iPhone 13 Camera Blinking? Here’s How to Fix It

Apple devices are often synonymous with class and sophistication. These are thoughtfully designed and packed with tons of features and functionalities.

However, iPhones are not fully immune to errors and throw issues occasionally. One such problem is the iPhone 13 camera blinking.

The name says it all! Camera blinking can be annoying, hindering your ability to capture clear photos and videos. There are plenty of reasons that give rise to this problem.

Are you experiencing the iPhone camera blinking and wondering how to get rid of the same? Don’t worry; we are here to help.

This iOSIdeas guide covers all the key details about the error and potential solutions to fix it. Browse the page till the end and bring your camera back to normal.

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What’s Triggering iPhone 13 Camera Blinking?

So, what’s behind the iPhone 13 camera blinking? Honestly speaking, every problem has a cause, and nothing happens without any reason.

Therefore, we’ll first round off the key triggers causing the blinking error and then find practical solutions to eliminate them for good.

Let’s have a look. 

  • One of the potential reasons causing the iPhone camera to blink is the Macro Mode that automatically switches between lenses as you get closer to a subject.
  • The second major trouble causing the error is the exposure issue with bright light. Sometimes, your camera tries to maintain automatic exposure and struggles to find the right balance, thus causing trouble.
  • Although iPhone 13 camera blinking could happen randomly, there’s likely some physical damage affecting the way the camera works.

How Fix iPhone 13 Camera Blinking?

Done with the reasons? It’s time to find possible solutions to fix the iPhone 13 camera blinking.

Don’t worry; it’s a temporary issue and can be resolved with a swipe of your fingertips. Follow them sequence-wise to get results.

1. Disable Macro Mode

First thing first. While Macro Mode is one of the best things introduced by Apple, it also comes with a few disadvantages, and camera blinking is one of them.

The macro mode changes the lens from wide to ultra-wide as soon as you move it close to the object, thus causing the camera to flicker.

Hence, it’s better to disable the mode and capture focused shots.

Here’s how.

  • Open Settings and head to Camera.
  • Select Macro Control and toggle it off.
  • Return to the Camera app and try capturing the shots again.

Below is the pictographic representation of the above steps.

iphone 13 camera blinking

2. Balance the Exposure

If disabling Macro Mode does nothing to the iPhone 13 camera blinking, and you still face the issue, consider balancing the exposure to fix the hassle.

While your camera tries its best to achieve the proper balance, changing the exposure is preferred to stop your iPhone’s camera from flickering.

iphone 13 camera blinking

Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to the Camera app and tap the White Arrow.
  • Click the circle with a + and – to open the exposure settings.
  • Slide your finger to change the exposure that matches your needs and makes the image clear.

3. Turn Off Live Photos

Capturing Live Photos is fun, but what if they start interfering with the regular shots? Yes, you read it right.

Sometimes, Live Photos interrupt the still ones and cause your camera to flicker or blink. In that case, it’s advised to disable the feature for a while and resolve the issue.

Follow the instructions to do so.

  • Open the Camera app and tap the Live Photos button to turn it off.
  • The toggle will then disable the feature for that particular session.
  • If you want to turn it off permanently, visit Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings > Turn off Live Photos.

Below is the pictographic representation of the above steps.

iphone 13 camera blinking

4. Check for iOS Upgrades.

Sometimes, the iPhone 13 camera blinking happens due to pending upgrades. Remember that every iOS update brings new features, iOS 17 or iOS 17.1.2. Moreover, these updates enhance stability and make your iOS experience more enjoyable.

So, if you are struggling with the trouble even after following all the workarounds above, it’s better to update your iOS and see if it resolves the problem.

Here’s how to do so.

  • Go to Settings and head to General.
  • Check Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install if any update is pending.

Below is the pictographic representation of the above steps.

iphone 13 camera blinking

5. Contact Apple Support

Are you still experiencing the iPhone 13 camera blinking error? Well, it might be possible that you are facing a hardware issue that requires physical support. In that case, users should contact Apple Support immediately and seek help.

iphone 13 camera blinking

Sometimes, expert support is required to handle the malfunction or hardware errors. Reach out to them and bring things back to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Restarting an iPhone Resolve the Camera Blinking?

Ans. Yes, it can if the error occurs due to the iPhone glitch. Sometimes, the device experiences a technical bug, and restarting it to fix it is better.

Q. What if I Face a Camera Blinking Issue When Recording a Video?

Ans. If you experience the iPhone 13 camera blinking when recording a video, it’s better to lock the camera to prevent switching. Go to Settings > Camera > Record video > Lock Camera. 

Summing Up

Camera blinking can be frustrating as it prevents you from capturing beautiful moments. Hence, it’s better to follow the above methods and say goodbye to the iPhone 13 camera blinking. Identify the possible reason and pick the solution accordingly.

No more flickering!


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