What is the iOS 17 Bump Feature: How to Use It

iOS 17 has brought you various new and innovative features that have enticed your iOS experience. One new option you cannot afford to miss is the iOS 17 Bump Feature.

It is quite similar to the famous Bump app introduced years ago on iOS. Are you excited to know more about iOS Bump and wondering what it’s all about? Keep scrolling the page and find all the key information regarding the iOS 17 Bump feature here.

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Let’s have a look. 

iOS 17 Bump Feature: What’s It All About?

Wondering what’s iOS 17 Bump Feature? Well, if you are new to iOS 17 and have no idea about this Bump option, then you have landed on the rightmost link to find the same.

It’s said that the iPhone is now repeating its old habits, and introducing a Bump feature is one of them. Apple executive Craig Federighi once said, “There is no need to wander around the room bumping your phone with others” when Apple introduced AirDrop.

Users also remember that popular Bump app, where they must give a little bump to the other phone to share contacts and other information. However, Apple is all set to bring those memories back with its all-new Bump feature. However, developers have changed its name this time.

You might be surprised that iOS 17 Bump is a NameDrop feature. Yes, you read it right!! It works like the famous Bump app and transfers data between two iPhones with little Bumping.

Along with transferring data, NameDrop also enables users to share their contact information quickly, thus eliminating the hassle of writing the phone number manually. You can use this modern bump feature for streaming media or playing multiplayer games with the person you are bumping your devices with.

The Step-by-step Instructions to Enable Ios 17 Bump

ios 17 bump featureBefore we move to the steps to use the iOS 17 Bump feature, it’s good to know that you must enable the same to get started.

Here’s how to begin.

  • Hold your iPhone close to the other iOS device.
  • Make sure the top edges of both devices are almost touching each other.
  • As soon as the feature is activated, you’ll feel a slight vibration with a clicking sound.

How to Use the iOS 17 Bump Feature?

Now that you know the steps to activate the iOS 17 Bump, it’s time to start using it. So, without further ado, let us reveal the step-by-step instructions to start the BUMP.

  • Once the connection between two iPhones has been established, a pop-up appears on the screen, allowing users to choose either Share or Receive Only, depending on their roles.
  • Don’t worry if you both select “Share”. In that case, the contact cards are exchanged and saved in the respective Contacts app automatically.

What Makes iOS Bump Feature Worth It?

Enough of appreciation? iOS 17 Bump feature gained all eyes and ears soon after its introduction – after all, it makes contact and media sharing more accessible than ever before.

But the question still lingers on most users: what exactly makes this iOS-exclusive feature worth trying? So, it’s time to dig in and find the answer. Here’s why you should try the iOS 17 Bump Feature.

  • Apple plans to give a broader view of the Bump feature by not keeping it exclusive to its phones. Soon, users can exchange contacts between an iPhone and an Apple watch by holding them close by.
  • Easy execution is one of the critical features of the iOS 17 bump feature. No wired connection is needed to use it. Once two iPhones reach the tapping range, share and receive buttons will appear, and you can get started with the same.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How Do You Disable iOS 17 Bump and Namedrop?

Ans. To disable the iOS 17 Bump, you must visit Settings > choose AirDrop Start Sharing By > turn off the toggle for Bring Devices Together.

Q. Can I Bump Between an iPhone and an iPad?

Ans. Sure, you can. Apple is expanding the boundaries of iOS 17 Bump, allowing it to share contacts and other media between various Apple devices.

Wrapping Up

That’s all we know about the iOS 17 Bump Feature. It’s rare iOS updates excite people, but iOS 17 is relatively different. Apple has re-introduced old features with a new look to make the iOS experience enjoyable.

So, why wait? Use the iOS Bump feature right away and make sharing a breeze. If you need more assistance regarding iOS 17, please share your query in the comments below, and our experts would love to fix it.


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