Easy Guide to Play Maplestory on Mac

Maplestory is a 2D side-scrolling multiplayer online game that keeps you on your toes. This role-playing game lets you explore the stories of the heroes who fight against Black Mage and its foes.

But since the game has been rolled out only for Windows, people often ask if they can play the Maplestory on Mac.

Developers have neither launched any Mac version of the game nor dropped any hint about this release yet. 

But don’t feel disheartened, as a few workarounds let you dip your toes into the Maplestory Universe.

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Below are mentioned a few ways to play Maplestory on Mac.

Maplestory – What’s the Buzz All About?

maplestory on macMaplestory is an exciting multiplayer, 2D adventure game developed by a South Korean company, Wizet.

This game sets in a fictional Maple World where you must cope with monsters and develop your character’s skills and abilities.

Since it is a multiplayer game, you’ll get the chance to interact with others through chatting and trading.

Most players can team up and band concurrently in groups to hunt monsters and share rewards.

Hold on; the thrill still awaits. This game features an in-game Cash Shop from which you can purchase various character appearances or gameplay enhancements with real dollars.

This epic adventure is one-of-its-kind, where action and good friends await you. Maplestory takes play across different virtual worlds.

You can choose over 40 customizable styles and save the planet from the evil Black Mage. It offers you a gaming experience as unique as your personality.

With Maplestory, you can forge your mighty hero using special abilities and almost limitless cosmetic options.

Another good thing regarding Maplestory is that it still accepts regular updates to keep the players absorbed. 

There’s a constant flow of new content and in-game events to look ahead to so that the Maplestory world stays fresh.

Also, since it is still relatively populated, it doesn’t feel like you are playing an obsolete niche game that barely has a community.

Doesn’t it all sound tempting? Unfortunately, Mac users wouldn’t feel the excitement as macOS does not officially support the game.

Despite its good traits, Maplestory has also encountered some apparent issues that require addressing. The first and probably the worst thing is its limited platform compatibility. 

In today’s era, where Mac has become a trend, this game doesn’t offer any support for this popular OS.

The uncertainty of its Mac version often leads gamers to a dead end, leaving them asking, Is Maplestory on Mac?

While this game has a cult following as it offers an immersive and fun gaming experience, its unavailability for macOS might be surprising and disappointing.

But before you enter the guidelines, ensure your Mac is working appropriately. If you need help with universal controls, find easy ways to fix universal control not working on Mac, and then proceed.

But while it might not offer native Mac support, there are a few ways to play Maplestory on Mac. 

Here’s how!!

Step-by-step Guide to Play Maplestory on Mac

Maplestory was shot to fame when it was initially set in motion in the early 2000s. And despite the game being lost in space for quite some time, it still features a massive fan base.

This content-rich game transports players to the Maple World to defeat monsters and save the world. 

We know you are luring toward the game and wondering – Can you play Maplestory on Mac

Keep your hopes high, as we’ve found a way to realize your dream. 

For game lovers, NU Carnival iOS is free-to-play. Also, you can play Summertime SAGA, which is also a fantastic role-playing game.

Although you can play Maplestory on Mac, the options are limited and require some extended legwork.

Pay close attention to the instructions below. Your game is just a few taps away!!

1. Nvidia GeForce Now

maplestory on macThe easiest and the best way to play Maplestory on Mac is by using a cloud gaming facility. 

Almost every game is available on nearly all streaming platforms, meaning you don’t have to own or download a game on your device.

Just click on the play button, and you are good to set foot into the Maple Universe. The best cloud service to play Maplestory on macOS is Nvidia GeForce Now.

It optimizes games for cloud streaming, meaning you can play any of your favorite titles, irrespective of their availability on a specific OS.

Also, since this service runs on an internet connection, you can play the game without any stutter or lag, as long as your network strength is good.

The servers are significantly powerful, featuring GTX 1080 performance and running the game remotely before transmitting it over the internet to your Mac. 

The best part is – Nvidia GeForce for Mac is free to use, so you don’t have to shell out bucks.

However, pay attention to the downside. GeForce is still in beta, which means players may be waitlisted. 

In addition, since this cloud streaming service counts on a speedy and efficient internet connection, its performance might vary on its servers’ locations.

Follow the steps below and get ready to traverse the Maple World now.

  • Launch any updated browser on your Mac and navigate to the official URL of Nvidia GeForce Now.
  • Once you enter the home page, you’ll spot the “Join Today” button on the screen. Tap on it and move to the next step.
  • A new page will appear where you must select the desired subscription plan that caters to your gaming requirements.
  • Enter all essential credentials to create an account and follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your registration.
  • Once done, download Nvidia GeForce Now and install the file.
  • Launch the app and search for Maplestory.
  • Click on its icon, and you are all set to enter the Maple Universe.

2. BootCamp Assistant App

maplestory on mac Can you play Maplestory on Mac with a patchy network connection?

Fortunately, Yes!!

However, the solution is available at a performance and storage cost.

Use Apple’s BootCamp software program to install Windows on your Mac and then download the game in the Windows partition.

Be mindful that partitioning the hard drive requires additional storage space. Also, it is a semi-permanent process and can be overwhelming for amateurs.

Players must allocate as much space as possible for the BootCamp partition, as the game is about 14GB, and Windows 10 takes around 20 GB. Don’t expect smooth performance, and adjust settings for better gameplay.

Here’s how to install Windows 10 on Mac using BootCamp Assistant.

  • Visit Microsoft’s site and download Windows 10 ISO file.
  • Once done, go to Utilities, launch the BoostCamp Assistant app, and load the file.
  • Ensure the Windows partition has enough space for the Windows 10 OS and the game. In addition, be mindful to leave some storage (around 40 GB) for the macOS partition.
  • Tap the Install button, and your Mac will restart. Once it does, follow the instructions and enter the Product Key. Alternatively, you can skip the step if you don’t have a Product Key and then launch the installation.
  • As soon as Windows installs on your Mac, customize its settings and use the BootCamp Assistant tab to install the required Apple drivers for Windows.
  • At last, download the Steam client and install it. Use Steam to get Maplestory on Windows Partition of your Mac. The process concludes here.

Frequently Answered Question

Q. Does Apple’s BootCamp Work?

Ans. Yes, it does. But using BootCamp is a temporary solution and packs numerous shortcomings, such as a lengthy process, mediocre performance, and extra space.

Q. Is Maplestory Completely Free?

Ans. Thankfully, yes. Despite being the world’s biggest 2D MMORPG game, it is available for free and lets you explore its virtual world without dropping a bomb.

Key Takeaway

Ever wanted to play Maplestory on Mac but needed to know how? This guide has outlined all possible ways to enter Maple World for macOS users.

So, save time looking here and there, and use any of the above methods to join this epic adventure. 

Feel free to share your feedback and recommendations, if any.

Our team would love to hear from you. 


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