How to Fix Flashlight Not Working on iPhone Lock Screen?

Has it ever happened that you tried to enable the Flashlight, and the button just greyed out? Well, the situation is nothing new, as most iPhone users have complained about it.

So, if you are tired of finding yourself in the dark and want to fix the Flashlight not working on iPhone error, this guide is for you. The problem might arise because of the Low Power Mode or Overheating.

Here, we’ve compiled the easiest ways to get rid of the problem. Keep scrolling the iOSIdeas guide and check what to do when your iPhone flashlight is not working.

Scroll down and have a closer look.

What Triggers Flashlight Not Working on iPhone Error?

Before we check out the solutions, let’s round off the key reasons triggering the error. Flashlight is an integral part of your iOS experience, so it’s best to find the reasons that cause the Flashlight not working on iPhone error to avoid the issue in the future.

  • A new camera protector might be causing hindrance
  • You might have enabled the Low Power Mode
  • Any third-party app or software preventing it from functioning properly.
  • Overheating of the device can cause such troubles.
  • Your Battery is too low to support this feature
  • Camera is open

Fix Flashlight Not Working on iPhone Error

Let’s jump into the easy solutions that help you fix the Flashlight not working on iPhone error. Follow them sequence-wise and see if they help you fix the problem.

flashlight not working on iphoneLet’s have a closer look.

1. Ensure the Flashlight isn’t blocked.

Firstly, you must check if the Flashlight is blocked physically. Sometimes, your new iPhone case blocks the camera module, thus causing flashlight-related problems.

In such cases, it seems that your Flashlight isn’t working even though it’s perfectly fine. So, try removing all accessories from your iPhone and enable the Flashlight again to see if the problem resolves. If it’s still not working, don’t lose your calm and follow other methods on the list.

2. Check the Battery and Charge your iPhone.

Low Battery is one of the leading causes behind Flashlight not working on iPhones error. So, if your accessory isn’t hindering your Flashlight, it might be because of the low Battery. Check your battery status and plug in your device immediately.

Many users complained that the Flashlight starts throwing tantrums when the Battery goes down 20% or less. So, it’s better to connect your device to the charge and juice it up to remove the error.

3. Disable the Low Power Mode

A flashlight might not work if you have enabled the Low Power Mode. In such cases, you must turn off the Low Power Mode and see if this step helps you fix the error. This Mode disables all power-consuming features, including Flashlight.

So, turn it off and bring your iPhone back to normal. Here’s how.

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Scroll down to Battery.
  • Toggle the Low Power Mode and see if it fixes the Flashlight not working on the iPhone error.

4. Avoid Overheating

Yet another major cause triggering the Flashlight not working error is overheating of the device. When your iPhone is too hot, it starts malfunctioning and prevents the Flashlight from working appropriately.

Now, overheating may occur due to plenty of apps running in the background or playing intense games.

So, it’s better to avoid the overheating of the device a much as you can and see if it restores the flashlight feature. Close all the apps and leave your iPhone idle for some time to cool it down.

5. Force Quit the Camera

Do you know that an open camera prevents the Flashlight from working properly? Yes, you read it right. iPhone’s Flashlight might not work if the camera app or any camera-demanding app, like Instagram and Snapchat, is open.

So, it’s better to close such applications and see if you get rid of the Flashlight not working on iPhone error. Here’s how.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Drag the apps up from the App Switcher.
  • Try opening your Flashlight to see if it resolves the error.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How to Remove Flashlight From the Control Center?

Ans. To remove the Flashlight from the Control Center, Go to Settings > Control Center > tap minus beside the Flashlight and select Remove.

Q. Can Focus Mode Restrict Flashlight From Working Properly?

Ans. Yes, it can. Focus Mode restricts the distracting features on the iPhone. So, consider disabling it to fix the error of the Flashlight not working on iPhone.

Summing Up

Flashlight not working on iPhone is a serious concern for those who regularly use this feature. So, if you are struggling with the hassle, don’t worry and use the solutions listed above. We hope our research will help you fix the error and bring the feature back on track.

Do you need more assistance? Feel free to share your queries with us, and our experts will look into the matter immediately.


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