How to Turn Off Flashlight on iPhone? 2 Quick Ways

Have you accidentally enabled the flashlight and now wondering how to turn off flashlight on iPhone? Stay calm; you can easily disable this feature with simple taps.

Smartphones come in handy in this technologically-driven world. These devices are packed with a multitude of features, further making our lives easier and more convenient.

One such feature is the flashlight, which is extremely useful in various situations. You can turn your flashlights on to find your way in the dark or search for a lost object.

However, when you accidentally leave it on and the whole battery drains, it is frustrating. But don’t worry, as Apple has made it very convenient to turn off flashlight on iPhones in a few simple clicks.

Here, we’ll discuss two simple yet effective methods to disable the flashlight on your iPhone in a blink of an eye.

So, let’s cut the crap and jump to exactly what you are searching for.

2 Simple Methods to Turn Off the Flashlight on the iPhone

how to turn off flashlight on iphoneWithout further ado, let’s unveil the two best and most effective methods to shut down the flashlight on your smartphone in a few simple clicks.

Select any of them and stop the flashlight from draining your iPhone’s battery.

Let’s get started!!

1. From the Lock Screen

It is the best answer for how to turn off flashlight on iPhone. Use your lock screen to execute the process and eliminate the hassle of unlocking your device.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Disabling the flashlight doesn’t have to be complicated, unlike resolving the message-blocking error on iPhone.

Hence, you can quickly turn it off right from your lock screen and save yourself from the hassle of unlocking the iPhone. Wondering how? The answer depends on the iPhone model you are holding.

Remember that the facility is only available to those with the latest iPhone models in which the flashlight icon is available on the lock screen.

These iPhone models include iPhone XS, XR, 11 Pro, iPad Pro, and beyond.

Here’s how to turn off flashlight on iPhone

  • Press the side button and locate the flashlight icon to wake up your iPhone’s lock screen. It is generally available at the bottom left corner.
  • Click on the flashlight icon and turn the flashlight off right away.

Isn’t it lightning-fast?

Note: Those who own iPhone 8 or older can benefit from this feature, but the process is a bit long, as the flashlight icon on their lock screen might take them to the control center.

2. By Visiting iPhone’s Control Center

Okay, there’s no hesitation in telling me you are holding older iPhone models. And if that’s the case, visiting the control center is a simple option to turn the flashlight off.

We have compiled individual guides for different models to give you a hand. However, the process might differ slightly depending on your iPhone model.

So, here’s how to turn off flashlight on iPhones using Control Center.

For iPhone X or Later

  • Unlock your iPhone and swipe from the upper right corner to access the quick menu.
  • Click the Flashlight icon and turn it off right away.

For Older iPhone Models

Use the steps below and see how to turn off flashlight on iPhone.

  • To reach the quick menu, swipe up from the bottom center of the Home screen.
  • Locate the flashlight icon. Click on it and disable the feature.

Can I Use Siri to Disable the Flashlight on iPhone?

The sure answer is YES. Asking Siri to turn the flashlight on and off can save you a few minutes of fumbling in the dark.

While the process is simpler than expected, we still have outlined the steps to avoid the hassle. Continue scrolling the page and see how to turn off flashlight on iPhone using Siri.

  • You can either say – Hey Siri, turn off the flashlight or shut off the flashlight, and let Siri takes care of the rest.
  • Alternatively, if Hey Siri isn’t enabled on your iPhone, then press and hold the side button and ask Siri to shut off the flashlight, and it’s done. Easy, isn’t it?

What if You Are Unable to Find the Flashlight Icon?

Have you started using iPhones lately and cannot find the flashlight icon in the Control Center?

Well, feel free, as most new users face this problem and many others, like being unable to hide text messages on iPhone or getting confused with the iPhone’s DND mode.

Also, the flashlight icon sometimes needs to be added to the Control Center by default, creating trouble.

But fret not, as we can re-enable the flashlight icon in that case so you can turn the feature on and off with a swipe of your fingertips. Execute the instructions below to get your missing flashlight icon back.

  • Launch the Settings app and click “Control Center.”
  • Scroll down to the flashlight and tap the + icon in the Green Circle to add the flashlight icon to the Control Center.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is It Possible to Turn Off the Flashlight on iPhone Without Unlocking It?

Ans. Yes, it is. You can turn the flashlight off by clicking the flashlight icon directly on the iPhone’s lock screen.

Q. Can I Disable the Flashlight With the Camera App?

Ans. To your surprise, Yes. Launching the camera app instantly turns off the flashlight. All you have to do is wake up the iPhone’s screen and swipe slightly left.

DO NOT swipe far enough; otherwise, the phone opens the Camera app, thus stretching the process.

Final Words

The guide on how to turn off flashlight on iPhones ends here. Do you like our homework? If so, leave your valuable feedback in the comments below and take a moment to appreciate our team’s effort.

Undoubtedly, the flashlight is one of the integral features of any smartphone, be it iPhone or Android.

But if enabled accidentally, it can kill the battery life way faster than you’ve ever thought. Hence, these steps will help you through the process and instantly shut off the light.

So, whether you have recently switched to iPhones or are a regular user, this guide will help you on the journey toward disabling the flashlight in a few clicks.

Keep regularly visiting for more such iOS guides!


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