Summertime Saga Walkthrough | All Routes and Storylines

A game full of suspense, erotic adventure, and steamy romance, Summertime Saga has everything to keep you on the edge of your sweet.

Have you recently stepped into this sultry universe and wondered where to start?

It’s good to have a complete Summertime Saga Walkthrough and unravel all the mysteries a game offers. This walkthrough will help you navigate this much-hyped game’s twists and turns.

So buckle up and get ready for a thrilling trip you’ll never forget!!

Summertime Saga Walkthrough – All Routes Explained

summertime saga walkthroughHave you downloaded Summertime Saga iOS and are pondering about starting the lustful journey?

You’ll be lunatic to know that this adult-based simulation game offers many passionate characters.

And you can pick the route based on your taste and preference. You can kick-start your journey with hot and beautiful Debbie or choose cute and sultry Diane.

But whatever character you choose, make sure you know the final route beforehand to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the process.

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Our Summertime Saga Walkthrough guide will help you explore the scenes and endings available in the game.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 6 significant routes and storylines. Embark on this tempting journey now!!

1. Debbie’s Storyline & Route

summertime saga walkthroughPlayers need maximum charisma and passion to complete Debbie’s quest.

Speaking of this character, Debbie is a beautiful, mid-aged woman looking for a romantic relationship in Summertime Saga.

Offer help to Debbie

  • To start with, ask if she needs any help with the lawn. Buy her a gas tank and fill the mover. Once you are done, go to the basement with your dirty clothes.
  • The next day, go downstairs and open the door to a man, Mrs. Johnson.
  • Fix a pipe in the shower and close the valve in the basement.
  • Spy Debbie when she’s showering and go to the house front the day after.
  • The next day, go to the entrance and help Debbie with the vacuum.


  • Visit Debbie’s bedroom, open the dresser, and get her undergarments. Watch TV with her and give her a massage.
  • The next day, go to the entrance, take out the car, and visit the mall with her.
  • Don’t be shy to enter Debbie’s room again and ask her to teach you to kiss.
  • After that, you must make an insurance claim with the dealer. It offers you 7 free charisma to add more thrill to this route.
  • You can interact more with Debbie in her bedroom, living room, and kitchen to unlock more sultry scenes.

2. Diane’s Route & Storyline

summertime saga walkthroughThe next popular route in Summertime Saga Walkthrough is Diane’s.

Remember, you must level up your strength and charisma stat to complete Diane’s route and storyline.

To initiate the route, click go to the purple building on your map and tap on her garden area. She’ll then explain her work requirements and attract you with her cute smile

Helping Diane

  • Since Diane’s shovel is broken, you must bring a new one. Then, start helping her in the garden.
  • Wait for three days and go to her park again. She then gives you the delivery and follows Maria to the storage room.
  • Wait for three days, and revisit her garden for some pending work. The next day, take Diane to her bedroom, give her a glass of water, and leave.
  • Return the next day, do some garden work, and return to her bedroom.
  • The day after talking to Diana, give her the tools she needs.

Be a Delivery Guy

  • Wait for three days and visit Diane. Take the milk sheds and give them to her daycare, Lucy. Go to her bedroom and leave the money.
  • Wait for another two days, and go to Diane’s bedroom. Meet Debbie in the evening and offer a pie to Diane.
  • Again work in Diane’s garden and then make a cocktail for her.
  • Spy Diane and Debbie in the kitchen and wait to unlock more scenes.


  • Ask Diane if she needs help with her household chores.
  • Wait for some time and go slow. After two days, go to the living room and your bed.
  • Talk to Diane and enjoy some romantic scenes in her bedroom.

3. Eve’s Route & Storyline

summertime saga walkthroughYet another exciting questline included in Summertime Saga Walkthrough is Eve’s.

However, players must require Dexterity 5 and Intelligence 5, a working computer, and $300, to embark on this erotic journey.

Beginning Tips

  • Meet Eve in the park and then go to the school’s cafeteria.
  • Follow Even and talk to her in the auditorium.
  • Wait for 2 days and go to school. Skip your class with Eve, and take her to the parlor.
  • Convince principal Smith and the Sports teacher of a new dress code and inform Eve about the same.
  • Go to French class and take Eve on your first date.


