How to See Unsent Messages on iPhone?

Messaging apps have become integral to our daily communication, be it iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or any similar option. But have you ever wondered if there’s a way to see unsent messages on iPhone?

If your curiosity gets the best, there’s an unofficial way to find out the unsent messages in your iMessage chats, but only if you prep beforehand.

Don’t wait any longer, and keep scrolling the page to find different ways to see the original messages untouched by edits or deletions.

Let’s dive right in!!

Is it Possible to See Unsent Messages on iPhone?

see unsent messages on iphoneTechnically, No. Before you start imagining things, please note there’s no official way to view unsent messages. iPhone features no special folder where you can check the unsent or unedited messages.

Once the user unsend the message, its footprints get deleted automatically. But keep hope, as we can view them using some unofficial ways.

So, are you ready? Keep scrolling the page and find workarounds to help you handle this situation.

What are the Simple Ways to Check Unsent Messages on iPhone?

It’s time to raise curtains and unveil the secret. Here, we’ve outlined different ways to see unsent messages on iPhone. Scroll down and pick the method you feel like.

1. Use a Device With an Older Operating System

see unsent messages on iphoneFirst thing first. That’s the simplest method to view unsent messages. Any iOS 15 or lower device lets you view original messages untouched by deletions.

If you are using iPads, ensure it’s running on iPadOS 15 and below. However, you can’t see the original message using iOS 16 and higher.

When a sender sends a message on iOS 16 and deletes it, you’ll see “[Contact Name] unsent a message.”

2. Use SMS Option Only

The most straightforward method to view unsent messages on iPhone is to use the SMS option instead of iMessage.

However, in that case, you must give up various enticing features of iMessage, such as screen effects and rich collaborations.

Here’s how to do so.

  • Go to Settings and head to the Messages option.
  • Toggle off the iMessage switch, and it’s done.
  • Don’t worry; disabling iMessage won’t remove your past iMessage chats. But all future conversations will be made using SMS or MMS only.

Below is the pictorial representation of the above steps.

see unsent messages on iphone

How to Edit a Text Message?

Mistakes are part and parcel of our lives. We sometimes write something out of rage or emotions but then experience a change of heart.

Keeping this in mind, the iPhone allows users to edit their text messages after sending them to the recipient.

However, ensure the option is available until the receiver reads the message. Once he opens the chat, you’ll lose this opportunity right away.

Here’s how to edit the text message.

  • Launch Messages on your iPhone and go to any thread where you want to make changes.
  • Press and hold the conversation you wish to edit.
  • Tapback reactions will appear on the screen along with the quick action menu.
  • Finally, tap the Edit button; the text message has become editable.
  • Depending on your preferences, You can delete the entire message, fix any mistakes, and add more text to it.
  • Once you’ve completed changing, please confirm your changes by tapping the blue checkmark button on the right.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How Many Times Can I Edit a Text Message?

Ans. A single message can only be edited 5 times. Once you exceed the limit, the action window stops appearing for that message.

Q. Can I Edit the Text Message Using SMS?

Ans. No. Editing a text message is possible only on iMessage.

Q. How to Unsend a Text Message?

Ans. To undo a text message, open the Messages app > press and hold the message you want to undo > touch undo send to finish.

Summing Up

That’s all about the methods to see unsent messages on iPhone. Be mindful that the option might not be available if you are using iOS 16 or higher. So, ensure your iPhone runs on iOS 15 and below.

Moreover, editing a text message is an exclusive feature of iMessage, so it’s best to disable the app and keep all the chats in the SMS format to avoid the likelihood of the same.
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