How to Download Project QT on iOS

Whether you are a hardcore anime lover or a seasoned gamer, you must add Project QT to your app drawer and export yourself to the whole new anime world.

However, since the game is unavailable on Apple App Store, iPhone users often look for the guide to get Project QT on iOS.

But there’s no need to worry about it, as we have mapped out step-by-step instructions to get this anime-based game on your iOS-powered devices.

To download Project QT on iOS, you only need a strong internet connection and a contemporary, up-to-date browser.

So, are you ready to go into the process? Continue reading the page and deeply dive into the comprehensive guide outlining all essential information about the game.

Our research will surely help you to download Project QT on your iPhone.

Let’s get started!!

Is it Possible to Download Project QT on iOS?

project qt on iosThe short answer is YES. Like several other games, such as Gacha Club Edition, Project QT isn’t available on Apple App Store.

But it doesn’t mean that iPhone users can’t enjoy this popular anime-based game on their devices. However, they must put extra effort into getting this app on their iPhones.

First, iPhone users ensure that their devices are connected to a strong internet connection. Secondly, they must have a modern, updated iPhone browser to begin the process.

Also, you need to tweak small settings on your iPhone before initiating the process to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Go to Settings > Background App Refresh > WiFi & Cellular Data.

Remember that if either WiFi or cellular option is selected, the app won’t work. Hence, you are advised to modify these settings and only begin downloading Project QT on iOS.

Steps to Download Project QT on iOS

Getting Project QT on your iPhone is simple, especially if you know the step-by-step guide to executing the process.

However, modifying the settings, as explained above, is recommended before initiating the process to avoid any hustle and bustle later. So, are you ready to get started?

Here’s how to go about it!

1. Visit iTweaks

According to us, going through third-party websites like iTweaks is not a proper way, as iTweaks does not offer any in-app purchases, but if you want it, you can go through it.

  • Like the famous game, My Child Lebensorborn, this app is also unavailable on Apple App Store. Hence, you must find another way to download Project QT on iOS. And what’s more reliable than iTweaks?
  • Unlock your iPhone and open the Safari browser or any updated browser you choose.
  • Enter iTweaks in the search engine box and navigate the official website to continue.

2. Search for Project QT

  • Once you reach the homepage, enter “Project QT” in the search bar. Click the search icon to display the results on the page.
  • There, you’ll find Project QT and Project QT Mod, and you can pick any of them based on your choice.

3. Start Downloading

  • Click the “Download” option and the app downloads on your iPhone. The speed depends on your WiFi network, and it takes more or less time based on your internet.
  • Once done, a new page will appear on the screen from where you must download two different apps, like Norton VPN and Coin Master or any other.
  • As soon as they get installed on your iPhone, you need to open them at least once and exit or uninstall them based on your preference.
  • Finally, you can immediately open Project QT on iOS and enjoy this anime-based game.

Project QT – A Complete Overview

Since now you are well-acquainted with the guide to downloading Project QT on iPhone, it’s high time to unveil the primary concept of the game to facilitate our readers.

Project QT is an anime-based role-playing game launched by Nutaku. It is a simulation game in which you’ll be transported to a parallel universe where you can enjoy endless fun.

Its addictive gameplay, exceptional background sound, and incredible graphics make the game pretty interesting and occupying.

The game is in a virtual world with more advanced and new-gen technologies. It combines aspects of action-adventure and matching puzzles to create an entirely new and addictive gameplay.

If you are fascinated by such games, check out one role-playing and action-adventure game named NU Carnival.

In addition, the game includes tons of mechanics and systems that players can try when playing.

Initiate Project QT on iOS by selecting your squad of attractive and powerful girls and fighting to stop the sickness from spreading on Earth.

Each character comes with unique abilities and powers. Being a player, you must use them to master the game correctly.

A Storyline to Understand

This game features a clear yet gripping storyline. It starts with the people’s desire to travel beyond Earth to new heights.

However, scientists accidentally connected the Earth to another dimension when conducting different experiments.

The mishap turned into an unintentional war on the animals on the opposite side of the black hole.

Following the accident, the globe descended into anarchy as the other race used their technology to invade Earth.

That’s where powerful and beautiful girls come into the role. Each girl possesses unique benefits and powers, and they fight with those jeopardizing the world’s peace together. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

What’s the Project QT Gameplay?

project qt on iosThe game revolves around those powerful girls fighting to save the Earth. Numerous races classify these girls, each with skills, weaknesses, and psychological traits.

Various elements, ranging from 1 to 5, determine every girl’s rank. You must form your team, choose the greatest character, and begin rescuing the world.

You can also utilize the gifts to improve the monster girls’ abilities. The game’s primary objective is to reach Level 30, where the characters’ strength is at its peak.

Players must complete certain tasks to unlock other characters and level up their army. They also earn a particular number of points to go to the next level.

It is a multi-player online carton action-adventure game that keeps you hooked for hours. However, before you get into it, it’s good to know that Project QT on iOS is quite compulsive and addictive game that lets you go on.

The stunning graphics and accent sound are perfect, making the game worth trying.

Why is Project QT Unavailable on Apple App Store or Google Play Store?

Have you ever wondered why Project QT isn’t available on Apple App Store? Why have to download Project QT on iOS using third-party websites?

Well, if yes, then we’ve got you covered. There are two major reasons behind its unavailability on the Apple App Store.

First, all characters included in the game are the sole property of the creator, Nutaku, and he’s not interested in shifting the ownership to App Store yet.

Secondly, and most importantly, anime-inspired games must still be permitted on either Apple App Store or Google Play Store. That’s why gamers must look for other websites to download the game on their iPhones.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How to Get Free Gems in Project QT?

Ans. There are multiple ways to get free gems in Project QT. You can opt for gem and package shops or participate in events through daily and weekly rank rewards and specific achievements in the game.

Q. Is Project QT on iOS Safe?

Ans. Yes, why not? While Project QT isn’t available on Apple App Store, it doesn’t put any question mark on its safety and reliability. A professional team tests the app to ensure it is free from malicious content.

Wrapping Up

So, do you like our research about Project QT on iOS? If so, please share your valuable feedback in the comments below to appreciate our team’s effort.

We would love to hear from you. Project QT is one of the gripping anime-inspired games packed with compelling elements and addictive gameplay.

Thus, stop thinking and follow the steps above to get the game on your iPhone immediately.

Stay Tuned for more updates!


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