How to Block Unknown Callers on iOS?

Suppose you are in the middle of a conference or spending quality time with your loved ones when suddenly your phone rings.

You look at the caller id and see an unfamiliar number staring back at you. Your heart sinks as you realize it’s another unsolicited call from a scammer or telemarketer.

We’ve all been in such a frustrating situation, wondering if it is possible to block unknown callers on iOS. 

As an iPhone user, you have the power to hide text messages or share focus status and block all unknown numbers with a swipe of your fingertips.

While there is no end to the list of grievances against such an irritant, there is hope in this tunnel of travails for iPhone users. 

Here’s the official way to stop the frustrating activity from the unknown.

4 Easy Methods to Block Unknown Callers on iOS

block unknown callers on iosSpam calls are distracting, cause anxiety, and can even put your personal information at risk.

But thankfully, you can get rid of these robocalls by following some practical approaches listed below. 

Let’s look closer and see how to block unknown callers on iOS. 

1. Block Them With the Native Feature

Apple finally launched an effective method to block unknown and unwanted calls on the iPhone with the release of iOS 13

This “Silence Unknown Callers” feature helps you avoid getting calls from people you don’t know.

Apple’s native feature blocks the numbers you have never been in contact with or aren’t saved in your contact list. The call will automatically go to your voicemail and appear in your calls list.

However, you must ensure your contact list is fully updated before switching this feature; otherwise, you could miss important calls.

 To enable this option, 

  • Open the Settings tab on your iPhone/ iPad and scroll down to the Phone option.
  • Then, go to the Silence Unknown Callers feature and tap the bar to turn it on. That’s it!! As soon as you enable this feature, you’ll only receive calls from numbers in your contacts.

The image below shows the steps mentioned above.

block unknown callers on ios2. Turn on DND Mode

While the iPhone’s native feature to silence unknown numbers is easy, it has a disadvantage. 

Since it blocks calls from all unknown numbers, the feature makes it difficult for people not included in your contact list to reach out.

Hence, in that scenario, you can follow another straightforward method to block unknown callers on iOS: enabling the “Do Not Disturb” mode and silencing all annoying notifications.

Don’t worry, it only works on calls, messages, and notifications from third-party apps, and your alarms won’t go off in the DND mode.

Let’s move to the steps to turn on this feature. 

  • Launch the “Settings” tab and click “Focus.”
  • Locate the DND option, and set the feature to turn on under the “Smart Activation” tab. The best part is – You can schedule this mode for a specific time and location. Also, you can allow calls from your contact list to avoid missing any important notifications.

3. Use a Copy-paste Method to Block Unknown Callers on iOS

Are you still wondering how to block unknown callers on iOS? Turn to the Copy-Paste method and see if this hack enables you to get rid of robocalls.

Here’s how to get started!!

  • Unlock your iPhone/ iPad and navigate to recent calls.
  • Get the call info and use the copy feature on the “Unknown Caller.”
  • Afterward, go to the “Contacts” option and tap the “+” sign to add a new contact.
  • You must use the “Paste” feature and fill in the fields like name, last name, company, and phone number.
  • Click “Done” and block the caller manually.

Don’t want to save the number?

  • Copy “Unknown” and paste it into the blocked caller list. No particular number entry is required.

4. Use Third-party Apps to Block Unknown Callers

Let’s wind up the guide with another effective method to block unknown callers on iOS  download third-party apps or call filters to stop ringing the bells.

The internet is home to a mind-boggling number of scam protection apps; hence, you should pick the one that lives up to its promises without costing a fortune.

A few of the options are TrapCall, Hiya, and many others. These apps rely on the database of collected numbers of scam callers.

They automatically silence the phone when unknown number rings or send them to voicemail to avoid distraction.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How Can I Ignore Calls on My iPhone Without Blocking Them?

Ans. Please turn on the DND mode and ignore unknown callers without blocking them altogether. You can also enable the “silent” mode to avoid further distractions.

Q. Can You Block All Unknown Callers?

Ans. Yes, definitely. Enable Apple’s native feature, “Silence Unknown Callers,” and block all unknown callers on iOS.

Final Remarks

Spam calls or messages are an annoyance. From getting a call during an important meeting to those frequent messages that could be more useful, there’s no end to this trail of frustrating distractions.

But fortunately, you can put this torture to an end by using the practical solutions listed above. These methods are tried-and-tested and will block unknown callers on iOS in seconds.

Follow the solutions mentioned here, and rest assured, knowing your phone won’t be ringing off the hook with unwanted calls.

Keep in touch with us for more such iOS guides!!


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