Easy Ways to Mute Someone on Facetime

Facetime is a prominent video-calling app that connects you with your near and dear ones. However, sometimes, you are not in a good mood to listen to others’ blabbering but cannot tell them to hang up the call.

In that case, the best thing you can do is to mute the other person’s voice and keep your mind free from unnecessary noise. With that, if you want to see how long you have been on FaceTime call, it ultimately depends on the type of FaceTime call you made.

But here the question arises – how to mute someone on Facetime, and is it possible? This guide will outline whether or not you can silence the unnecessary talking of the other person on the call and simple ways to how to mute someone on Facetime. 

In addition, we have also covered some exciting facts about Facetime that you should be aware of.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let the journey begins!!

Is It Possible to Mute Someone on Facetime?

how to mute someone on facetimeUnfortunately, NO. To your surprise, Apple still needs to launch a default way to mute someone on Facetime. It means that no matter what happens, you must have to listen to all the blabbering of the other person and can do nothing “officially.”

Surprisingly, Facetime, the leading video-calling app of today’s era, doesn’t allow you to lower your volume. So no matter what you do for mute someone on Facetime, you will always hear the other person (even if you don’t want to). 

Ironic, isn’t it?

While most Apple users have already reported this problem, it still needs to be clarified why developers have not taken this concern seriously. The inability to mute someone can be troublesome in certain conditions.

But this condition is no exception since there’s a loophole to everything. Our experts have deeply reviewed the situation and come up with the answer to how to mute someone on Facetime. 

Continue scrolling the page and discover “unofficial” ways to numb the unwanted chatterbox.

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5 Simple Hacks to Mute Someone on Facetime

Do you want to avoid people talking during Facetime calls or getting frustrated with the irritating background noises? Could you silence them for a while?

Well, it’s time to bring your dream to reality. While there’s no official way to mute someone on Facetime, unique hacks can help you eliminate this annoying situation. 

Let’s begin with how to mute someone on Facetime.

1. Mute Yourself on FaceTime

how to mute someone on FacetimeWhile this hack may seem bland at first for how to mute someone on Facetime.

It works and can give you some rest from the continuous talking of the other person on FaceTime.

Here’s how to go about it. 

  • Click the Facetime call window and select the Microphone button.
  • It instantly mutes your voice, thus giving you the freedom to speak whatever you want without letting the other person hear.
  • To unmute, tap the Microphone button again, and you can now reply to the other person on the call to make things appear normal.

2. Plug in Handsfree

how to mute someone on facetimeThe second best hack to find out how mute someone on Facetime is to plug your hands-free into your iPhone.

The catch is – DO NOT put the tips in your ears. Sounding worth the effort? 

This way, you can relieve yourself from that unnecessary voice and gossip for some time without hurting someone’s emotions. However, lower the volume as much as possible so no noise comes from your hands-free.

Also, remember to remove it or put them into your ears after a few minutes to answer that person and make him feel like nothing has happened. Make sure to give smart replies and show how dedicatedly you listen to them.

3. Pause the Facetime Video During a Call

how to mute someone on FacetimeIf hands-free doesn’t work or you cannot find them, you can best pause the Facetime video during a call and rest.

How do I mute someone on Facetime? Follow the step-by-step instructions below and get it done in no time.

  • Click the Facetime call window and tap the video camera button to pause your video.
  • Even after you pause your video, you can still see the other person on the call. But they can no longer see, which gives you the freedom to go anywhere to get some fresh air.
  • Click the Video Camera button when you want to restart the video and start talking to them again like you did earlier.

4. Ask the Other Person to Mute Himself

how to mute someone on FacetimeWell, that’s a risky move!!

Asking the other person to mute himself on Facetime is only possible if that person is too close to you and won’t feel insulted or ignored after this request.

Also, this hack only works when they aren’t speaking and their background voices create chaos in your ears.

If you can tell someone to mute himself on Facetime, try this hack and eliminate frustrating voices. This will surely stop their audio from coming to you, giving you peace of mind.

However, pay close attention to your tone when making this request. As one harsh word can spoil your relationship with that person, leading to another big hassle (which you might not be looking for).

5. Low the Volume of Your Device

how to mute someone on FacetimeAre you still wondering how to mute someone on Facetime? The last hack to eliminate annoying rattling is to lower the volume to the minimum.

While this hack seems obvious, users often must pay more attention to this method and save time listening to unnecessary audio.

Hence, look no further, and press the dedicated volume down button on your iPhone and execute this hack like a pro.

It’s always a helpful option to reduce the device’s volume, especially if someone’s voice is annoying you. While this method will only partially work on iPhones or iPads, it is excellent when using Facetime on Mac.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Can People Tell When You Mute Them on Facetime?

Ans. NO. They won’t be notified when you mute them, and they can’t go anywhere to see a list of who has muted them ever after. Hence, it would help if you rest assured, as nobody can tell you when you mute them on Facetime.

Q. Does Pausing Facetime Video Work to Avoid Background Noise?

Ans. Unfortunately, No. While this feature can pause your video for the other person on the call, it cannot help you silence their background audio or noise.

Q. How Do I Mute the Ringer on Facetime on My iPhone?

Ans. To do this, you must visit the System Preferences and select the Notifications menu. Click Facetime and uncheck the box saying “Play Sound for Notifications.

Final words

Knowing how to mute someone on Facetime can be helpful, especially if you want to cut off the unnecessary chaos during Facetime without letting the other person know.

However, before you get fascinated with this, let us explain that there’s no official way to execute the process. You can follow the hacks that can mute the sound briefly. The only way to soften it for good is to hang up the call (which might not be the option in some cases).

Feel free to contact us if you still have any doubts about the concept. We would love to hear you out.

Thanks for reading!!


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