Latest Dislyte Codes: How to Redeem Them on iOS

Dislyte, a neon-infused game from the developers of AFK Arena, Lilith Games, has taken the mobile gaming world by storm.

As players navigate through a cyberpunk city, battling behemoths and unlocking new characters, the allure of free in-game items becomes irresistible.

This is where Dislyte codes come into play. These promotional codes allow players free gold records, nexus crystals, and other in-game rewards.

This iOSIdeas article delves into Dislyte codes, how to redeem them on iOS and Android, and where to find the latest codes.

Let’s dive in!

Short Overview to Dislyte

dislyte codesDislyte is an action-packed RPG set in a vibrant, neon-infused cyberpunk world. Developed by Lilith Games, the creators of the famous AFK Arena, Dislyte immerses players in a universe where music and battles converge.

Players collect and upgrade unique characters, Espers, each with skills and abilities. Actions are rhythm-based, requiring players to tap into the beat to unleash powerful attacks.

The game’s storyline revolves around a city’s struggle against dark forces, with players joining the resistance to restore harmony.

With its captivating graphics, dynamic battles, and an array of characters, Dislyte offers a unique gaming experience that blends music with RPG elements.

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What Are Dislyte Codes?

dislyte codesDislyte codes are promotional coupons released by the game developers specifically for Dislyte. These codes are designed to reward players with various in-game items and benefits.

The rewards can range from new characters known as Espers, equipment to enhance gameplay, Starimon used for powering up feelings, to even premium in-game currency that players can use to pull or unlock new Espers.

Typically, these codes are introduced in response to certain milestone events associated with the game.

This could be when the game achieves a particular number of downloads when the game’s social media pages hit specific follower counts, or during special promotional events.

Players can enter these codes within the game (or through an external site for iOS users) to claim the associated rewards.

All Latest Working Dislyte Codes

  • fightwithgods (NEW)
  • Dislyte100D
  • PlayDislyte

(Note: Codes may expire over time, so redeeming them as soon as possible is essential.)

How to Redeem Dislyte Codes on iOS?

dislyte codesFor iOS users, the process of redeeming Dislyte codes is slightly different due to Apple’s Terms of Service.

Here’s how you can redeem a Dislyte code on your iPhone:

1. Open the provided link in your browser.

2. Enter your UID (found by tapping on your player icon in the game) and press the “Send Code” button.

3. Open your in-game mailbox to get the verification code.

4. Enter the verification code and press “Login.”

5. Enter your Dislyte gift code.

6. Return to the game and check your mailbox for the rewards.

How to Use Dislyte Codes on Android?

For Android users, the redemption process is more straightforward:

1. Launch Dislyte and tap on your player icon in the top left corner.

2. Press the “Settings” tab and then the “Services” tab.

3. Click on the “Gift Code” button.

4. Enter the Dislyte code and press confirm to claim your rewards.

Where to Find the Latest Dislyte Codes?

To stay updated with the latest Dislyte codes, players have several reliable sources:

1. Official Social Media Channels

Following Dislyte’s official Twitter and Facebook pages is one of the best ways to get the latest codes. The game developers often release new codes on these platforms during special events, milestones, or promotions.

2. Dislyte’s Official Website

The news or announcement section of the Dislyte website may occasionally feature new codes or provide information about ongoing events where codes might be distributed.

3. Gaming Communities and Forums

Websites like Reddit, with dedicated communities for Dislyte, can be a good source. Players often share new codes they find in these forums.

4. Gaming News Websites

Several online gaming news websites and blogs, like the ones you provided earlier (e.g.,,, regularly update their lists of working codes for various games, including Dislyte.

5. In-game Announcements

Sometimes, the game might have pop-up announcements or in-game mail that provides players with new codes.

Wrapping Words!

Dislyte codes offer players a fantastic opportunity to enhance their gaming experience with free in-game items.

Whether you’re playing on iOS or Android, redeem these codes promptly and enjoy the rewards that come with them. Happy gaming!

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. What Are Dislyte Codes Used for?

Ans. Dislyte codes are promotional coupons that provide players with various in-game rewards, including new Espers, equipment, Starimon, and premium currency.

Q. How Often Are New Dislyte Codes Released?

Ans. While there’s no fixed schedule, Dislyte codes are typically released during milestone events related to the game, such as achieving specific download numbers or social media page milestones.

Q. Can I Use Dislyte Codes on Both iOS and Android?

Ans. Yes, Dislyte codes can be redeemed on iOS and Android, but each platform’s redemption process differs slightly.

Q. Where Can I Find My Dislyte UID?

Ans. Your Dislyte UID can be found by tapping on your player icon in the game. It’s displayed below your profile icon on the left side of the screen.


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