How to Download Infinity Blade iOS 3 iPA on iPhone

If you love action role-playing video games and are looking for the newest arrival, check out Infinity Blade iOS and lose yourself in the epic world.

Chair Entertainment and Epic Games developed Infinity Blade III, the third iteration of the famous Infinity Blade series.

But while the game used to be a key part of Apple’s early iPhone presentations, it still needs to be noticed, leaving users disappointed.

But don’t worry; you can get the game using third-party sources. Here’s how to download Infinity Blade 3 IPA and enjoy the game on your Apple devices.

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A Quick Information About Infinity Blade III

Infinity Blade 3 is the continuation of the famous Infinity Blade Saga. Be mindful that their upgrade goes separately, thus significantly increasing playing time.

Siris and Isa are the game’s primary protagonists. It is an action RPG similar to its first two installments. The player controls their characters’ actions by swiping and tapping the screen.

You can choose the role of Isa, a woman who focuses on magical spells, or be the Siris, a man with excellent physical fighting capabilities.

Infinity Blade iOS is widely known for having colorful graphics that teleports you to the virtual world.

Both players have access to three different classes of weapons, including Light, Heavy, and Dual. Whatever weapon you choose, make sure it protects you from your enemies.

Is Infinity Blade III Available on the App Store?

infinity blade iosSince you landed on this page, we’ve assumed you already know the rivalry between Apple and Epic Games.

But in case you’ve missed it, we would like to inform you that Infinity Blade III was first released on the App Store on September 18, 2013.

However, the game was removed from the App Store on December 10, 2018, along with its two earlier iterations. The decision was made due to difficulties updating the game for newer hardware, with no plans for re-release.

In addition, Apple finally removed Epic Games’ Developer account on August 28, 2020, making the app no longer downloadable on one’s purchased history.

Can I Download Infinity Blade iOS on iPhone?

Yes, you can. Although the App Store removed Infinity Blade iOS for good, players can still get the game on their iPhones using the IPA files. Use third-party tools, like Sideloadly, and download the app on your Apple device.

However, please bear in mind that downloading Infinity Blade III using third-party tools may expose your iPhone to malware infections; hence, be sure to download the IPA using a reliable site and enjoy the game.

How to Download Infinity Blade III IPA on iPhones?

Finally, it’s time to unveil the step-by-step instructions to download the Infinity Blade iOS on your iDevice. Start with getting the IPA file and follow the instructions below to complete the process. Here’s how to begin.

  • Download Sideloadly on your Windows PC or Mac computer using the official site.
  • Once you get the third-party tool, source the Infinity Blade iOS IPA files containing the app code. Never download the IPA file from a random source, as it may expose your device to security threats.
  • Players can download IPA in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Make sure you download the right IPA file for your iOS device’s chip architecture.

Once you get the IPA, use the steps below to download the Infinity Blade III on iPhones.

  • Connect your iPhone/ iPad to a computer using a USB cable. It allows Sideloadly to install the Infinity Blade IPA file on your phone.
  • Launch Sideloadly and head to the Home tab.
  • Drag the Infinity Blade IPA file you want to install.
  • Select Install to start the process.
  • Once done, trust and launch the app by visiting¬†Settings > General > Device Management on your iOS device.
  • The process completes here, and you can now enjoy the game on your iPhone

Note: You may need to repeat the sideloading process every 7 days as the certificate expires. 

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is It Safe to Download the Infinity Blade IPA file?

Ans. Sure, it is. You can safely download the Infinity Blade iOS IPA file from Sideloadly or other trusted sites.

Q. What if I Forget to Sideload Infinity Blade III After 7 Days?

Ans. Sideloading requires players to repeat the process every week or 7 days. If you forget to do so, the game certificate expires, making you unable to launch Infinity Blade on your iPhone.

Summing Up

That’s all about Infinity Blade iOS. We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide and found it worthwhile.

Be mindful that the game isn’t available on the Apple App Store, and using the IPA file is the only method to make it playable on iPhones. So, why wait? Use the step-by-step instructions above and get the game now.

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