7 Quick iOS Hacks You Should Explore for Better Gaming

The iPhone provides users access to impeccable features and an amazing experience, including a range of iOS hacks to further enhance its capabilities.

Aside from the crystal-clear image quality the camera offers, the device has speakers that can produce unmatched flawless sound.

There’s more to it; keep reading.

Being one of the best smartphones available today, the iPhone features exclusive video and image editors that make it the best pick for creators on the go.

If you are an amateur iOS user and want to explore more about your new phone, the article is for you.

Our iOS hacks list will help you maximize your iPhone’s capabilities. The more you explore, the more exciting things you will discover.

7 Easy iOS Hacks That Level Up Your Gaming

1. Charge Battery Faster

ios hacksYou may want your iPhone to charge faster when in a hurry. The iOS hacks are to turn on the Airplane Mode to turn off many features running in the background. These processes might consume power, resources, and a lot of battery juice.

Activating the Airplane Mode will allow your phone to charge quickly. Once your phone is fully charged, remember to turn off the Airplane mode.

To turn the Airplane mode on and off, open the Control Center and make the proper selection.

2. Clear Storage on iPhone

ios hacksHaving ample Storage is essential for users who work with multiple apps such as Garageband, iMovie, or FaceTime.

Delete all unnecessary apps stored on the iPhone to make way for other important programs you use daily.

Find duplicates, especially pictures in Photos, and erase them right away. You can connect your iPhone to a MacBook and delete data to avoid removing important files.

Browse online guides to learn how to quit an app on a Mac that won’t force quit before trying anything.

3. Enable Dark Mode

ios hacksIf you habitually use your phone in the dark, this iOS hacks will greatly help. Dark mode turns the bright interface into a more accessible and readable one. Prevent your eyes from stressing out, particularly when gaming in the dark.

To enable Dark Mode on your iOS phone:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click General, tap Accessibility, and select Display Accommodation.
  • Choose Invert Colors.
  • If you want to switch a few colors to darker mode, select Smart Invert or turn all colors darker by clicking Classic Invert.

4. Prevent Temperature Rise

ios hacksYou will notice an instant temperature rise when you use your iPhone extensively or gaming unstoppable.

If not controlled or corrected, it could lead to severe performance and functional issues that would be hard to fix.

Avoid using your phone too much in a single go or warm surroundings. Keep it more relaxed as much as you can.

Moreover, remove the phone cover or any other accessories blocking the air circulation inside and outside the device.

5. Slow iPhone Performance

ios hacksDealing with a sluggish device is frustrating. You need to click an app icon and wait for it to open on a slower phone.

Sometimes, the phone screen stucks the Apple logo, stuck on SOS mode, preventing you from making a call, sending a message, or playing a game.

Restart your phone to resume proper functioning. If that doesn’t fix the problem, update the iOS to the latest version.

Additionally, delete apps that are no longer needed as they might be using system resources, making the phone run slower.

6. Turn Off Graphics

ios hacksNew generation iPhones are known for seamless sync of software and hardware specifications.

Other than that, appealing video effects is a fantastic feature that makes the iPhones outstanding. However, these effects are sometimes responsible for slow gaming on iPhones.

These visuals may look attractive and make your device appear exclusive, but performance is compromised.

So, turn off any unnecessary visuals and graphics to optimize your phone’s performance. Tap General Settings, click Accessibility, and enable the Reduce Motion option.

7. Limit GPS Usage

ios hacksRestrict your apps’ GPS usage, constantly tracking your device’s location. Most apps, except Weather apps or Maps, don’t require location details to operate normally, so prevent apps from tracking your location unnecessarily.

Navigate to Settings, go to Privacy, and tap Location Services to identify and deactivate apps that ask for location data.

From the list of applications, delete those that you no longer use or hardly use for any particular task.

Wrapping Words

These potential iOS hacks will help you explore your iPhone to the fullest. Once you begin to put these tips into practice, you will realize your new phone’s true potential, enabling you to discover more.

Last but not least, restart the device to allow your phone to implement these settings after trying any new ones.

Make sure you back up your phone to save all your data and recover lost files in the event of a data loss.


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