How to Download Sideloadly iOS for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Sideloading tweaks and mod apps on iPhones has become a trend, thanks to numerous IPA installer apps on the internet.

As the craze continues, more and more users are getting attracted to it and want to go beyond the limits of the Apple App Store.

Although the world wide web is stocked with multiple ways to install IPA on iPhones and iPads, the best among all is using Sideloadly iOS. 

This user-friendly tool is compatible with macOS and Windows, thus serving as the best alternative to Cydia Impactor. The best part is Sideloadly works with jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

So, if you are searching for a reliable way to get tweaks and IPA files on your Apple devices, turn to Sideloadly iOS download and install third-party or modified apps over WiFi without sacrificing your device’s active warranties.

Let’s roll out!!

Sideloadly iOS – A Quick Introduction

sideloadly iosSideloadly is a prominent and best-in-class IPA installer tool compatible with macOS and Windows. The software is a trustworthy alternative to Cydia Impactor and AltStore.

It enables you to sideload IPAs on iPhone or iPad, regardless of whether the device is jailbroken. Although the tool packs a punch of powerful features, what exactly created a buzz is its ability to support the latest iOS 16 versions.

With Sideloadly iOS, you can quickly sign and sideload modified apps and tweaks in a few simple clicks. The software works fine with a free certificate, allowing users to install third-party applications and games over WiFi.

If you are using Sideloadly for the first time, be mindful that it connects to the iOSGod server to download the necessary data for free account sideloading.

When using Sideloadly iOS, you should note that it needs a free or paid Apple Developer Account. It won’t work with a simple consumer-grade Apple account.

Also, if you are a free Apple Developer account, you can only sideload 10 applications, of which three can be active.

With Sideloadly, you don’t have to create a new account to sign IPA files. Just link your free Apple Developer account with the existing Apple ID and password to streamline the process.

The Key Features of Sideloadly iOS

sideloadly iosAre you done with the introduction? Let’s outline some of the key features of this IPA installer before sliding into the Sideloadly iOS download process.

Scroll down and have a look. 

1. No Jailbreak Required

The best thing about using Sideloadly iOS is that the tool doesn’t force you to void Apple’s active warranties. You can use this IPA installer on your non-jailbroken device without any restrictions.

However, if you are new to the jailbreak scene and want to unleash the maximum potential of your device, please keep tabs on our other guides, including jailbreaking iOS 15.5iOS 14.4, and iPhone 13.

2. Excellent Compatibility

Sideloadly iOS is best known for its excellent compatibility. It supports iOS 7 up to iOS 17.0+. Moreover, the tool is also compatible with macOS and Windows (32- and 64-bit).

It offers Apple Silicon Sideloading Support. Users can use this IPA installer to install unsupported or third-party apps to their M1, M2 Pro, Max, and Ultra Mac devices with free or paid Apple IDs and SIP enabled.

In addition, the tool also offers Apple TV (tvOS) sideloading support. You can also use Sideloadly to get tweaks and mod apps on your Apple TV.

3. JIT Compilation

The new feature added to Sideloadly iOS is Just-in-Time compilation. It allows specific applications to run faster and work better by surpassing iOS restrictions. Sounds worthy.

4. Automatic App Refreshing

Yet another premium feature that makes Sideloadly iOS download worth the effort is its Automatic App Refreshing.

It automatically refreshes your applications every few days, thus preventing them from expiring. It also allows you to change the app name that will appear on your home screen.

5. Multiple Install Options

Still, needs to be satisfied? This feature should interest you. Sideloadly iOS allows multiple install options, including Apple ID sideload, Normal Install, Ad-hoc sign, and export tweaked IPA.

Besides, it also allows you to change the application bundle ID to allow multiple or duplicate app installs.

6. App File Sharing

Yes, you read it right. With Sideloadly, you can share the IPA files conveniently. Moreover, it allows you to access the sideloaded app’s documents on your PC and via the iOS Files app.

The app also allows you to remove individual or all app extensions to facilitate users.

How to Download Sideloadly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

sideloadly iosNow that you know everything about this IPA installer, it’s time to discover the step-by-step process to initiate the Sideloadly iOS download process.

Note: While Sideloadly works on non-jailbroken devices, it still requires a computer to install the IPA files on your iPhones and iPads. And due to this fact, the app is not available to download on iPhones and iPads. Get the app on your macOS or Windows PC to start.

The workflow remains the same whether you download the macOS or Windows version, except that iTunes installation is required for Windows users.

Below we have outlined the step-by-step process to download Sideloadly on Mac. Stick to the instructions and avoid committing any mistake to hinder the process.

  • Open the Safari browser on your Mac and visit the official site of Sideloadly.
  • Scroll down to get the Mac download link, and tap to get started. Please note that the tool requires macOS 10.12 Sierra and higher and Apple Silicon Mac M1/ M2 Pro/ Max/ Ultra.
  • The process starts automatically and might take a couple of minutes to complete.
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen to notify you of the Download completion.
  • Click the file and follow the on-screen prompts to install them.
  • Once done, attempt to launch Sideloadly on Mac by double-clicking the app from the Applications folder. When prompted, it will first display the developer verification error. Click Cancel to close the window.
  • Visit System Preferences and scroll down to the Security & Privacy Preference Panel.
  • Open the General tab and tap on the Open Anyway option for Sideloadly at the bottom of the window.
  • Click the Open button under this security prompt and confirm that you wish to open Sideloadly at your own risk. The tool will finally open on your macOS, and the process completes here.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is WiFi Sideloading Available With Sideloadly iOS?

Ans. Yes, of course. The tool supports WiFi sideloading, thus enabling you to sideload/ install apps without connecting your device via USB.

To enable WiFi sideloading on macOS, open Finder > select your iDevice > General > toggle show this iDevice when on WiFi option > Sync and Done.

Q. How to Enable Developer Mode on My iPhone?

Ans. To enable the Developer Mode on your iPhone or iPad, visit Settings > Privacy & Security. Move to the Developer Mode list item and toggle the Developer Mode switch.

Q. Is Sideloadly Safe to Use?

Ans. Yes, definitely. Sideloadly iOS is one of the internet’s most reliable IPA installer apps. It is safe to download IPAs from reputed sources and use them responsibly.

Key Notes

That’s how you can download Sideloadly iOS. Our guide informs you of this best-in-class tool and inspires you to sideload your favorite tweaks.

While this IPA installer is compatible with iPhones and iPads, you can download Sideloadly on macOS and Windows only and then connect your device via USB or over WiFi to sideload IPA files.

This tool is safe and sound if you take responsibility for IPA files and download them from trustworthy sources.

Having a query? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below for further assistance.


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