How to Text Yourself on iPhone in 2023 (EASY HACKS)

How to text yourself on your iPhone? – if this question also keeps you bothered, then you are at the right place, buddies.

In our day-to-day lives, there are many circumstances when you have to make a note for yourself – it could be your grocery list or a reminder note.

Even to have fun, sometimes people love to create a fake conversation; well, we will not judge why they do so here, Right?

So, in that scenario, you want to know How to Text Yourself on your iPhone. To resolve this issue, iOS Ideas is helping you.

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Just go through the post, and you will have a quick idea about How to text yourself. Without further ado, let us come to the direct point.

Text Yourself

With the help of iMessage, you can do so, but remember one thing: You need to make some changes in the settings.

Note: First, you have to ensure that iMessage is opened. Suppose it is not, then.

  • Go to the settings tab.
  • Look for the Messages option and click on it.

How to Text Yourself on Your iPhone?

To know How to Text yourself on your iPhone, you first need to test the message function you can use using the built-in iMessage app.

  • For this, you have to open it.
  • Here you will bet to see a “New Message” option; click on it.
  • Now, quickly type your phone number in the “To” field.
  • Write down the message that you want to convey.
  • Tap on send button now.

text yourself on your iphone

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Most probably, it will work for you.

If that doesn’t work, and you still feel clueless about “How to Text Yourself,” you must take help from the third-party app CopyTrans Shelbee.

The first time anyone uses this way to keep notes for themselves, it seems pretty strange, right? We are not saying this method is perfect, but it is not bad.

The apparent reason is – It is user-friendly and less complicated than any other third-party app like notes.

How to Make a Fake iMessage Conversation?

If you love to do pranks and look for the best possible way to trick your friends, then a fake iMessage conversation could be helpful to you.

As you know, a fake iMessage conversation generator helps users create a fake conversation and customize the messages they want.

For this, only two things are required. One is your iPhone, and another is the way to hack the messages app.

Not only this, but with this app, you can also modify the delivery status, the typing status, and even the time you send the messages.

To create a fake conversation, follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you have to open and create a text story.
  • Next, you have to take a screenshot of an actual text conversation.
  • After that, pick any background color from white or black.
  • Also, you may change the color of the text story frame with the “Background Color” selection.

Once you successfully create the background, you can easily paste the text story into the frame.

Is There a Way to Email a Text Message to Me?

Now, you must be aware of – How to text yourself. Next, many users have asked this question can one email a text message to himself? The answer is Yes; let us know how to do that.

  • You have to touch and hold the message that you want to forward.
  • After that, you have to tap on the circle beside the message, as it will show up some additional options there.
  • After that, click on the forward button to text yourself.
  • You must click the circle next to the message to send a single text.
  • After that, you may click on the forward button.
  • Put your email address in To-field and tap on the arrow.
  • You can also use apps or setting adjustments to forward texts to a specific address.
  • This method is very convenient and can be done quickly in a few moments.

Keep one thing in mind – that forwarding text messages may remove the formatting and names of the people involved in the conversation.

Also, know one thing: if you forward text messages, it is easy to save messages – whether they contain important information or are just funny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why can’t you text yourself on your iPhone?

Ans: Well, How To Text Yourself on iPhone is one of the most asked questions nowadays. Now the question arises, why can’t I Text myself on my iPhone?

As we know, texting can help in various ways – making a grocery list or fake conversations. Initially, this can be quickly done by the iMessage feature.

You have to click on the self option in the messages app when you want to Text yourself. But now it is not possible due to sem technical reasons. For this, now you may need a third-party app.

Q2: Can a hacker send texts from my phone?

Ans: Well, a trained or skilled hacker can do anything with your phone. From text messages to shopping online, everything is easy for hackers.

They can make overseas phone calls, send texts, and use your phone’s browser to shop on the Internet.

Cyberattackers mostly make use of text messages as a way to trick people by sharing attractive offers.

Such offers usually attract people, and people unknowingly click on them and get trapped.

Technology is advancing rapidly and has made our lives better in every possible way. But it comes with lots of risks as well.

Q3: How do I text myself on Whatsapp iPhone?

Ans:  If you want to know “How to Text Yourself” on your iPhone, then follow the steps:

  1. Initially, go to Open your browser. It can be anyone from Google Chrome/Safari/or whatever you like on your desktop or smartphone.
  2. After that, you have to Type in in the search bar.
  3. Next, after the You must enter your mobile number with the country code. For example, in India, you have to enter
  4. After that, you have to click on the enter button, redirects you to a different page from where you can start the process.
  5. What to do next? Click on the ‘Tap to Share’ option; a chat window will appear, and you can start sending messages to yourself on WhatsApp.

Q4: Why am I getting a text from myself?

Ans: Scammers have found numerous ways to spoof the number of users receiving text message. So, sometimes, the person thinks that the message is one you are sending to yourself.

If you click on the contact info in the message, it will take you to your contact info. The latest trend in spam text messages involves mobile phone users receiving texts from what appears to be their phone numbers.

Q5: How do you make the fake text on iPhone?

Ans: To make a fake text on your iPhone, you can begin with a new text bubble. For this, tap on the “+ Add Text Message” button.

After that, start writing your message the way you want. Then click on the Blue square beside the message to make your message appear as an iOS iMessage.

Afterward, go to the Settings portion, update the “Message Area” setting, and pick “iMessage,” You are done.

Final Words

Hey folks, this is “How to Text Yourself on iPhone.” Well, texting yourself can be highly beneficial for us in many ways. But it is not a perfect and safe way.

Many other ways can help you if you use this to make notes. Yeah, but creating fake conversations is the best possible way.

Do you find the post informative? If yes, then share it with your buddies so that they can also make use of it. Then you can grow with that.

Happy reading…


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