How to Turn Off Green Light on Apple Watch?

An Apple Watch is a powerful device with many hidden features and functionalities. While it is one of the finest wearables of modern times, it still takes time to understand and make the best of everything it offers. 

One feature you might need to know is the bright green light that often illuminates the Apple Watch’s back.

The Green light on Apple Watch is an optical heart sensor, indicating your heart rate. But while the feature is fantastic and helpful, the continuous illumination often frustrates the user.

So, if you want to give your wrist a break from the constant heart rate monitoring, scroll down the page and find how to disable the green light on your Apple Watch

In addition to the green light, you can find our expert guide on quickly silence Apple Watch for a more personalized experience.

Let’s dive in and bid farewell to the ever-glowing illumination. 

What Does the Green Light on Apple Watch Signify?

green light on apple watchTired of that persistent green light on your Apple watch and want to get rid of it? Hold your calm, and learn about what this feature signifies.

This “green” light reflects the constant monitoring of your heart rate and comes from the optical heart rate sensor of the Apple watch. 

The technology used to determine the heart rate is called photoplethysmography, PPG for short.

It is the non-invasive method of detecting changes in blood volume in your body using light. 

But your Apple watch has a sensor that emits green LED light onto your skin and then measures the light that reflects.

Why the green light? Well, it’s simply because blood is an excellent absorber of this particular color. 

The watch’s technology combines green LED lights with light-sensitive photodiodes, which can measure how much blood is flowing through the wrist.

While you can charge your Apple Watch without its charger. For that, you can check our post on it.

Turn Off the Green Light on the Apple Watch Now

Whether you want a desired break from the constant heart rate monitoring or prefer a more discreet look, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn off the green light on your Apple Watch. 

Read the instructions carefully and get ready to embrace a more subtle and customized Apple Watch experience.

Using Apple Watch

  • Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch and open the Settings app.
  • Locate the “Privacy & Security” option and tap Health.
  •  Select “Heart Rate” and toggle Off the button next to Heart Rate, and it’s done.

green light on apple watch

Using iPhone

What if you don’t have an Apple Watch around you? Fret not, as you can still carry out the process using iPhone. 

The “Find My” option on your iPhone can help execute multiple processes, including turning off the green light and ping the Apple Watch.

Here’s how!!

  • Access the Watch App and select “Privacy” in the My Watch tab.
  • Toggle off the Heart Rate and the process of turning Off the green light on the Apple Watch concludes here.

green light on apple watch

Is There a Temporary Solution to Disable the Green Light on the Apple Watch?

Yes, sure. While the steps above may turn off the green light on your watch permanently, some methods may help conduct temporary disablement.

Read on and take notes.

1. Finish the Breath or Reflection Session

Unlock your Apple Watch and swipe right to select “End” when in a breath or reflecting session. This terminates the session and automatically disables the green light on the Apple Watch for a while.

2. End Heart Rate Monitoring

The second-best method is to hold off until your heart rate has been recorded. Once it’s done completing the measurement, it automatically disables the green light without performing any additional steps manually.

3. Terminate a Workout Session

Last but not least, to turn off the green light on Apple Watch is to end a workout session for good. To do this, swipe right on the Apple Watch display and select “End” to terminate your workout and disables your heart rate monitoring.

Is There Any Other Use of the Green Light on the Apple Watch?

To your surprise, YES. Although the green light on Apple Watch is often associated with constantly monitoring the heart rate 

It also plays an integral role in locating your watch if you put it somewhere and cannot find it.

In this situation, navigate the Find My app, select Apple Watch, and tap “Play Sound.” Now while your watch plays a tone, its green light will flash, thus making it easier to locate the device.

And the best part – it still flashes even if you have turned off the heart rate option. Great.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Why Does the Green Light Flash Continually Even When I’m Not Wearing the Watch?

Ans. Even though you haven’t worn it, the app may be active and trying to monitor your heart rate, thus causing the green light to flash.

Q. What Are These Two Green Lights on Apple Watch?

Ans. They are just the sensors monitoring the heart rate.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s how you can turn off the green light on Apple Watch. Observing the steps outlined above, you can easily reclaim control of this modern wearable and customize your experience to align with your preferences.

Whether you want to take a break from constant heart rate monitoring or enjoy a more careful look, you can easily disable the green light in seconds and make the most of your Apple Watch experience.


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