websites?

Ans. It depends on the source from where you get the app. Do not trust all third-party app stores or websites, and sideload live streaming apps from reliable sources.

Q. How Can I Protect Myself When Enjoying Live TV Content?

Ans. Follow the tips below to safeguard yourself when enjoying live TV content.

  • Enable app permissions
  • Use VPN
  • Download apps from trusted sources
  • Check for regular updates


We hope this guide has helped you know whether Rapid Streamz on iOS is available. Although Rapid Streamz is one of the leading live-streaming apps, it is not compatible with iOS devices.

Additionally, developers have yet to share no official word regarding the app’s launch for iPhones and iPads.

Therefore, it’s advised to immediately download any of the Rapid Streamz alternatives mentioned above to keep the entertainment flowing.

These apps are professionally verified, and many are conveniently available on the App Store. So, why wait? Pick any of these alternatives and enjoy live streaming like never before.

We’ll update the post as soon as we get any information about the launch of Rapid Streamz on iOS. Till then, stay tuned.


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