How to Add Friends on Spotify?

Are you looking to expand your music network with your friends?

Turn to Spotify’s new-and-exclusive friend-adding feature and see what your friends are up to.

Learn how to add friends on Spotify and discover new music together. Discover step-by-step instructions and tips for connecting with friends on the popular music streaming platform.

Whether you are looking to bond over a mutual love and commitment to a particular artist or wish to discover a world of musical exploration, this one-of-a-kind feature by Spotify is something you should give a try.

This guide will walk you through the easy steps on how to add friends on Spotify to discover more music you might be missing out on.

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Let’s get started!!

What Happens if You Follow a Friend on Spotify?

how to add friends on spotifySpotify isn’t just a music streaming app anymore; instead, it’s emerging as a community that would allow users to see what sort of music their friends are listening to in real-time and what playlists they’ve recently updated.

Friend Activity or Friend-adding is one of the most elusive and valuable features on Spotify. This sidebar is tucked away on the desktop and only visible at larger widths.

Once you follow a friend on Spotify, you’ll see what your friend is playing as long as his listening habits are public, and you can open your friend’s feed on the right side.

However, if your friend’s activity is hidden, no one can see what he’s been up to.

While you can use a sleep timer iPhone in Spotify to set a specific duration for music playback before the app automatically stops.

There are multiple benefits of Spotify’s Friend Activity feature. For starters, it allows users to find new tracks or hidden gems. 

Secondly, it can create a sense of user bonding while allowing you to dip your toes into new genres and music styles.

And the best part is that – while Spotify’s Friend Activity feature lets you browse your friends’ listening habits, you can remain soiled to your preferences.

Spotify has always been a solo experience within the app, and it can benefit from incorporating a new engagement system. It might be the best way ahead for a medium as social as music.

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How to Add Friends on Spotify Without Facebook

how to add friends on spotifyAdding friends on Spotify is no big deal; users can quickly complete the process in seconds. What’s best – the instructions are the same for Android, iPhone, and the web.

Here’s how to add friends on Spotify without Facebook.

  • Open Spotify on your phone and log into your Account.
  • Enter the Homepage and click on the Search option. It is located in the top-left corner of the screen for the web app and at the bottom center for mobile apps.
  • Now, type in your friend’s Username, and tap the Search button. A list of results will then appear on the screen.
  • Open the profile you wish to add to your Spotify app and click the Follow button. It’s done, and your friend will be successfully added.

How to Add Friends on Spotify With Facebook?

The second best way to follow friends on Spotify is via Facebook.

Follow the steps below and complete the process within a blink of an eye.

  • Open Spotify and go to the top-left corner.
  • Tap on Settings and scroll down to Social > Connect to Facebook.
  • You’ll then be redirected to Facebook, where you must enter your login credentials.
  • Once your Spotify account is synced to Facebook, these settings apply to all platforms, including the web player and the mobile app.

You can add Facebook friends on Spotify now that your accounts are linked.

  • Navigate to the Spotify app and click the Home option in the bottom-left corner.
  • Now, select the Settings tab and go to the View Profile icon.
  • Go to More Options and choose Find Friends.
  • Here, you can select friends you wish to add manually from the Friends list and select the Follow button next to their name.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How Can I Activate the Private Session on Spotify?

Ans. To activate the private session on Spotify, click the arrow next to your username in the right corner and select private session. It lasts until you restart Spotify.

Q. Can I Remove a Friend on Spotify?

Ans. Yes, sure. If you mistakenly added someone to your Spotify friend list or changed your mind, go to their profile and select the three dots icon next to Following. Please scroll down to Unfollow, and it’s done.

The Closing Para!

That’s everything about adding friends to Spotify. 

This Friend Activity feature has given this platform a slight edge over others and lets users explore what everyone on their playlists is up to. I hope it helps!!

So, follow the abovementioned steps and enjoy the best of social streaming.


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