How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone

Snoozing an alarm on your iPhone can be a lifesaver, giving you a few extra moments of sleep before starting your day. However, the default snooze time may not always align with your preferences. 

By default, the iPhone’s alarm snooze time is 9 minutes, and there’s no direct way to edit it in the native Clock app and doesn’t go off even when your iPhone is silent or in DND mode.

This means you can’t change the snooze time on your iPhone if you need more than 9 minutes to get up. So, how to change snooze time on iPhone?

Don’t worry. If you can only imagine waking up in the morning with your iPhone’s alarm and using the snooze option at least once, the typical iPhone alarm snooze period is too short or too long for your morning routine. 

However, there’s no need to worry. We’ll show you a few workarounds for how to change snooze time on iPhone through this iOSIdeas post.

So, let’s get started!!

How Long is the Snooze Time on an iPhone?

how to change snooze time on iphoneThe snooze time on the iPhone alarm clock is nine minutes, and unfortunately, it cannot be changed to the default iPhone alarm.

The nine-minute snooze interval is a nod to the time of analog alarm clocks, which were limited to nine-minute snooze times due to the constraints of clock gears. 

It’s worth noting that digital alarm clocks, including the ones on iPhones, do not have gears and have been widely used in households even before the iPhone was introduced. 

However, many iPhone users have expressed disappointment with Apple‘s decision not to offer more snooze options. Nevertheless, some workarounds are available to help you modify the snooze limit on your iPhone.

The situation is pretty common, but what happens when the iPhone alarm does not go off? For that, you can check easy ways to fix the iOS alarm not going off issue.

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone Using Multiple Alarms?

If you cannot change the snooze time in the Clock app, you can select multiple alarms on your iPhone instead. 

To learn how to change snooze time on iPhone, follow these steps: 

1. Launch the Clock app on your iPhone and switch to the Alarm tab

2. Tap the Plus (+) icon to add a new alarm. 

3. Set your preferred alarm time. 

4. Toggle off the Snooze option to disable the Snooze feature. 

5. Tap Save at the top-right corner to save the alarm. 

how to change snooze time on iphoneRepeat the previous steps to create additional alarms, and configure each one to go off at intervals of your choosing, such as every 5 or 15 minutes. When the first alarm goes off, please turn it off and wait for the next sound.

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone Using Third-Party Apps?

If you do not want to add multiple alarms and instead want to adjust the snooze time, your best option is to use a third-party app instead of the iPhone’s default Clock app. 

Alarmy is one of the best alternative iPhone alarm clock apps that allows you to customize the snooze duration on your iPhone. Additionally, it offers various wake-up options such as solving math problems, moving, doing squats, and more. 

The app’s free plan includes ads, basic features, and multiple snooze intervals. However, you can unlock all its premium features by subscribing for $7.49 monthly. You can help from the 7-day free trial to make an informed decision.

Download: Alarmy (Free, subscription available).

After downloading Alarmy, you can customize the snooze time by following these steps: 

1. Open the Alarmy app on your iPhone and complete the initial setup. 

2. Tap the Plus (+) button at the bottom-right corner and choose the Alarm option. 

3. Set your desired alarm time. 

4. Select the Snooze option, pick the duration for the snooze that suits you, and then tap Done. 

5. Tap Done once again to save the alarm.

how to change snooze time on iphoneAlarmy offers the option to select from various snooze durations, ranging from 1 minute to 60 minutes, ensuring you have enough time to wake up.

Let’s Summarize!

So, this is all about how to change snooze time on iPhone.

Following the steps above, you can customize the snooze time on your iPhone to match your sleep habits and morning routine. 

Whether you need a few extra minutes or prefer a shorter snooze duration, iOS allows you to tailor your alarms.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the following updates!


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