How to Use Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS – Easy Tricks

Monopoly Go is an enticing board game that keeps gamers engaged for a long while. It doesn’t require any jailbreak or emulator, like Pokemon games, and can be easily downloaded from Apple App Store.

But while the game is simple, it often accompanies the risk of getting heist or destroying your structures. That’s where Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS comes into the role.

These hacks help players collect rolls and shields to continue their progress in the game. However, be mindful that these cheat codes aren’t officially available or launched; hence, you must adopt them at your own risk.

Have you made up your mind about Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS? Continue scrolling the iOSIdeas guide and learn how to use these tricks to revolutionize your gameplay.

Let’s get started!!

Monopoly Go – A Quick Introduction

monopoly go cheats for iosWhether you are a millennial or Gen Z, you must have played the economic-based board game Monopoly at least once in your lifetime.

However, with the advancement of technology, this board game has been digitized and re-launched as Monopoly Go by Scopely Studios.

It is a free-to-play casual board game where you must roll dice and move your piece to earn money and shields.

Besides, players must attack other gamers’ boards, perform bank heists, and other such actions to make the gameplay enticing.

Monopoly Go features a city building where you can utilize the money earned from the Monopoly Board to build new structures, increase your net worth, and upgrade your town.

At the core, players must indulge in two things – enjoy the game while earning money and become a tycoon by building new structures and upgrading towns. It features simple yet exciting gameplay that keeps you occupied for hours.

Where games like My Child Lebensborn and Project QT, it can be played on your iOS. But how? Just visit our post and get the solution.

To summarize things, here are some of the key features that this casual board game offers:

  • Building new structures
  • Upgrading structures
  • Stealing Money
  • Classic Monopoly Board and Rolling Dice
  • Upgrading town
  • Collecting Cards
  • Exploring different cities
  • Winning awards and other achievements
  • Attacking other players’ boards
  • Stealing money

All in all, you’ll never have a dull moment when playing Monopoly Go. With new events unfolding, you can occasionally unleash multiple opportunities to participate in tournaments.

However, if you run out of the rolls and shields, you should use Monopoly Go Cheats and keep secret hacks under your sleeves.

Stick around, and we’ll spill the beans!!

The Importance of Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS

monopoly go cheats for iosThere are multiple reasons why gamers prefer using Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS. A few of them are mentioned here.

1. Reach Higher Levels

Players often use these cheat codes and hacks to reach higher levels with little effort. Their strong desire to achieve better goals than others leads to using these unofficial tricks.

2. Unlock New Features and Gain Game Resources

Monopoly Go is designed with in-game costs and limited resources like any other game. Monopoly Go Cheats lets you expedite the gameplay and acquire free dice, rolls, spins, and money.

All these resources help unlock new features without spending real money or investing excessive time.

3. Get a Competitive Advantage

The next most popular reason gamers adopt Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS is to gain a competitive edge over others.

In multiplayer modes, having more resources can give players an upper hand, making them more likely to succeed against opponents. This edge helps gamers get dominance in the game.

How to Use Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS?

monopoly go cheats for iosHere’s how you can use Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS. Please stick to the steps below and make the most of it.

  • Exit the Monopoly Go App, or if you are not using it, ensure it is not running in the background.
  • Open Settings and scroll down to Date & Time section.
  • Toggle to turn off the Automatic Date option and access Set Date and Set Time.
  • Set the new date and time to the next day manually. Exit the Settings and launch the Monopoly Go app, and you can quickly get more rolls and dice to continue.
  • However, be mindful that altering date and time settings can cause trouble in other applications; hence, proceed cautiously.

Tips & Tricks to Get Free Monopoly Go Rolls

monopoly go cheats for iosUnlike other dice and board games, Monopoly Go also lets you roll several times before the game starts asking you for money. That’s where the cheat codes and hacks play their part.

However, you can’t simply head to some website to grab free dice or spins in the form of links. Instead, you have to rely on your cunning to play more than a single session per day.

Ahead, we have outlined some practical tips, tricks, and cheats that you can use to get more Monopoly Go free rolls.

Scroll down and take notes!!

1. Daily Links & IG Stories

The game developer, Scopely often gives away free dice on its official Instagram handle via competition. You can join the group and see what your luck brings along.

Participate in the competitive quizzes and get a handful of free dice through links per day. Remember that these chances often fade quickly, so you must monitor notifications closely and check throughout the day.

2. Consistent Play

Here’s the essential tip for using Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS. Play regularly to maximize your chances of getting free rolls and dice.

You can get free rolls every five minutes, and this number is capped at 30 initially. However, you can lift it by playing the game better.

3. Complete Albums

The next most straightforward method to get free rolls and dice is to open sticker packs and get rewards. These are all part of a specific album, and you can get these rewards if you complete the album.

Besides, you can also earn stickers as you play, via events, or for daily logins. So, take advantage of these tricks and gain a competitive edge over other players.

4. Daily Challenges

Take advantage of the daily challenges to acquire limited resources for free without much effort. Each day, you can complete three simple challenges to get your hands on some quick rewards.

Is It Safe to Use Monopoly Go Cheats?

The answer depends on how cautious you are while using these Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS. Tampering date and time is no big deal as long as it is done in a limited manner.

Also, completing daily challenges or participating in competitive quizzes to acquire these resources is acceptable.

However, DO NOT register with unauthorized websites offering free rolls and dice. These platforms can inject malware into your device, thus leading to cyber threats.

Never value this temporary gain over sensitive information; avoid unreliable sources and follow genuine hacks to get a competitive edge over other players.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Can I Get Free Rolls by Adding Friends to Monopoly Go?

Ans. Yes, you can. When you invite a friend, and they start playing Monopoly Go, you will earn 30 free rolls.

Q. Does Monopoly Go Offer Awards During the First Login?

Ans. Yes. The game offers Login rewards that include free rolls. You can also expect some dice.


The allure of Monopoly Go Cheats for iOS is tempting – after all, you’ll get quick wealth in the game without making much hustle.

However, it’s mandatory to prioritize your personal information over this temporary gain. Never fall prey to dubious sites claiming free rewards for registration. These cheat hacks are only worth it if they are used responsibly.

Have a query?

Feel free to share your doubts with us in the comments below, and we will look into your questions and answer them at the earliest. Till then, stay in touch with us for more such iOS updates.

Happy Gaming!!


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