FeetFinder App: How to Download It on iPhone?

What if we told you that your footcare regime would pay off? 

Sounds Weird? 

It should be, as you have never dreamt of this!! You can now upload your foot pictures on the Internet and earns money, thanks to the FeetFinder app.

It has recently launched on the Internet, along with some of the best ringtone apps for iPhone, and is getting lots of attention lately. 

The app focuses mainly targets people who have a foot fetish and is replete with numerous feet pictures.

Do you want to dig more?

Keep scrolling the page and see how to get the FeetFinder app on iPhone and what creators think about selling feet pics on the platform.

Let’s get started!!

Is Selling Foot Pictures Legal?

feetfinder appFirst thing first. Before you get your eyes rolled for money, it’s good to know if selling feet pictures is legal and safe.

And you must be glad to find the answer, which is YES. Trading feet images is entirely legal, and you can make money through it.

Also, make yourself aware that FeetFinder iPhone is one of many platforms for selling feet pictures. 

However, this app has amassed much popularity compared to its counterparts (which we have yet to hear of!!).

This platform is 100% reliable and undertakes all selling and buying actions safely and legally. 

You can count on its transparency, too, and carry out the trade of feet pictures without worrying about money loss or fraud.

While R Download Shortcut for iPhone is one such option getting the spotlight nowadays. Read our article and get it instantly.

How to Make Money on the FeetFinder App on iPhone?

feetfinder appHave you recently joined the foot fetish crowd and do not know how this foot picture selling and trading occurs?

If so, this subhead should interest you!!

Let’s uncover the step-by-step process to make money using the FeetFinder app on iPhone.

  • Launch the FeetFinder app on your iPhone and Sign up as a creator.
  • Before uploading quality pictures of your feet, you need to verify yourself. This verification process is set up to keep scamster and fraudsters at a distance.
  • Once you get Verified, it’s time to create albums of your feet pictures. Remember, that album will always be there on the platform and could be brought by multiple times. Hence, you must only upload high-quality pictures to entice buyers and urge them to spend money.

Note: Users can opt for the subscription model, like OnlyFans, where subscribers or fans will pay monthly charges to view your content.

How to Download the FeetFinder App iPhone?

You’re just a few taps away from paying off your footcare regime!! Here’s how to download the FeetFinder app on iPhone. 

Use the guidelines below and carry out the process effortlessly.

  • Go to the Safari browser on your iOS and search for the FeetFinder site.
  • Once you reach the Homepage, locate the Share icon and click the “Add to the Home Screen” option.
  • Now, Exit the browser and go to the Home screen, and you will find the FeetFinder app on your iPhone’s screen.
  • Click the Shortcut, and let’s Get Started.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How Much Can I Charge for the Subscription-based Model on FeetFinder?

Ans. If users opt for FeetFinder’s subscription-based model, they can change from $100 to $400 per custom offer. However, the cost is mainly based on the number of subscribers and popularity.

Q. Is FeetFinder Legit?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. FeetFinder is about selling your feet pictures, which is entirely legal. All you require is to confirm your age and keep your identity private.

Wrapping Up!

Let’s keep it authentic – selling feet pictures is a side hustle that might only be ideal for some. 

Hence, you must dip your toes into the FeetFinder app iPhone only if you can manipulate people with your feet pictures or if you are a famous personality for whom people are ready to splurge.

Many influencers earn a great living becoming foot models and trading such pictures. So, if you are ready to turn casual foot care into a side business, follow the above steps and get the app now.

Happy Selling!!


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