How to Turn Off AutoCorrect in the Keyboard Settings on iPhone?

Well, if you are tired of falling prey to autocorrect errors, it’s time to eliminate this problem timelessly. But how to turn off AutoCorrect?

Stay to the end and read the complete article and get the solution on how to turn off AutoCorrect on your iPhone’s keyboard settings.

Autocorrect is designed as a failsafe, and for the most part, it does. This feature enjoys a fair share of moments, whether sharp correction or a baffling misinterpretation.

But while Autocorrect was added to prevent typos and other grammar mishaps, it sometimes interferes too much with the text and exasperates users.

This feature can be annoying at best and potentially scandalous at worst. In addition to auto-correct, you should also turn off sleep mode on your iPhone to avoid interruption while chatting.

Here’s how to turn off Autocorrect on your iPhone in a snap. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use AutoCorrect on Your iPhone?

Here’s a quick briefing on why you should take a break from Autocorrect and shut it off permanently.

  • It Sometimes Puts You in Awkward Situations: People using AutoCorrect often type so last, thinking the spell checker will cover up the tracks. However, this carelessness can sometimes put you in an embarrassing situation by making unexpected mistakes.
  • Creates Confusion: Sometimes, AutoCorrect mistakes are funny and make you laugh. However, they can create chaos in some cases, making you misunderstood and giving rise to knowing how to disable AutoCorrect on your iPhone.
  • More Punctuation Errors: Let’s admit – you barely watch what you type when using AutoCorrect, leading to excessive punctuation errors. Sometimes, a comma in the wrong place can change the complete meaning of a sentence, causing embarrassment all along.

How to Turn Off AutoCorrect on Your iPhone?

how to turn off autocorrectWish to get yourself free from the claws of AutoCorrect? 

This is the most straightforward tutorial to help you change the AutoCorrect settings on your iPhone.

Before going forward if you are a new iPhone user and don’t know how to turn off the flashlight on iPhone. Then check out our article on it.

Here’s how.

  • Open Settings > General.
  • Select the “Keyboard” option and scroll down to the “Auto-Correction.”
  • Toggle the button next to Auto-Correction and Disable this feature for good.

how to turn off autocorrect

Alternatively, you can also deactivate the AutoCorrect feature using your iPhone keyboard. 

Follow the steps below to get it done.

  • Select Keyboard Settings. Press and Hold the emoji button (represented by a globe icon).
  • Toggle Auto-Correction and turn it Off.

Don’t Forget to Disable the Check Spelling and Predictive Text

Believe me; you are better off without them!!

Turning off Auto-Correction isn’t enough to eliminate the problem. 

You must take a few more steps to disable the spell-checker and predictive text to get the freedom of typing.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Deactivate Check Spelling

  • Launch the Settings app and tap General.
  • Select “Keyboard” and tap “Check Spelling” under the All Keyboards setting.
  • Toggle it Off, and it’s Done.

2. Shut Off Predictive Text

Like Auto-Correction, the predictive text is also designed to help you type faster by predicting what word you want to type next. 

However, this feature could be more distracting and lead to unnecessary errors. 

Here’s how to shut it off.

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Select Keyword and scroll down to “Predictive.”
  • Toggle the button next to it and make the feature inactive.

how to turn off autocorrect

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Google Gboard?

Ans. Open the Gboard app and select Keyboard settings. Disable Auto-Correction and you are now good to go.

Q. Can I Add Another Language to iPhone’s Keyboard?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. Open the Settings app and select General. Tap on the Keyboard and select “Keyboards.” Click “Add New Keyword” and choose the Language you wish to Add.

Wrapping Up

It’s no secret that Autocorrect is a nice feature that catches spelling errors and automatically corrects them as you type. 

But sometimes, it changes the text to something else out of nowhere, leaving users infuriating.

Hence, if you are done living at autocorrect mercy, it’s time to bid this feature a much-desired farewell. 

Hopefully, this tutorial has inspired you to take a step further and turn off Autocorrect on your iPhone until the hell freezes.

Happy typing!!


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