Easily Fix Message Blocking is Active on iPhone Error

While new messaging apps have taken the internet by storm, most people still love the simplicity of texting.

But what if you face the message blocking is active on iPhone error? What does it all mean, and how will it affect your entire experience?

Texting is a simple and hassle-free way of connecting with others without letting them track your activity, and you can also Text Yourself on your iPhone.

It maintains the freedom of the recipient and receiver while allowing you to connect without requiring an active internet connection.

The best thing about texting is that neither you nor the other person can know whether you have read the text or not.

However, sometimes errors like message blocking is active iPhone or Android can make the overall experience challenging and leave you scratching your head.

But what exactly does this error message indicate, and how can you resolve the error? Are you facing the problem and wondering how to resolve the error for good?

In that case, keep scrolling the page and find multiple practical methods to eliminate this message-blocking problem in less than no time.

In addition to solutions, we also have outlined the major reasons triggering the error.

So, are you ready to explore?

Read on the page to the end to find out how to fix the message blocking is active on iPhone error.

What Does Message Blocking is Active on iPhone Mean?

message blocking is active on iPhoneWondering about what message blocking active meaning is? Before we dig deep into solutions and reasons for the error, let’s first clearly check what this error means or what exactly this error message indicates.

Unlike the iPhone call failed issue, this error is only related to the texting application and creates problems when texting a peer.

Imagine you have typed an important message on the texting app and are ready to send it, and out of the blue, an error message – Unable to send a message – Message Blocking is active appears on the screen.

Sounds frightening? Indeed, it is!!

It’s undoubtedly scary to get this notification, especially when you are trying to send an important message to your near or dear one or your colleague.

Also, this error message seems frightening if you get this notification for the first time.

Here, the question arises, what exactly this error message signifies? As far as our research is concerned, there could be two meanings behind this message.

First, you might put the recipient into the blocked contact mistakenly. Secondly, the recipient has put you on their block list on their phone.

But these are just expected reasons, as the error might have caused due to other factors, like parental controls, app restrictions, or server-side issues.

Whatever the reason is, the notification is scary and frustrating at the same time. But the best thing is that the error is temporary, and you can fix it using the simple step-by-step methods listed below.

So, what keeps you waiting? Scroll down the page, and see how this guide can help to solve the error of message blocking is active on iPhone.

What Are the Reasons Behind the Error

Let’s begin with the root causes of the message blocking is active on iPhone error.

Before we outline the solutions, it’s good to understand what triggers the error and makes you unable to send a message. Hence, we have put together some common causes behind the error here.

Scroll down the page and get a complete understanding of this error notification with us.

1. App Restrictions

The first and major cause of the error is the app restriction and limitation of the messaging app.

While texting is simple and hassle-free, it might need fixing due to the messaging app itself.

It has a few regulations, which might lead to trouble. For example, you cannot send a message to your contact if it is triggered or activated.

2. Blocklist

As explained earlier, the second major reason leading to message blocking is active on iPhone error is when either you or your recipient has placed each others’ contact in the block list.

Sometimes when texting a friend, you might mistakenly add their number to the block list, causing trouble.

Or the error also arises if the recipient has placed your number in the block list mistakenly or intentionally.

3. Issues With a Service Provider

Suppose neither you nor the recipient has blocklisted each others’ numbers, or you are not breaching any texting app regulations but still facing the message blocking is active iPhone error.

In that case, it might be due to service provider issues. The problem may be with something other than your iPhone or messaging app. Your service provider needs to fix the texting services instead.

4. Inappropriate Country Code

While the causes behind the message-blocking error are endless, we are wrapping up the list with another common reason, i.e., the wrong country code.

If you text an international number and get an error notification, you might have entered an inappropriate country code, leading to trouble.

5 Solutions to Fix the Message Blocking is Active on iPhone Error

Are you still scratching your head, thinking about how to resolve the message blocking is active on iPhone error?

Hold your patience, and keep scrolling the page to find practical methods to fix the error. So, without wasting a single second, let’s get into it.

1. Check Your Blocklist

check your blocklistFirst thing first!! It’s a prevalent mistake that people usually commit in a hurry. You may have unintentionally put the wrong recipient information or placed their contact in the blocklist.

Hence, checking your blocklist and recipient information is good before you move to the complex methods to resolve the trouble.

Also, don’t forget to check whether that person has blocked you. Try sending a message from a different number, as it will help you know whether that individual has blocked you.

2. Check Your iMessage

check your imessageSometimes the problem is related to the iMessage app since the iMessage not allowed the older version in the new version can play iMessage games.

Hence, check the iMessage app and see if there’s anything wrong with your iMessage or not.

You can turn it off by visiting Settings > Messages > iMessage. Once done, try sending the text message, and check if the issue is resolved or persists.

3. Reset iPhone

reset all settingsIf the error continues, then fret not and try resetting your iPhone, as it might resolve the network settings and further fix the issue. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to the Settings app and click the General tab.
  • Tap on the Reset button, and erase all contents and settings.
  • Try sending the message, and see if it fixes the error.

Note: It is important to note that resetting the phone can put your personal information at stake. Hence, you are suggested to back up your files before executing the steps mentioned above.

4. Check Your Mobile Plan With Your Service Provider

Are you still facing the message blocking is active on iPhone error and wondering how to fix it for good?

If all the above solutions disappoint you, then check your mobile plan with your service provider, and see if text messages are included in the same or not.

Sometimes, you get the error because your mobile plan is either expired or doesn’t include SMS messages.

In that case, your iPhone won’t let you send a message and display the message blocking error message on the screen.

5. Enable Automatic Date and Time

enable automatic date and timeSome services and apps may stop performance if your iPhone is set to an incorrect date or time. And messaging application is one of them.

To avoid these anomalies, check the date and time on your phone and adjust your device to use the time given by the network.

Here’s how to go about it.

  • Go to the Settings app and click General.
  • Tap on Date & Time and toggle on the switch next to Set Automatically to complete the process.

Summing Up

The guide on how to fix the message blocking is active on iPhone error concludes here. We hope our research will help you resolve the trouble in less than no time.

So, if you run into this error and have no idea how to fix it for good, follow all the above solutions and say goodbye to the error.

Happy texting!!


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