How to Fix iMessage Signed Out Error on iPhone?

While using iMessage to make weekend plans with a friend, you suddenly got iMessage signed out in a few cases. 

Stay calm; you are at the right place, buddies. We will help you here to solve this iMessage signed-out issue using the research of our research team. 

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This article will explain how to fix the iMessage signed-out error by providing some fixes to solve this issue. 

Follow these steps, and you can solve the problem if it ever arises for you.

Why Are We Getting an iMessage Signed Out Error?

imessage signed outTo use iMessage, you must have an Apple ID or a phone number associated with your account.

Therefore, signing in is a prerequisite for sending messages through the service. In our busy day-to-day schedule, you can make self note or create conversations to remember important notes by texting yourself on iPhone.

You may get signed out of iMessage, resulting in the current error message. This can happen by accident or due to a glitch in the system. 

Even if your phone and iMessage are configured correctly, you may still encounter an iMessage signed-out error due to system bugs. 

However, most of the underlying causes of these errors are easy to fix once you identify them. 

That’s why the troubleshooting process we describe is straightforward and accessible.

How to Fix iMessage Signed Out Error?

1. Checking the iMessage Server

imessage signed outBefore trying to fix the problem, it’s paramount to find if it isn’t on the other end, i.e., that iMessage isn’t facing an outage.

Because if that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do but wait for it to get back up.

To verify the iMessage server’s status, visit Apple’s System Status page, where you can see a comprehensive list of its services and operational level. 

Locate iMessage on the list and ensure that the dot adjacent to it appears green. If it does, you can proceed with the instructions provided here since the problem sign-out of iMessage is not with the server. 

However, if the dot is red, it suggests that the iMessage server is not functional. In such a scenario, you can still send the recipient a standard text message or call them.

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2. Disable and Enable iMessage

imessage signed outYou must ensure that iMessage is activated for the feature to link to your Apple ID and phone number, allowing you to send messages.

Verifying that it is still enabled even if you previously had it turned on is recommended, as it may have accidentally been switched off.

Here’s how to disable and enable iMessage:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Go to Messages.
  • Check to see if the iMessage toggle is enabled. Switch it off and on again.
  • Your phone number should also be shown under Send & Receive.

Then exit the settings app and relaunch iMessage to check whether your changes resolved the issue.

3. Sign Out and Back Into iMessage

imessage signed outMany users could resolve the iMessage signed-out error on iPhones running iOS 15 by signing out of iMessage and then signing back in.

This method can refresh the iCloud account and enable you to send and receive iMessages smoothly without any issues.

Here are the steps to sign out and back into iMessage.

  • Launch the Settings application.
  • Choose Messages.
  • Choose Send & Receive.
  • Touch your Apple ID at the top of the iPhone screen.
  • Choose Sign Out.
  • Tap Use your Apple ID for iMessage to sign back in.
  • Enter your Apple ID and Apple ID Password (if necessary).
  • Choose Sign In.

4. Reactivate eSIM or Replace SIM

imessage signed outTo proceed, you need to contact your mobile service provider.

A mobile service provider for your iPhone such as  T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Mint Mobile, etc.), and if you have an eSIM, reactivate it.

After removing your cellular plan and resetting the eSIM card or replacing your regular SIM card by contacting your carrier, you may prefer to reset the network settings before attempting to turn on and activate iMessage.

Once you have completed these steps, give iMessage a try. For further information, please reach out to your cell company.

5. Restart Your iPhone

imessage signed outRebooting your device could resolve the issue if your iMessage signs out unexpectedly and you cannot log back in. 

Additionally, even if the problem persists, rebooting will provide you with a clean slate to begin troubleshooting using other methods.

6. Update Your iPhone

imessage signed outiMessage signed out on your iPhone may have been hampered by an iOS system problem.

As a result, try installing the forthcoming iOS update and troubleshooting the difficulties. 

You should update your iPhone to fix the issue.

Let’s get started updating your iPhone!

  • Go to Settings > General on your iPhone.
  • Choose Software Update to obtain the most recent iOS build.

7. Reset Network Settings on iPhone

imessage signed outWhen resetting, it will delete any stored WiFi networks, VPN connections, Bluetooth devices, and other network settings.

You should reset the network settings on your iPhone, if you want to solve iMessage signed out error.

Hence, before you begin, write down all relevant passwords and information.

  • Tap General in the Settings app.
  • Scroll all the way down to Reset.
  • Choose Reset Networks Settings.
  • To confirm the activity, enter the device password.
  • After that, try logging in to iMessage again.

The Final Message

You should eliminate the iMessage signed out error by following the troubleshooting tips on iMessage signed out error on iPhone.

Although trying them all may take some time, they will effectively resolve the iMessage signed-out issue. 

If you find the post informative, share it with your buddies so they can also use it.


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