How to Watch NFL Games on Macbook and Apple TV?

Whether you are a hardcore football fan or stream the sports channel occasionally, you must have heard about the NFL games.

Their thunderstruck moments that keep the audience in their seats widely acclaim them.

Are you all set to cheer up your favorite players and indulge in this entertaining tournament but wondering how to stream NFL games on Macbook and Apple TV? Fret not, as we’ve got your back.

Our experts have outlined effective solutions to stream these thrilling football matches on Macbook without leaving your couch.

Opt for the finest streaming service that runs over the internet and will give you access to these games via Live Stream.

This article offers detailed insights into the proven methods to watch NFL games on Macbook and Apple TV in a few simple taps.

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So, without wasting further time, get into the post and follow these foolproof methods to catch the gridiron action.

NFL Games – A Quick Overview!

nfl games on macbook

National Football League, popularly known as NFL, is a professional American football league, compromising 32 teams.

The league divides these teams into two groups, namely the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

The NFL is one of the major sports leagues in Canada and the United States and the highest professional level of American football globally.

In 1920, the American Professional Football Association formed history by its establishment. However, it was renamed National Football League for the 1922 season.

Furthermore, the NFL is one of the richest professional sports leagues in the world regarding income, with the most valued clubs.

The league has a long history, with many rules and team changes, along the way.

It’s worth noting that just one club has ever won three consecutive NFL championships, and that team is the Vince Lombardi-coached Green Bay Packers.

Each NFL season starts with a three-week preseason, followed by an 18-week regular season in which each club plays 17 games and has one bye week.

This league is no less than a godsend for football lovers across the world. But since the tournament continues for pretty long, most people prefer watching NFL Games on Macbook rather than going to the stadium.

However, streaming NFL games is more complex than it may seem. Hence, you should read the post to the end and discover how to enjoy these action-filled matches right from the comfort of your couch.

Is It Possible to Watch NFL Games on Macbook?

Here comes the main question – Can you watch NFL games on Macbook, and the short answer is YES.

However, as explained above, the process is more complex and effortless than it may sound.

Unarguably, Apple TV supports too many sports channels and allows viewers to enjoy tons of entertainment content on their Mac.

But, unfortunately, if you want to stream most live sports, including NFL, directly on your smart TV or Macbook using Apple TV, you are entirely out of luck.

Remember, Apple TV does not include most NFL or college football games in its live and on-demand content lineup, so Apple TV users cannot stream them on this platform.

But keep hope, as some workarounds allow you to stream these matches on your Macbook without leaving your zone.

You only need to join a live TV streaming service to watch your favorite NFL games on the go.

Also, if you think your private browsing is traced on Mac, take a moment to review the related post on our blog.

Looking forward to the best streaming services that can help stream NFL games on Macbook?

Continue scrolling the page and find a list of some best and worth-trying options.

The Best Streaming Services to Watch NFL Games on Macbook

Only some live TV streaming services are ideal for NFL fans. Hence, it is mandatory to pick the content service that allows you to enjoy the live action and thrill of the wealthiest football league in the world.

These streaming services allow you to enjoy on-demand content, meaning you can catch up on the action even if you missed the game when it aired live.

Interesting, isn’t it?

But since the options are endless, we have gathered the best streamers for NFL games that let you enjoy gridiron action on your Macbook.

We have listed everything from dedicated services to more generic alternatives to simplify your choice.

Read on & get a closer look!

1. Amazon Prime Video

nfl games on macbookLet’s begin with the obvious, Amazon Prime video.

How could we forget to add this premium streaming service when listing ways to watch NFL games on Macbook?

It is great for those who wish to pay for sports-specific channels such as Paramount+, NBA League Pass, and PGS Tour Live.

The next best thing making Amazon Prime Video worth adding to your app drawer is its muti-platform compatibility.

It works on the web, mobile devices, game consoles, smart TVs, and streaming devices like Apple TV.

Also, it allows you to stream content to up to three devices simultaneously, making it ideal for family sharing. Meanwhile, you can download videos on your iPhone with the Safari browser.

The only drawback of the service is that it features fewer high-quality TV shows than competitors, making it non-suitable for those looking for a single platform to satiate all their entertainment needs.

2. Hulu+

nfl games on macbook Whether you’ve recently stepped into streaming sports content or are a hardcore fan, you must have heard about Hulu+ Live streaming service.

This platform is set to satiate all your sports requirements and features all the channels you need to watch NFL games.

Hulu recently added the NFL network channel and now offers a Sports add-on, NFL RedZone.

It’s an excellent choice for general audiences and covers the most popular news and entertainment channels. However, every good thing comes at a price; this is no exception.

It would help if you had a subscription to unlock Hulu’s vast library of on-demand content.

Also, remember that its basic on-demand plan offers an ad-laden interface and lacks the facility to download the content. Hence, opt for the premium account to make the best of it.

3. YouTube TV

nfl games on macbookThe third streaming service for watching NFL games on Macbook is Youtube TV.

It offers CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC in its lineup while incorporating the NFL network. Moreover, if you are interested in the NFL RedZone, you can purchase an add-on for just $10.99 monthly.

The service includes the Olympic, Tennis Channel, MLB Network, and Golf Channel. YouTube TV is ideal for those who love to record football action for later.

With this service, you will get unlimited cloud DVR storage for up to three simultaneous device streams.

The best thing is that YouTube TV supports six user accounts, making it ideal for your family.

4. Peacock

nfl games on macbookThe next best option for streaming NFL games on Macbook is the Peacock TV.

It is primarily introduced for those who love streaming every Sunday Night Football game and the Super Bowl.

Aside from its NFL coverage, Peacock also streams other important leagues and tournaments, including Indy Car Events, WWE content, and Premium League Soccer Matches.

It is home to a substantial library of on-demand content that can keep you hooked for hours.

The best thing about this streaming service lies in its flexible plan pricing and affordable base tier with no major limitations.

5. FuboTV

nfl games on macbook

It’s time to wrap up the list with another premium streaming service to enjoy NFL games on Macbook, FuboTV.

All sports lovers across the globe can access this curated service.

From MLB Network to Golf Channel to NBA TV, FuboTV excels in all sports events to keep the audience occupied and thrilled.

Speaking of storage, all Fubo TV’s plans allow users to record up to 25 hours of DVR content.

While it primarily targets the web, you can enjoy its content on mobile platforms and streaming services.

It offers an excellent web interface, allowing you to stream your favorite matches without external help.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How Long is an NFL Game?

Ans. NFL games usually last for around three hours in total. Also, playoffs last longer than regular season games, lasting for an average of 15 minutes.

Q. What is the Format of an NFL Game?

Ans. NFL season comprises three-week preseason, an 18-week regular season, and a 14-team single-elimination playoff.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the guide on how to stream NFL games on Macbook. We hope the guide will help you get deeper insights into how you can enjoy this gripping football tournament from the comfort of your home.

Are you facing trouble? Fret not, and connect with us in the comments section. Our experts would love to help you out in your hour of need.

Thanks for reading!!


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