How to Cancel iCloud Storage Plan: Step-by-step Guide

Suppose you want to Cancel Apple iCloud Storage but need to know how to cancel iCloud storage. Then read this complete article.

Without having to manage several copies of your data across many devices, cloud storage is a practical option. For your Apple devices, iCloud is a paid data storage service.

5GB of iCloud storage is free to all Apple product users. More Storage may be needed for most users in the modern world.

What if you want to cancel AppleCare? Worry not; the process is as simple and requires no hard steps just do it with simple taps.

Apple lets users purchase more iCloud storage capacity for this reason. Users of the iCloud storage plan can cancel their subscription if they find another place to store their files.

It needs to be clarified how to cancel iCloud storage and what happens to your data when you do so if you eventually decide you no longer want to pay for it.

Continue reading to find out more about how to cancel iCloud storage.

How Do the iCloud Storage Plans Work?

how to cancel icloud storageWhen you register your Apple ID, Apple will automatically provide you with 5GB of iCloud storage space. Therefore, iCloud files are free to upload, view, and share from any device.

In addition, there are monthly fees for the premium iCloud+ services. Three paid options are available: 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB.

You can, however, cancel your subscription at any moment and revert to the standard free Storage. However, remember that iCloud can stop working if you paid for extra Storage and then cancel it with a backup larger than 5GB.

You may lower or cancel your Apple iCloud storage subscription if you don’t want to sync your data to iCloud.

Additionally, you could choose more reasonably priced cloud services, as iCloud’s compatibility with non-Apple products isn’t flawless.

In addition, new iPhone users might face trouble using the update requested 16 or installing new updates 15.7.

How to Cancel iCloud Storage Plan from an iPhone?

You can use your iPhone to cancel your iCloud storage plan by following the instructions listed below:

1. Open the Settings and tap your Account name at the top of the screen.

2. Select the iCloud button and tap Manage Storage or iCloud Storage.

how to cancel icloud storage3. Select the Change Storage Plan button and tap Downgrade Options. You will be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID password. Enter those credentials and tap Manage.

4. Lastly, choose your preferred plan to downgrade; the free option will cancel the iCloud storage plan. You can continue to access your existing storage capacity until the end of the subscription.

how to cancel icloud storage

How to Cancel iCloud Storage Subscription From a Mac?

The steps outlined below can be used on an Apple Mac to cancel your iCloud storage plan:

how to cancel icloud storage1. Open the Apple menu in the System Preferences menu, and click Apple ID.

2. Click iCloud, and then beside the iCloud bar, click Manage. Then choose Change Storage Plan from the top-right corner.

3. If prompted, click Downgrade Options and sign in with your Apple ID password. 

4. Enter your Apple ID password if asked. Type your credentials and complete logging in by tapping on Manage.

5. Choose the plan you want to downgrade to, and then click Done. Regardless of your option, your current storage tier will stay open until the end of your billing cycle.

How to Cancel iCloud Storage Plan Without Apple Device? (From PC)

how to cancel icloud storageYes, what you just read is true. You can cancel the iCloud Storage Plan from your PC without using any Apple devices.

For that, follow the given steps:

1. Download and install iCloud for Windows. After installing, enter your credentials and launch the iCloud app on your Windows PC.

2. Choose Storage and click the Change Storage Plan option.

3. To open the Apple iCloud Storage Plans, hit Downgrade Options

4. Enter your Apple ID password to verify and click Manage.

5. Choose the subscription plan you wish to use. Choosing the free plan will cancel your iCloud+ Plan.

6. Select Done to confirm your changes. Whichever plan you choose, your present storage level will be accessible until the end of the current subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will My Data Be Lost if I Cancel iCloud Storage Plan?

Ans. You will only lose something already in iCloud if you lower your storage use below 5 GB; new data like photographs, contacts, and messages will sync.

Q. Can I Cancel iCloud Storage Anytime?

Ans. Yes!! iCloud storage services will be available to you until your subsequent paying period.

Q. Does iCloud Renew Every Month?

Ans. You can sign up for an iCloud storage plan that includes 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB of space. There is a subscription charge every month for the Storage.


The method of how to cancel iCloud storage is very straightforward. 

The most difficult part of canceling your iCloud storage membership is getting rid of enough data for the iCloud service to resume working. What device you use to cancel determines the precise process.

The data you have stored after canceling your iCloud storage is not erased, but if you have more than 5GB, you won’t be able to sync any new data. The process for canceling and upgrading to a less expensive paid plan is the same.

Now, you’re ready to cancel your iCloud storage plan!!


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