How to Remove Microphone Icon on iPhone Status Bar

Have you ever glanced at your iPhone and noticed a little microphone icon peeking from the status bar? It’s a sight that has piqued the curiosity of many.

The microphone icon on the iPhone isn’t just a random design element; it carries significant implications for your device’s current operations and privacy.

Understanding such symbols becomes crucial in a world where smartphones are extensions of ourselves.

The model comes with various microphones, but some users still need clarification about where is the Microphone on iPhone 11. So read our article and find all the microphones on iPhone 11.

This article delves into the reasons behind the appearance of the microphone icon on the iPhone status bar, ensuring you’re always in the know about what your device is up to.

What is the Blue Microphone Icon on iPhone?

microphone iconThe blue microphone icon on an iPhone indicates that the device’s microphone is being accessed. This icon typically appears at the top of the screen, signaling that an app or feature is currently using the microphone, possibly even in the background.

Apple, always prioritizing user privacy, introduced this feature to keep users informed and in control. When you see this microphone icon on your iPhone, it’s a prompt to check which app is accessing the microphone, ensuring that no app is listening in without your knowledge.

In essence, the microphone icon on the iPhone acts as a guardian of your privacy, alerting you whenever your voice or surrounding sounds might be getting captured. It’s a simple yet powerful way to stay aware and safeguard conversations.

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Why is There a Microphone Icon on the iPhone Status Bar?

The microphone icon on the iPhone status bar is a simple indicator that something on your device is accessing the microphone.

But why might it appear? Here are some reasons:

  1. Voice Control Activation: One of the primary reasons you might see the microphone icon on your iPhone is due to the Voice Control feature. It lets users operate their iPhones using voice commands.
  2. App Usage: Some apps, like voice recorders or video conferencing tools, require access to your microphone to function. The microphone icon might appear if one of these apps is active or running in the background.
  3. Background Access: Sometimes, apps might access the microphone in the background without an obvious prompt. This could be for features like ambient sound checks or voice activation.
  4. Siri: If you’ve activated Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, you’ll notice the microphone icon, signaling that Siri is listening to your commands.
  5. Camera with Audio: Using the camera app, especially in video mode, will activate the microphone, leading to the icon’s appearance.

How to Remove the Microphone Icon on iPhone Status Bar?

The microphone icon on the iPhone indicates that an app or feature is accessing your microphone.

Here’s a simple guide on how to remove it:

1. Close the App

Every app you open remains in the background until you close it. Some of these apps, especially voice or video-based ones, might access the microphone even when you’re not actively using them.

By closing such apps, you can immediately stop them from accessing the microphone, which removes the microphone icon from the status bar.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen (or double-click the home button on older iPhones).
  • This will bring up the app switcher, showing all the apps running in the background.
  • Swipe away the app you suspect is using the microphone to close it.

2. Reset App Privileges

Every app that wants to use your iPhone’s microphone must ask for your permission first. Over time, you might grant access to several apps, remembering some of them.

Reviewing and revoking these permissions can prevent unwanted apps from accessing the microphone.


  • Go to ‘Settings‘.
  • Navigate to ‘Privacy & Security‘.
  • Select ‘Microphone‘.
  • Here, you’ll see a list of apps with access to your microphone. Toggle off any apps you don’t want to have this access.

microphone icon

3. Update iOS

Apple frequently releases software updates that come with bug fixes and performance improvements. The microphone icon issue might be resolved in the latest update if it is a known bug.


  • Go to ‘Settings‘.
  • Navigate to ‘General‘.
  • Tap on ‘Software Update.’
  • If an update is available, download and install it.

microphone icon

4. Disable Voice Control

Voice Control is an iPhone feature that allows users to use voice commands to operate their devices.

When activated, it constantly listens for your commands, which are indicated by the microphone icon on the status bar.


  • Open ‘Settings‘.
  • Head to ‘Accessibility‘.
  • Find and select ‘Voice Control‘.
  • Toggle the feature off to deactivate it.

microphone icon

5. Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes, minor software glitches can cause the microphone icon to appear persistently. Restarting your iPhone can refresh the system, resolving these minor issues and removing the icon.


  • Press and hold the side button along with the volume down button.
  • Wait until the power off slider appears on the screen.
  • Slide it off and wait for your iPhone to turn off.
  • After a moment, press and hold the side button again until the Apple logo appears, signaling the phone is restarting.

Other Indicators on iPhone Status Bar

The iPhone status bar is a hub of tiny icons, each providing a snapshot of certain system functions or app activities.

While the microphone icon on the iPhone is a clear indicator of audio capture, there are several other icons that users should be familiar with for a comprehensive understanding of their device’s operations:

1. Green Dot

This is a new addition to iOS. When you see a green dot, it means an app is currently using your camera. It’s a privacy feature to let you know when the camera is active, similar to the microphone icon on the iPhone for audio.

2. Orange Dot

Another recent addition is an orange dot indicating that an app uses your microphone. It’s a more subtle version of the microphone icon, informing you that audio capture is in progress.

3. Crescent Moon

This symbol signifies that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is active. You won’t receive any notifications or calls to avoid disturbances when enabled.

4. Location Arrow

A small arrow icon indicates that an app or service on your iPhone is currently accessing your location.

5. Battery Icon

This shows the current battery level of your iPhone. When charging, you’ll see a lightning bolt inside the battery icon.

6. Wi-Fi Bars

These bars represent the strength of your Wi-Fi connection. The more bars filled in, the stronger the connection.

7. Cellular Signal Bars

Similar to Wi-Fi bars, these indicate the strength of your cellular connection. Again, more bars mean a stronger signal.

8. Bluetooth

A small ‘B’ icon signifies that Bluetooth is turned on. If it’s connected to a device, the icon becomes more solid.

9. Airplane

This icon indicates that ‘Airplane Mode’ is on, which means all wireless communications (like Wi-Fi and cellular) are turned off.

10. Alarm Clock

A tiny clock icon tells you an alarm is set to go off in the Clock app.

Final Thoughts

The microphone icon on the iPhone is a testament to Apple’s commitment to user privacy.

While removing the icon using the abovementioned methods is easy, it’s essential to understand its significance.

It acts as a constant reminder to users about their privacy and the apps accessing their microphones.


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