How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger?

Whether you’ve misplaced your Apple Watch charger or looking out for some experiment, we have outlined some easy ways to charge Apple Watch without Charger.

Just like other electronic devices, Apple Watch requires frequent charging to operate. Not all do you need to put it on a charger every night, but you also need to carry it with you in case the watch runs out of juice.

Most of the time, charging can probably solve the troubleshooting issue, as Apple Watch is stuck on the iPhone logo issue.

But what if you have lost your Apple charger or forgot to carry it around? Can your Apple Watch be charged without its charger?

Fortunately, there are ways to charge Apple Watch without Charger, thus avoiding your device running out of battery. Wondering how to do so?

Scroll down the page and find four easy yet effective methods to carry out the process. We assure these methods will help keep your watch on track without carrying that bulky charger around all the time.

Let the journey begins!!

Is It Possible to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger?

charge apple watch without charger

How would you feel when someone says, “You can charge Apple Watch without Charger”? Sounds weird.

Although technology has taken the world by storm and devices nowadays can charge with the help of wireless chargers, adding a battery to the Apple Watch without even a charger around is still new and surprising.

The short answer is YES if you are wondering whether you can charge your Apple watch without a charger.

However, you must know that the process is more complex than a regular charger. And you must be creative to do so.

When your Apple watch runs out of battery, it shows a red lightning bolt symbol, meaning you must charge it.

Be careful of what method you are using for charging your Apple Watch, as one wrong piece of equipment can affect the watch to a great extent.

Also, try practical approaches to accessing your Apple Watch after conducting too many passcode attempts.

The best thing is that you can quickly charge Apple Watch without Charger; however, it can be tricky for beginners.

Hence, following the process carefully and getting your watch charged in the least possible time is advised.

Are you ready to get started?

4 Simple Ways to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

You must be curious to know how to charge Apple Watch without Charger. Your search ends here, as our experts have compiled the four simple yet effective approaches to start the process.

Are you ready to explore different ways to use this port and charge your Apple Watch?

Keep scrolling the page, and put your search to an end.

1. Use the Hidden Port Technique

charge apple watch without chargerTo charge your Apple Watch without any charger, you must lift a small cap on the clasp slot on the bottom band to reveal a six-pin port.

The foundation of this method lies in the hidden port on the device.

If you remember then, back in 2015, people were curious about a hidden port on the Apple Watch.

But they didn’t know what the port was all about. Rumors were that Apple might have used the port to extend its battery life.

Now, the secret is revealed; you can charge Apple Watch without charger using this port. Remove the watch strap and locate that pinhole, the story’s main character.

Also, in 2015, the port has proven to charge your watch faster than it could through the Apple Watch’s traditional charger.

However, now people realize this small, hidden port could do more than amplify the charging speed.

2. Via Power Strap by Togvu

charge apple watch without chargerThe second best method to charge Apple Watch without charger is to use the power strap by Togvu.

Reserve Straps first introduced the concept of the power band for an Apple watch by creating the first battery band.

It used to charge the Apple Watch while wearing it, thus assuring that you won’t run out of battery.

You will be surprised to find out that the battery band created by Reserve Strap demonstrated that the watch was charged 6-7% faster using conductive charging than it would with the regular Apple Watch Charger.

However, Apple discontinued the product, and the company then extended its approach to creating its own band.

In 2019, the Apple Watch charged another company-made band could, Togvu, that could charge the watch while worn on the wrist. It was named the Batfree Power Straps and was available for presale on Kickstarter.

The second best way to charge Apple Watch without charger is to get the power strap and keep your watch’s battery full without removing it.

3. Use an Alternate Power Charger

charge apple watch without chargerIf you don’t find the above methods worthwhile, don’t worry; we have another more efficient way to charge your Apple Watch.

Since you have misplaced the official Apple Watch Charger or forgot to carry it around.

The best way to avoid the trouble is to use an alternate charger to save the battery life of your Apple Watch.

You can use a USB charger or iPhone charging cable to eliminate the problem. Scroll down and find a detailed description of these two methods here.

Via USB Charger

Remembering to carry the Apple Charger would be best, but you must have a Mac or laptop. If yes, then congratulations, you have almost resolved the problem.

You only need a laptop and a lightning cable to charge the phone. Once you have these, follow the steps below and charge Apple Watch without charger.

  • Turn on the laptop and connect your Apple watch to it via a USB cable.
  • The charging symbol will appear on the screen when your watch starts charging. However, you must remember that your Mac or laptop needs to be turned on and awake to charge the Apple Watch.

Through iPhone Charger

Need a USB cable? Fret not, as you can still charge Apple Watch without charger using an iPhone charger.

As an Apple user, you must have carried your iPhone charger to protect your phone from dying while on the go.

So, connect the charger to your apple watch and plug it into the wall output. You can turn on the watch, and the device instantly starts charging.

Are your watch not syncing with your iPhone appropriately? Don’t worry; check out our guide and resolve the hassle.

4. Use a Portable Battery Pack

charge apple watch without chargerLast but not least method to charge Apple Watch without charger is to use a portable battery pack.

This battery pack is no less than a godsend for those who frequently charge an Apple watch on the go.

Forgetting a charger will be fine if you must charge your watch, as it will save the day.

However, it would be helpful if you used the USB charging cable with your Apple Watch to connect the battery pack to the watch; otherwise, the method might not work as expected.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Can I Charge My Apple Watch With an iPad Charger?

Ans. No, definitely NOT. While it is possible to charge Apple Watch without a charger using an iPhone charger, you cannot do the same with an iPad Pro charger or another Apple Watch model’s cable.

It would help if you had the official Apple Watch charger, iPhone charger, or USB cable option as an alternative.

Q. Can I Wear My Apple Watch to Bed?

Ans. Yes, of course. You can wear your Apple watch to bed without thinking twice and estimate your time in each sleep stage.

You can then get all the information by visiting the Sleep app and learning about sleep patterns.

Our Thoughts

Although Apple Watch has been out for a while now, people are still trying to figure out all of the quirks and features of the watch.

One such feature is that you can charge Apple Watch without a charger. We hope you have enjoyed reading the guide and found it worthwhile.

What keeps you thinking now? Follow any of the approaches listed above and get your Apple Watch charged without carrying that heavy charger with you all the time.

For more such Apple Watch updates, keep visiting the page regularly.


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