How to Drop a Pin on iPhone in Apple Map

Embarking on adventures big and small makes life exciting, and knowing how to drop a pin on iPhone can make those journeys even smoother.

Whether you’re a city explorer at heart, a country roamer, or someone who wants to remember that nifty parking spot, this skill is your modern compass.

You can mark a spot on your map in just a few taps on your iPhone, making it a breeze to return to or share with friends.

Ready to become a savvy navigator? Let’s dive into how to drop a pin on your iPhone in seconds and never miss a beat!

Why Should You Drop a Pin?

how to drop a pin on iphoneKnowing how to drop a pin on iPhone has become more than just a tech-savvy trick; it’s a practical skill with many uses. But why exactly should one learn to drop a pin?

Let’s delve into the reasons.

1. Spot Remembrance

Ever stumbled upon a quaint bookstore, a serene park, or a delightful cafe and thought, “I need to come back here!”?

By learning how to drop a pin on iPhone, you can easily mark these spots and ensure you never forget them.

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2. Effortless Sharing

Meeting friends at a new restaurant or guiding someone to a specific location? Instead of lengthy explanations or typing out addresses, drop a pin and share. It’s precise, straightforward, and eliminates the chances of them getting lost.

3. Travel Companion

When exploring a new city or country, dropping pins on places you’ve visited or wish to visit can be convenient. It’s like creating a digital travel diary, helping you keep track of your adventures.

4. Emergency Situations

In unfortunate events where you might be lost or need assistance, knowing how to drop a pin on iPhone can be a lifesaver. Sharing your exact location with someone can expedite help.

5. Personal Reminders

Found a potential house to buy or a venue for an upcoming event? Drop a pin! It’s a digital way of placing a sticky note in a real-world location.

6. Organized Itineraries

Planning a day out or a road trip? Drop pins on all places of interest. This way, you can visualize your route, ensure you get all the spots, and maximize your time.

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How to Drop a Pin on iPhone on Apple Maps?

Apple Maps, the default mapping app on your iPhone, offers a nifty feature that allows you to “drop a pin.”

This feature is helpful when you want to remember a specific location, share it with friends, or even mark a place of interest.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Apple Maps: Start by tapping on the Apple Maps icon on your iPhone.
  2. Find Your Location: Navigate to the spot you want to mark. You can do this by manually moving around the map or using the search bar to type in a specific address or place.
  3. Drop That Pin: Once you’ve found the spot, press and hold on to the location. After a second or so, a red pin will pop up, marking the spot you’ve chosen.
  4. Explore Options: Tapping on the pin will give you more details about the location. You can get directions, share the location, or add it to your favorites here.

how to drop a pin on iphone

How to Drop a Pin on iPhone on Google Maps?

how to drop a pin on iphoneGoogle Maps, a favorite among many iPhone users, offers a fantastic feature that lets you “drop a pin.” It is convenient when you want to highlight a specific location, share it, or revisit it later.

Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch Google Maps: Tap your iPhone’s Google Maps app icon to open it.
  2. Locate Your Spot: Navigate to the area you wish to mark. You can manually scroll through the map or input a specific address or landmark in the search bar.
  3. Time to Drop the Pin: Press and hold on to that spot once you’re at the desired location. A red pin will magically appear, marking your chosen location.
  4. Discover More: A menu will pop up at the bottom by tapping on the pin, giving details about the location. You can then get directions, share the spot, or save it for future reference.

Additional Features and Options

Let’s explore some of these additional features that make your iPhone not just a device but a versatile companion.

1. Sharing Made Simple

Once you’ve mastered dropping a pin on iPhone, you can easily share this location with friends or family. Whether you’re directing someone to a new cafe or sharing the spot of a surprise picnic, a few taps allow you to send the exact location via messaging apps, email, or even social media.

2. Favorites and Collections

After dropping a pin, the iPhone allows you to save these locations to your ‘Favorites’ or organize them into ‘Collections.’ This is perfect for travelers who want to categorize their destinations or for someone planning a themed outing, like “Best Bookstores in the City.”

3. Look Around and Street View

Beyond just dropping a pin, some map applications on the iPhone offer a ‘Look Around’ or ‘Street View’ feature. This gives you a 360-degree view of the location, allowing you to explore the surroundings virtually. It’s like taking a digital walk around the neighborhood!

4. Add Photos and Reviews

Some map services on the iPhone let users add photos or write reviews for pinned locations. So, after you’ve learned how to drop a pin on iPhone, you can contribute to the community by sharing your experiences and insights about that place.

5. Indoor Maps for Malls and Airports

In select locations, your iPhone can provide detailed indoor maps. You can easily navigate the individual stores, gates, and amenities after dropping a pin in a large mall or airport.

6. Real-time Transit and Traffic Information

The iPhone often provides real-time transit and traffic updates when you drop a pin and seek directions. This ensures you’re always on the fastest route and aware of potential delays.

Practical Uses of Dropping Pins

The iPhone’s ability to drop a pin on a map is more than just a neat feature; it’s a practical tool with diverse applications.

Here’s why:

  1. Unique Spots: Found a cozy cafe or a peaceful park? Drop a pin to revisit it later.
  2. Easy Meet-Ups: Share your exact location with friends, making gatherings hassle-free.
  3. House Hunting: Mark potential homes or amenities to aid in your relocation decisions.
  4. Travel Planning: Create a personalized travel map by marking must-visit spots.
  5. Professional Use: Pins ensure precision for real estate or event planning fields.
  6. Safety: In emergencies, share your location for quick assistance.
  7. Reminders: Remember where you parked or spotted something interesting.


One of the iPhone’s most practical features is the ability to drop a pin on maps, whether Apple or Google Maps.

Whether you’re a traveler, a planner, or someone who loves exploring, knowing how to drop a pin on iPhone will enhance your navigation experience.


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