  • Repair Grace’s bike in the garage on Saturday or Sunday. You can do it only if your intelligence is 5.
  • Take Eve to the mall> library > park > Sugartats.
  • Buy candles, chocolates, and Lasagna to make your way to Eve’s bedroom.

4. Mia’s Route & Storyline

summertime saga walkthroughMia is the girl living next door to Erik. She is pretty upfront and talks to you at the beginning of the school to study together.

Do you want to know more about Mia? Scroll down the Summertime Saga Walkthrough guide and check what you need to complete this quest.

Before moving further, ensure you have Strenght = 2 and Charmisa = 7. You must have at least $1670 and a library subscription.

Start the route with a Tattoo

  • Finish the homework with Mis. Bissette’s French Dictionary and go to the science class in the morning. Talk to Mia and go to her house in the evening.
  • Visit her house for some days and pamper her by buying donuts and taking her to art class.
  • Help her with the tattoo and wait for her invitation. Go to Mia’s house and unlock other scenes.


  • Mia’s ending is simpler than others included in the Summertime Saga Walkthrough. Visit Mia’s house and go to her bedroom to have your scene.

5. Jenny’s Route & Storyline

summertime saga walkthroughWhile Mia’s route is effortless, Jenny’s route requires the utmost effort to get what you desire.

Her storyline has two conclusions – Dominant and Submissive. Remember that these choices will affect how Jenny treats you.

Also, players must require high intelligence (5), strength stat (7), a working computer, and at least $2,060 to complete this path.


  • Spy Jennie in the shower and then talk to her about her financial crisis.
  • Wait for two days and have breakfast with yer.
  • Help her financially and make your way to her bedroom.
  • Appreciate her beauty and buy her some gifts.
  • Read Jenny’s journal, hack her laptop, and connect it to your computer to enjoy some videos.


  • Get out of your room and go to Jenny’s house to enjoy some passionate scenes.
  • Meet her at breakfast and unlock more scenes in the living room and after dinner.
  • Finally, buy her a necklace and wait for the night to enjoy a romantic time with Jenny.

6. Mrs. Johnson’s Route & Storyline

summertime saga walkthroughIt’s time to wrap up the Summertime Saga Walkthrough guide with yet another most demanding character of the story – Mrs. Johnson.

You must have met with this sultry character when enjoying Debbie’s route.

She owns the house next door and leases a room to Erik. Remember, this route has three different endings: Erik, Alone, or June’s.

Also, this quest requires you to have Dexterity (5) and Charisma (5) points. Players also need a working computer, a library subscription, and at least $1,350 to complete the path.


  • Meet Erik and Mrs. Johnson in front of her house.
  • Help Erik go to the yoga room in the afternoon to talk to Mrs. Johnson.
  • Order Orcette and get the package on the next data. Give it to Erik.
  • Visit Erik’s basement, buy a VR headset, and replace Mrs. Johnson’s yoga classes. Wait for Anna in the yoga room and enjoy some scenes.
  • The next day, spy on Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom and then talk to her.
  • Unlock the telescope scene and catch the burglar in Mrs. Johnson’s backyard.
  • Go to the park and get the Golden key to proceed in Summertime Saga Walkthrough.
  • Invite Mrs. Johnson to the basement and offer her a drink. Now the ending depends on your choice.


With Erik
  • Go to Erik’s bedroom and find what Mrs. Johnson needs.
  • Wait for one day and then go to Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom for your ending.
  • Talk to Erik about his ideal girlfriend and look for June.
  • Convince her to be Erik’s girlfriend.
  • Visit Mrs. Johnson’s house to enjoy your ending.
June’s Ending
  • Buy Orcette Queen Garments and give them to June. It is similar to the above.
  • You ask June to hang out and help her with the final boss.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Which is the Easiest Storyline in Summertime Saga Walkthrough?

Ans. Mia’s storyline is probably the easiest one in the Summertime Saga walkthrough. You can complete it within two or three days of the game.

Q. Can You Sleep With June in Summertime Saga?

Ans. Yes, of course. All it depends on your choices and answers. Give her a hint, and she’ll offer you a steamy romance.

Wrapping Up

Let’s wrap up the Summertime Saga Walkthrough with these six significant routes and storylines.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and got some goosebumps while reading it. So, why are you holding your desires? Download this adult-themed game right away and dive into the erotic world.


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