Best PGSharp iOS Alternative For You – Support iOS 17

PGSharp for Pokemon Go has won millions of hearts. It brings diversified shortcuts to spoof the game, thus decreasing the hassle and boredom when collecting rare Pokemon.

But since it has not become officially available for iOS, users are often concerned about its security and look for the best PGSharp iOS alternative. Using PGSharp for iPhone is not a safe option, not to mention the high risk of getting soft-banned.

Thankfully, the internet is well-stocked with plenty of Pokemon Go spoofers that help you catch rare Pokemon and win items without risking your iPhone’s security.

Need a hand? 

Keep scrolling the page and find our top picks here. Our experts have tried and tested several Pokemon GO spoofing apps and developed the best PGSharp alternatives for iOS.

To get started, those who have recently explored the Pokemon universe can take a sneak peek into the best Pokemon games for iPhone and iPad.

Shall we begin?

A Quick Introduction to PGSharp

pgsharp ios alternativeIn case you missed it, PGSharp is a Pokemon Spoofing app that lets you change your GPS location when playing Pokemon GO. With this, you can control the movement of your Avatar without actually moving.

It has several advanced features, including automatic walking, joystick support, custom walking speed, and all other things that may help you catch Pokemon.

The best part is that PGSharp doesn’t limit the teleport distance, which means you can spoof your way across the world while still lying in bed. Amazing. 

Its custom walking speed lets users control the rate at which their character moves, thus making it easier to catch those hidden Pokemon easily.

But since the app is not officially available on Apple App Store and can be downloaded only from third-party app stores, like Scarlet iOS or, users often raise concerns about its safety and refrain from using it.

But keep hope, as multiple PGSharp alternatives for iOS are available on the internet. A few of them are listed here for readers’ sake of convenience.

4 Best PGSharp iOS Alternative Options

pgsharp ios alternativeLet’s talk about the best PGSharp iOS alternative.

It’s undeniable that PGSharp brings so much convenience to Android users by helping them spoof locations and win rare items easily.

But what about iPhone users? Is it safe for them? Well, the resounding answer is NO.

PGSharp is primarily launched for Android-powered devices; hence, it is neither safe for iOS nor syncs well with iPhones.

Therefore, we have compiled the 4 best PGSharp iOS alternatives to teleport your location seamlessly.

Let’s check them out. 

1. iMyFone AnyTo

pgsharp ios alternativeIt is a go-to option for those who want to spoof their GPS location without jailbreak. The tool is compatible with all iOS and Android versions, including iOS 17 and Android 14.

It works with all location-based apps and games and can stimulate GPS movement with custom routes.

iMyFone AnyTo is one of the best PGSharp iOS alternatives and can modify your location with a single tap.

Key Features

  • This professional Pokemon Go Spoofing app lets you control all rare Pokemon and precious items.
  • It comes with a virtual joystick to customize your moving speed and route.
  • Additionally, it intelligently simulates Pokemon walking, thus helping you search for a specific destination.
  • Moreover, the tool allows you to hide your location on iOS devices to protect your privacy.
  • iMyFone AnyTo enables you to teleport GPS anywhere around the world.
  • Its two-spot mode allows you to move at a specified speed by setting start and end points on the map.

2. Dr. Fone Virtual Location App

pgsharp ios alternativeThe second best PGSharp iOS alternative is Dr. Fone Virtual Location App.

You can install this application on your iPhone or any iOS-powered device to fake your current location.

It is highly reliable and safe to install, allowing you to set any fake location coordinates for apps like Pokemon Go, Ingress, Grindr Xtra, and Tinder.

Key Features

Here’s a quick rundown of key features of Dr. Fone Virtual Location App.

  • Its teleport option can help you set up any location of your choice worldwide.
  • With Dr. Fone Virtual Location App, you can set multiple locations as the default location to prank your friends.
  • The app has an easy and user-friendly interface so everyone can use it without help.
  • The controls and buttons are easy to operate, making it ideal for novices and advanced users.
  • It features a joystick to simulate GPS movement along the route you draw.
  • The tool works with all location-based apps, like Pokemon Go, Snapchat, and others.
  • With this app, gamers can select One-Stop Route, Multi-Stop Route, and Jump Teleport Mode based on the requirements of their geo-specific game.

3. AWZ AnyPorter

pgsharp ios alternativeAnother best PGsharp iOS alternative is AWZ AnyPorter. It is a safe location changer, thus eliminating the risk of getting banned when changing your GPS location in the game.

This location spoofer makes it simple to access geo-based games on your iPhone, and that too without jailbreak. It not only allows you to fake your location but also lets you create a customized route on the map.

The tool offers three modes to get started: Single-Stop Mode, Multi-Stop Mode, and Jump Teleport Mode. The key features of AWZ AnyPorter are mentioned here.

Key Features

  • It has an auto-walking feature that automatically lets you move on the specified route. You are free to change the directions at any time.
  • The tool allows you to use keyboard shortcut keys like W and S to move forward and backward and A & D to modify directions.
  • With AWZ AnyPorter, you can fake the GPS of up to five devices simultaneously.
  • Moreover, it is 100% compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Finally, it works well with all location-based services, such as dating apps, social media platforms, and AR games.

4. MobiAnyGo

pgsharp ios alternativeLast but not least is EaseUs MobiAnyGo. It is a powerful virtual location tool to flexibly simulate the GPS location on your iOS device.

With three different modes, this tool helps jumpstart the location-based games while protecting your privacy.

Moreover, MobiAnyGo can help customize the route for your AR games.

It also comes with Speed Customization, thus allowing you to change the speed while playing AR games to move from one place to another.

Key Features

Let’s find some significant features of MobiAnyGo here to get a better idea.

  • It offers multiple languages, thus allowing you to use the tool without facing any barriers.
  • The tool offers multiple modes to get started: Teleport Mode, Two-Spot Mode, Multi-Spot Mode, and Location and Route Collection.
  • It has an Operation Sidebar that shows you the location information, including the place name, coordinates, and distance.
  • The customization button of the tool gives you four different skins to choose from.

Remember that offline activation isn’t supported; hence you must confirm that your iPhone or other device is connected to a stable internet connection.

Frequently Answered Question

Q. Is GPS Spoofing Safe?

Ans. GPS spoofing isn’t unsafe and can pose a cybersecurity risk. Hence, you must select the best and safe GPS spoofing app to eliminate the chances of getting soft-banned.

Q. Is MobiAnyGo Free?

Ans. No. It offers different subscription options; you must select one to get started. Its subscription starts from $9.95 and goes up to $39.95.

Wrapping Up

I hope it helps. Pick the best PGSharp iOS alternative and safely access this AR-based game on your iPhones.

These apps above help gamers fake their GPS location in geo-based games and catch more Pokemon in less time.

All of them are tested and verified; hence, you can count on any of them without having a second thought.

Happy Location Spoofing!!


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