How to Find the Reading List of Safari on iOS

In today’s digital age, the influx of information is ceaseless. Amidst our busy schedules, we often encounter intriguing articles or web pages that we need more time to delve into immediately.

Enter the Reading List feature in Safari on iOS—a lifesaver for those fleeting moments of curiosity. This nifty tool allows users to bookmark content for later, ensuring they never lose track of an interesting read.

But how does one navigate and make the most of this feature on their iOS device?

In this iOSIdeas guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Reading List in Safari, ensuring you never miss out on a captivating article again.

Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or new to the Apple ecosystem, understanding how to utilize the Reading List effectively can elevate your browsing experience.

What is the Reading List in Safari? How Does It Differ From Bookmarks?

the reading listNavigating the boundless ocean of the internet, we’re often captivated by intriguing content we wish to revisit.

Safari’s Reading List emerges as a beacon in this scenario, offering a space to save these digital treasures for later. While it may seem akin to the age-old bookmarks, there’s a nuanced difference.

Bookmarks are like a library of favorite books, a permanent collection of frequented sites. The Reading List is akin to a dynamic reading queue, a temporary space for content you plan to peruse shortly.

What sets it apart further is its offline reading capability. So, while bookmarks are your digital directory, the Reading List is your ever-evolving, offline-ready magazine, ensuring you’re always equipped for your digital journey.

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How to Access the Reading List on iOS?

In the information age, having a curated list of must-read content at your fingertips is a boon. Safari’s Reading List on iOS ensures just that.

Accessing it is a breeze, and here’s how you can do it:

1. Unlock your iOS device and tap on the Safari app icon. This familiar compass symbol is your gateway to the world of web browsing.

2. Once inside Safari, glance at the bottom of your screen. You’ll spot an icon resembling an open book. Tap on it.

3. This will reveal your bookmarks and history. But right next to the bookmarks tab, you’ll see an icon that looks like a pair of glasses. This is the Reading List. Tap on it.

4. Voilà! You’re now looking at all the web pages you’ve saved to read later. Please scroll through and tap on any entry to dive into its content.

the reading list

How to Add and Remove Pages From the Reading List?

1. Methods to Add Web Pages to the Reading List

How do you add these pages to your Reading List? Let’s walk through the simple steps:

1. Begin by Launching Safari: Tap on the Safari icon on your iOS device to open the browser.

2. Navigate to the Web Page: Browse the internet as you usually would, and once you land on a page you’d like to save for later, get ready to add it to your Reading List.

3. Tap the Share Icon: Look toward your screen for a square icon with an upward-pointing arrow. This is the share icon. Give it a tap.

the reading list4. Select ‘Add to Reading List’: Among the various options that pop up, you’ll spot an option that says ‘Add to Reading List‘ with an icon of glasses beside it. Tap on it.

5. Confirmation: Once done, the page is instantly saved to your Reading List. You might notice a brief animation or a subtle change in the icon’s color as a confirmation.

the reading list

2. Methods to Remove Individual or Multiple Pages

Removing entries from your Reading List is straightforward. Here’s how you can keep your list tidy:

Removing a Single Page

  1. On your iOS device, launch the Safari app.
  2. Tap the book-like icon at the bottom, representing your bookmarks and Reading List.
  3. Select the glasses icon to access your Reading List.
  4. Find the entry you wish to remove. Swipe left on it, and you’ll see a red ‘Delete‘ option. Tap on it, and the page will be removed from your list.

the reading list

Removing Multiple Pages

  1. While in the Reading List, tap ‘Edit‘ at the bottom right.
  2. You’ll notice circles appear next to each entry. Tap on the circles for the pages you wish to remove. A checkmark will appear, indicating your selection.
  3. After picking all the pages you want to erase, click the ‘Delete‘ button at the bottom. This will remove all the selected entries in one go.

the reading list

How to Synchronize the Reading List Across Devices?

Navigating the digital realm often means switching between devices, and continuity is key. Safari’s Reading List, backed by iCloud, ensures that the intriguing articles you save are accessible whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

You create a seamless bridge for your Reading List across all Apple devices by activating iCloud synchronization for Safari in your device settings. This offers convenience and ensures you get all the content you’ve earmarked for later.

With a stable internet connection and regular list curation, you can make the most of this feature, enjoying a consistent and uninterrupted reading journey.

How to Manage Reading List Storage on iOS?

Safari’s Reading List on iOS is a handy tool for saving articles for later but managing its storage is essential to keep your device running smoothly.

To check its storage usage, go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘General‘ > ‘iPhone/iPad Storage‘ and select ‘Safari.’ You can view and clear the ‘Offline Reading List‘ data here.

Periodically review your Reading List in Safari, removing articles you’ve read or no longer need. Consider syncing with iCloud to manage storage across devices if you’re a heavy user.

By being selective about offline saving and regularly reviewing your list, you can enjoy the feature without compromising storage.


The Reading List in Safari is a testament to Apple’s commitment to enhancing user experience.

By understanding and effectively utilizing this feature, iOS users can ensure they get all the intriguing content while managing their device’s storage efficiently.


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