Where is the Microphone on iPhone 11

Understanding the smartphone’s configuration is a must to use it appropriately. The same is true with the iPhone 11.

The series was launched in September 2019 and was widely appreciated for its upgraded features and gorgeous look.

However, some users still need clarification about the exact configuration and wonder where is the Microphone on iPhone 11.

The model comes with various microphones, making it slightly challenging for people to discover the same. Are you struggling with the same question?

If yes, then you are in luck, as the iOSIdeas guide is all about locating the microphones on iPhone 11. Our experts have thoroughly checked the device and unveiled their location in the post to help the readers.

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Let’s proceed and find all the microphones on iPhone 11 now. 

How Many Microphones Are There on the iPhone 11?

Before we check where is the Microphone on iPhone 11, let’s round up the total number of microphones located on the smartphone. The information is crucial and helps us find the exact location of all of them.

Simply put, there are 3 microphones on the iPhone 11. Surprised? Don’t be, as the iPhone is capable of doing anything!!

1. Bottom Microphone

where is the microphone on iphone 11Let’s start with the standard one. The bottom Microphone is often found in all devices and is used for calls. It looks like a small hole.

The bottom Microphone works in tandem with the front mic, combining sound from both mics to enable active noise cancelation.

2. Front Microphone

where is the microphone on iphone 11The second and the most important one is the Front Microphone. This Microphone ensures that all conversations can be heard clearly, even in loud spaces.

You must be familiar with your phone’s Siri assistant if you use an iPhone. This is the primary use of this microphone. Siri will recognize your voice from there when you give it voice instructions.

This implies that if you want Siri to follow your orders, you can’t talk into the bottom microphone. If you use that part, it will interpret the assistant and start displaying unexpected results.

3. Rear Microphone

where is the microphone on iphone 11The third and last option is the rear Microphone. Where is the Microphone on iPhone 11? The exact location of this Microphone depends on the iPhone 11 model.

It is used to pick up a mix of direct and ambient noise, making it ideal for better audio recording quality in any environment.

This rear Microphone is mainly used when recording videos with your iPhone 11, and the subject isn’t near the device.

In that case, the rear camera can gather those sound waves and ensure recording accuracy.

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Where is the Microphone on iPhone 11?

where is the microphone on iphone 11So, here comes the real question – Where is the Microphone on iPhone 11.

Scroll down the page without further ado and get all your answers instantly.

1. Bottom Microphone

It looks like a small hole and is usually located on the bottom grill near the lightning port. The bottom Microphone is handy when making phone calls and listening to music.

2. Front Microphone

Where is the Microphone on iPhone 11? It is located at the top of the device and enhances FaceTime calls and contactless VoIP apps, such as WhatsApp.

The location of the Front microphone makes it perfect for voice commands and Siri inputs, thus allowing users to control their device without interference from background noise.

3. Rear Microphone

It is located at the back of the device, next to the rear camera lens, dual or triple cameras. Since it allows sound from all directions to be heard without interference, the Microphone also comes in handy during video calls and group conversations.

Does the iPhone 11 Use All the Microphones Simultaneously?

Since now you know where the Microphone on iPhone 11 is, let’s move on to see if you can use all the microphones simultaneously. And the simple answer is NO.

You can use only two microphones at the same time. One can record the sound, and the other can cancel noise during calls.

However, the best part is choosing the two best microphones on iPhone 11 you want to use simultaneously. The ball is in your court, and your choice decides the final result.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How to Enable Microphones on iPhone 11?

Ans. To enable microphones on iPhone 11, go to Settings > Privacy and head towards the Microphone button. Toggle the button to enable the microphones.

Q. What if the Microphones on iPhone 11 Stop Working?

Ans. If microphones stop working on iPhone 11, you should

  • Restart the iPhone 11
  • Install the latest iPhone 11 software
  • Check the app’s audio permissions
  • Test the iPhone’s Microphone

Key Takeaway

We hope you know where is the Microphone on iPhone 11.

It’s time to conclude the guide. iPhone 11 features three microphones, each of which performs a separate function, thus offering a seamless experience to the users.

Moreover, microphones aren’t hidden; you can locate their position with a few workarounds.

Thanks for reading, and follow us for more such exciting guides.


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