How to Change Your iPhone Name? – Easy Methods

iOS gives every handset a generic name that includes the owner’s first name.

It is primarily used for identifying the device in various instances and doesn’t affect its overall performance.

But have you ever thought about giving your iPhone a personalized name? 

It’s undeniable that a tailor-made name adds a personal touch to your experience and offers a sense of belonging.

While giving a customized name to your handset might seem tempting at once, it also makes you wonder how to change your iPhone name, especially if you are new to the iOS universe.

And unlike other iPhone tasks, such as fixing the No Location Found error or making iPhone vibrate on silent, executing this process is fun and doesn’t require plenty of workarounds.

Here, we’ll learn how to execute the iPhone name change process in seconds.

Let’s jump straight into it!!

Where Do You See Your iPhone Name?

how to change your iphone nameYour iPhone’s name is something you see only sometimes.

It generally reveals only in a handful of situations, such as when you connect your device to a Bluetooth device or whenever you turn on your AirDrop, WiFi, or other similar problems.

Hence, before we elaborate on how to change your iPhone name, let’s round off certain instances in which you’re likely to see this credential.

1. Connecting to a Personal Hotspot

Your iPhone name often appears when others try to connect to your personal hotspot feature. Renaming your iPhone helps others recognize your device, thus making this process a breeze.

2. Syncing in iTunes

The following example where your iPhone name appears very often is while syncing with iTunes.

3. Using AirDrop

iPhone name pops up when someone sends you a file via AiDrop, and your name isn’t on their contact list.

Sometimes your AirDrop is not working and you got an Airdrop Waiting error. You can quickly get rid of it with some Apple airdrop waiting fixes.

4. If Your iPhone is Lost or Stolen

If, unfortunately, your iPhone is stolen or lost, you can use the Find My app and select your iPhone’s name to track it.

5. Viewing Apple ID Online

Last but not least, the instance where you might see your iPhone’s name is when viewing your Apple ID online. As soon as you log into your online Apple ID account, you’ll see a list of all active devices associated with your Apple ID.

Why Change Your iPhone’s Name?

Renaming your iPhone is more than just showing your creative skills or personality. It’s also about protecting your phone’s identity and making it yours.

Also, you are deep into the Apple ecosystem and have other Apple devices, like Macbook and iPad. In that case, changing your iPhone’s name can simplify managing them under one roof, locating backups, and more.

Before looking for the iPhone name change process, it’s good to outline some reasons you might change your device name in further detail.

1. Protect Your Identity

iPhone’s default name makes it easy to pinpoint a device as yours. Hackers can also see it when mapping devices on the same network, thus risking your safety.

Going with a completely random name gives you more anonymity, thus making it harder for hackers to identify you more quickly.

2. Manage Your Devices Better

If you have several Apple devices, and they all are identically named, it’s good to uniquely change the name of each one and manage them properly.

iPhone’s name is often used when you use the device to ping the Apple watch or vice versa or when you track a stolen or lost device.

So, knowing how to change your iPhone name and get the best of your iOS-exclusive gadgets is good.

3. Locate Your Backups Easily

The more devices you have, the more difficult it gets to manage them.

And the situation becomes more hectic if all your devices use the same iCloud account to back up essential information.

With notable names for each of your devices, you can more efficiently find the proper backup you are looking for.

4. Make Sharing Between Devices Simple

If each of your Apple devices has the same name, how would you identify them and share a document or something else?

In such a case, similar options might pop up when you use AirDrop.

Hence, it would help if you gave each device a unique name to make sharing between them more accessible and convenient.

Easy Ways to Change Your iPhone Name

Now you’ve got the basics, let’s find out how to change your iPhone name. And fortunately, the process is straightforward.

You can update it either from the Home screen or through iTunesHere, we’ll explain the process to reset your handset name in a few easy steps.

Follow the instructions carefully and avoid getting stuck in any exasperating situation.

1. Via Home Screen

Use the steps below and initiate the iPhone name change process via a home screen.

  • Unlock your iPhone and go to the Settings icon.
  • Select General > About > Name.
  • Select the “X” button next to the current name, and enter a new name. Whatever you enter is automatically saved.
  • Once done, please return to the Home screen and keep using your iPhone with its new name. That’s how to change your iPhone name using Home Screen.

Note: The exact instructions will work with iPad and iPod touch.

2. Through iTunes

iPhone Users can also change their device name using iTunes.

Here’s how.

  • Connect your device to a computer and sync it with iTunes.
  • Select the iPhone icon from the upper-left corner and go to the iPhone management screen.
  • Now, tap your iPhone name in the left panel, and enter a new name in the box.
  • iTunes automatically saves whatever you enter and re-syncs the iPhone with its new name.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Does Changing the iPhone Name Affect Anything?

Ans. No, you can stay assured that the iPhone change name process doesn’t tweak any existing settings.

Q. Can I Change My iPhone’s Name More Than Once?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. You can change your iPhone name as often as you like.

Closing Words

iPhone name generally broadcasts in certain situations, and it has nothing to do with your device performance and other settings.

Hence, you can change it as many times as you want without any restrictions.

Renaming your Apple devices, be they iPhone, iPad, or Mac, helps you manage them better. Moreover, it’s the first step in your iPhone customization journey and is highly preferred.

So, that’s how to change your iPhone name. Our guide has inspired you to take a step further to personalize your device.

If you have any queries when changing your handset’s name, feel free to connect with us, as we’ll be there in your hour of need.

Happy Customization!!


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