Afterpay App Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix the Error?

Isn’t it cool to buy your dream item now and pay for it later with the Afterpay app?

BNPL (Buy-Now-Pay-Later) applications have taken the world by storm. They allow people to pamper the shopper inside them while keeping their wallets on a well-deserved vacation.

One such app that garnered colossal attention these days is Afterpay. 

Following the BNP concept, it offers interest-free installment loans for buyers, thus allowing them to split their purchases into four interest-free payments over six weeks. 

Sounds thought-provoking?

But what if this app starts throwing tantrums in your hour of need? This guide should interest you if you are also a victim looking for solutions to fix the hassle.

However, before you get tempted to the app, remember that it only enables users to shop at selected platforms, and you cannot use it like Apple Pay to make payments at gas stations and restaurants like Chick-Fill-A and Chipotle.

Here’s how to fix Afterpay not working error on iPhone.

Why Am I Unable to Complete Transactions Using Afterpay?

afterpay appAfterpay is a go-to solution for all shopping buffs out there. However, many users have dodged a complaint about facing the Afterpay not working error at checkout lately, creating a fuss over the internet.

Hence, our team has researched this glitch from the deep within and come up with all the minutiae you might be looking for.

But before jumping directly to the solutions, we would like to outline the principal causes which have made the app no longer functional on iPhones.

  • Server outage
  • Poor internet connection
  • You might be using an outdated app version.
  • Faulty app’s cache
  • You might have enabled VPN and Firewall
  • The ad blocker is turned on.

So, these are some reasons why Afterpay isn’t loading on your iPhone. 

It’s suggested to figure out the specific reason restricting you from entering the modern shopping experience and follow the troubleshooting methods accordingly.

Meanwhile, you can also read our expert guide on fixing chatGPT not working with Siri on iPhone and make yourself more productive using this AI chatbot.

How to Fix Afterpay App Not Loading Error on iPhone?

Are you still battling with the error and eagerly looking for a backup? 

Follow the actions below to address this blunder right away.

1. Connect to a Stable Internet Source

afterpay appMany times, the problem occurs due to a faulty internet connection.

Hence, before you delve deeper into complicated solutions, confirm your device is connected to a strong network source. Check your network speed and see if it is ideal to run the application.

If not, reset the network settings and restart the router to eliminate the hassle. Besides, you can also switch to another network source, such as from cellular data to WiFi or vice versa, to sort it down.

2. See if Updates Are Pending

afterpay appIf the app still doesn’t resume operations, consider checking the updates, and see if any are pending.

Afterpay often releases updates to improve its overall performance and resolve common glitches.

If you are currently using the outdated version, you might be deprived of the developer support and new features. 

Hence, it is mandatory to update the app to its latest version and see if this hack brings things back to normal.

3. Clear the App’s Cache

afterpay appCache memory often stores temporary data to speed up the app loading time.

These are only junk files that may conflict with your app’s functioning later. Therefore, it’s good to delete them and tackle the Afterpay not working issue.

Follow the steps to do so.

  • Open Settings > General.
  • Select iPhone Storage and scroll down to the Afterpay App.
  • Tap “Offload App” and then reinstall it from the App Store to give it a fresh start.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Should I Disable a VPN to Resolve the Error?

Ans. Yes, you ought to, and it’s pretty simple. Visit Settings and select General. Click on “VPN & Device Management” and choose VPN. Toggle to disable it, and it’s done.

Q. Does Amazon Accept Afterpay?

Ans. Unfortunately, No. Afterpay is one of the latest additions to the BNPL apps, and it’s available only at selected stores across Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, and New Zealand.

Let’s Summarize!!

While Afterpay has drawn numerous eyeballs quickly and uses gimmicks to attract customers, it’s not immune from errors or glitches. 

But not to worry about it, as our guide is here to cover you.

Follow the keys above to fix the Afterpay app not working and enjoy the extraordinary shopping experience without hurting your wallet.


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