How to Fix iPhone Not Receiving Texts From Android

It’s frustrating when you don’t receive text messages from Android to your iPhone. But thankfully, there are numerous ways to fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android.

While Android and iPhones use the identical message system for text messaging, the iPhone still relies on iMessage, and therefore, it sometimes creates problems when receiving messages from Android.

But don’t lose your mind, as there are plenty of ways to get rid of this error. Keep scrolling the iOSIdeas guide and fix the error in no time. Ahead, we’ve also compiled the possible causes triggering the problem so you can avoid it in future.

Shall we begin?

What Causes iPhone Not Receiving Messages From Android Error?

Wondering why your iPhone is throwing tantrums when receiving messages from Android? What exactly triggers the problem?

Before we jump into ways to fix the iPhone not receiving texts from Android, let’s first round off the key triggers causing the error.

Scroll down and have a closer look.

  • iMessage is active on iPhone: The major reason why the iPhone is causing errors when receiving texts from Android is iMessage. If this option is activated on the iPhone, it simply hinders iOS devices from communicating over WiFi.
  • Cellular issues: Network connectivity is one of the major triggers for missed text messages. Weak cellular signals can block texts from coming, thus creating issues. For persistent dead zones, changing locations can improve connectivity and fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android.
  • Software Bugs: Another reason that might cause trouble is software bugs. Sometimes, iOS errors affect messaging. In such cases, updating to iOS or Android OS may eliminate the glitches and bring things back to normal.
  • Full Storage: Yes, you heard it right!! If your iPhone runs out of storage, it may be unable to receive texts. Therefore, keep in check the space issues and delete unwanted messages and media to clear the space.
  • Carrier Issues: Sometimes, an error arises when your carrier blocks or limits the cross-platform messaging. Sometimes, carriers either set a particular limit on the messaging or restrict sending/ receding texts from a different network. In such cases, it’s best to ask the carrier directly and ask them to remove any such blocks from your plan to enjoy seamless texting.

How to Fix iPhone Not Receiving Texts From Android Error?

Now that you know the reasons, it’s time to fix the iPhone not receiving texts from Android error for good.

iphone not receiving texts from androidHere’s a quick rundown of the 5 simple yet foolproof methods to resolve the error. Scroll down and find out the details here.

1. Turn Off iMessage on iPhone

First thing first – ensure that iMessage is turned off on your iPhone, as it is the major trigger causing the error. iMessage is Apple’s proprietary messaging service that only works between iOS devices. So, it’s mandatory to disable it completely to fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android.

To turn off iMessage,

  • Go to Settings > Messages.
  • Toggle the Message switch to the Off position.
  • It ensures that you’ll now receive all texts as regular SMS messages.

2. Check Cellular Connection

The second most popular reason why your iPhone is not receiving texts from Android is poor network connection. In such cases, resetting the network settings can help clear out any issues.

Here’s how to do so.

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Head to Reset and tap on Reset Network Settings.
  • It will reboot your iPhone and all network settings back to their defaults.
  • Try texting and see if this step helped you fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android.

3. Check for Carrier Blocking

Sometimes, you don’t receive messages on your iPhone owing to carrier blocking. Certain cellular carriers intentionally limit texting between mobile networks.

So, it’s best to seek help from the carrier and ask if your carrier has blocked the messaging with other networks.

If so, ask them to remove any message blocks on your cellular plan to fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android.

4. Update your iPhone Software

An outdated version of iOS can also trigger the problem. So, it’s better to upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS version to stay away from any such errors. Keeping your iPhone’s OS up-to-date can help fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android.

Here’s how to upgrade.

  • Go to the Settings tab and open General.
  • Click “Software” and check if any update is available.
  • If so, click Update and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Update.

5. Try a Different Text App

Have you tried everything, but the problem is still there? Don’t lose your patience; try a different texting app to resolve the problem. Sometimes, your texting app creates errors or experiences technical glitches.

In such cases, you are advised to download and install other popular third-party apps and continue chatting with your near and dear ones.

If you can send and receive messages from other applications, the issue is with the default message app. You must wait until the problem is resolved on the developer’s end to do so.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How Do You Unblock a Number on an iPhone?

Ans. It might be possible that you’ve blocked that Android number in the past and are now not receiving texts. To unblock the number, click Settings >Phone>Blocked Contacts. Swipe left on the block number and tap unblock.

Q. Does DND/ Focus Cause Trouble When Receiving Texts From Android?

Ans. Yes, definitely. You might not get notified when you receive texts in the DND mode. This mode silences calls, alerts, and general notifications when activated.

Summing Up

That’s all about the practical solutions to fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android. Messaging has become an integral part of our routine, and therefore, it’s better to resolve this error at the earliest. We hope our guide has helped you know about the key reasons behind the error and possible solutions to fix it.

So, why wait? Follow these methods closely and resolve any messaging problems when texting from Android to iPhone.

Thanks for reading, and stay in touch for more updates.


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