How to Use Autofill on iPhone and iPad

Ever felt like typing out all your details on your iPhone or iPad is taking forever? Well, there’s good news! With Autofill, you can save heaps of Time.

This nifty feature fills in your passwords, personal Info, and credit card numbers. It’s like having a smart assistant right inside your device.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to master Autofill on iPhone and iPad. You’ll learn how to set it up, use it for different needs, and even some cool tips to get the most out of it.

Say goodbye to the hassle of typing everything out and hello to quick, easy, and secure Autofill on iPhone.

Let’s dive in and make your iPhone or iPad experience smoother and faster!

Quick Overview of Autofill on iPhone and iPad

The Autofill on iPhone feature is a real-time-saver. It’s built into iPhones and iPads, making it easy to fill out forms online.

Think about when you’re shopping or signing into websites. Instead of typing out long details every Time, Autofill on iPhone does it for you.

It can handle your passwords, addresses, even credit card info. And it’s not just about saving Time. It’s also about staying safe.

Your Info is stored securely; you need your Face ID or Touch ID to access it. So, if you’re using Safari or certain apps, Autofill on iPhone can make things much smoother.

Turn it on in your settings, and you’re ready. It’s a smart way to make your iPhone or iPad work faster.

How to Use Autofill on iPhone and iPad?

Getting started with Autofill on iPhone is a breeze and a huge time-saver. Here’s how to do it step by step:

autofill on iphone

  • Turn on Autofill: First, grab your iPhone or iPad. Open ‘Settings’. Scroll down to Passwords & Accounts. Here, you’ll find Autofill Passwords. Tap it and switch it on. This step is key for Autofill to work.
  • Setting Up Passwords: Autofill uses iCloud Keychain for passwords. Make sure it’s on. This way, your logins for websites and apps are filled in automatically. Super handy, right?
  • Adding Personal Info: For personal details like your name and address, Autofill on iPhone pulls from your contact card. So, check your card in the Contacts app. Make sure it’s up to date.
  • Credit Card Details: Shopping online? Autofill can fill in your card info. Go back to ‘Autofill Passwords’ in settings. Tap ‘Saved Credit Cards’ and add your card. It’s safe and secure.
  • Using Autofill: Now, when you’re online, on a form, or logging in, Autofill on iPhone will pop up. It’ll offer to fill in your details. Just confirm with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. And you’re done!

Using Autofill for Passwords

Using Autofill on iPhone for passwords is a real lifesaver. It’s like having a personal password keeper right in your pocket. Here’s how to use it:

  • Turn On Autofill: First, go to your iPhone’s settings. Tap on ‘Passwords & Accounts.’ Here, you’ll see ‘Autofill Passwords.’ Make sure it’s turned on. This step is crucial for Autofill to work magic.
  • Save Passwords: As you sign into apps and websites, Autofill offers to save your passwords. Say yes, and it’ll remember them for you. Next Time, there is no need to type them in.
  • Accessing Saved Passwords: When you return to a site or app, Autofill jumps into action. It fills in your password automatically. Just confirm with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode, and you’re in.
  • Managing Passwords: Want to check what’s saved? Go back to ‘Passwords & Accounts’ in settings. Here, you can see and manage all your saved passwords.

Autofill for Personal Information and Credit Cards

Using Autofill on iPhone for personal Info and credit cards is super handy. It makes shopping online and filling out forms a breeze.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Setting Up Personal Info: Autofill uses the Info from your contact card for your personal details. Just check your card in the Contacts app. Make sure it’s got your current details.
  • Adding Credit Cards: Want to shop without typing card numbers? Easy! In settings, go to ‘Autofill Passwords.’ Choose ‘Saved Credit Cards’ and add your card. It’s quick and secure.
  • Using Autofill: Now, when buying something online or filling out a form, Autofill on iPhone will pop up. It can fill in your name, address, and credit card number. Just confirm with Face ID or Touch ID, and you’re all set.

Advanced Autofill Features and Tips

Getting the most out of Autofill means knowing some cool tips and features. Here’s what you can do to be an autofill pro:

  • Choose Your Password Manager: Besides the iCloud Keychain, Autofill can work with other password managers. In settings, under ‘Autofill Passwords,’ pick the one you like. This gives you more choices.
  • Update Info Easily: Changed your address or got a new card? Update your Info in Contacts or ‘Saved Credit Cards. Autofill on iPhone will use the latest details next Time.
  • Use Siri for Passwords: Need a password quick? Ask Siri. Just say, “Hey Siri, show me my password for the site/app.” It’s fast and hands-free.
  • Secure Your Autofill Data: Security is key with Autofill. Always use Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. This keeps your data safe from prying eyes.
  • Customize for Convenience: Tailor Autofill on iPhone to your needs. You can turn off Autofill for certain apps or websites if you want more control.


The Autofill on iPhone feature is a testament to Apple’s commitment to user convenience and security. By understanding and utilizing this feature, iPhone and iPad users can navigate the digital world with greater ease and protection.


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